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A life changing move.

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Another day another move. We never stay in one place for to long me and my

mother. She always says the same thing every time we move also "change is

good" or "I have a good feeling about this place". But it always ends the same, Us

packing are things and leaving. But i'm use to it now, at first with the whole leaving

friends behind was difficult, but once your gone the whole "best friends forever"

doesn't exist they easily replace you like when a kid gets a new toy after

leaving it at the park. The only thing I haven't yet gotten use to are the reason for

moms constant moves. Her lack of taste in men. Every time it's the same

thing, her being lovey dovey with a man and next thing you know he has a wife or

has been cheating on her. Heck even some of them just disappeared of the face of

the earth never to be seen or found by my mother again. Which she'd cope with the

lost by moving once again. Welcome to my everyday life.


I didn't bother asking mother where we were moving to this time because I

knew it wouldn't be that long till we'd be moving again. Throughout the ride mom

kept looking at me as though shes concern but hasn't said anything yet, thank

god! "Sweet pea are you mad at me?" Scratch that. "No mom, i'm use to it

by now no worries okay?" Too late, I can see the tears well up in her eyes

already."Come on mom, I'm okay i'm old enough to understand kay, don't cry."

"I messed up again. I really thought he'd be the one Sweet pea but he wasn't..."

"Mom forget that guy you were far too pretty for him anyways!" It was true though

mom was very pretty compared to the jerks she was with. With her big sea blue

eyes, strawberry blonde shoulder length curls, and heart shape face. She was slim

with a curvy body and look as though she was in her mid 20's even though she was

37. Mom finally smiled slightly, "I don't know what id do without you Sweet pea." It

was true, without me my mom would still be bawling and eating double fudge ice

cream while watching The Notebook over and over. "So where we moving to this

time mom?" Changing the subject was always the best thing to do. "Well I thought

we'd try some place different so were moving to a place called Willow Creek." "I

never heard of that city before?" "Well that's whats different this time, it isn't a city

Sweet pea its a little town". I was a bit confused, We never usually moved to

country side places because it would always upset mother and remind her of the

past. "So were not moving to a different city?'' "Nope, were taking a change of

pace." For once I was kind of excited about moving, "A change of pace...hmm." I

wish this time things would change. But soon id learn to regret that wish.

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