when im in war alone i will never forget you each bullet sounds like your voice each scream sounds like your laugh each explosion sounds like our first kiss and each drop of blood i seen reminds me of our first meeting but no matter how long im in war i will never forget your voice your love your care on the inside of each man he wants to use a woman for sex but when u found out i want like that i began to love you forever i will hold my rifle and march alone but each time i turn my head each body looks like you and i took the russian outh"FIGHT FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVERS AND CHILDREN FIGHT FOR YOUR HONOR FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL FIGHT FOR YOUR MOTHERLAND'" your the only 1 i loved i wanted to have a future with you and i wanted to us too have a family and too me your my entire contrey you are my honor you are my legend but when i die u wont have to fear my ghost of war because that ghost will be me i will be watching over you as i hug my rifle cuz it reminds me of you