when i was younger my soul flew into the wing and i never understood the meaning of love until i met you and everytime my heart was corrupt with darkness and hate i had no need to love but when we were together more it felt as if we were the angel of the planet i seen you grow,i seen you change,i seen you avoid those obstical's of life and i seen us for when we were younger you wernt the average girl you the cerberus(3 headed dog of darkness)when i seen that the devil wanted to grab your soul and take you away from me i could'nt help myself but to be closer to you i want to be your persues(legendary knight who killer medusa)i want to be you angel that pushes the devil away from you i want to your angel if i could i would get you thee pegasis and we could sower across the heavens together boys will take you away from me but i wont hold your chain because your not a cerberus anymore your the amazing graceness and beauty of the aqulia( greek term of eagle )without me you would have become corrupt and become the Gil(skelton of unspeakible terrorwho's shell torr apart anything it touched) but when were together you are the BEAFOWL/BEAFOOL(the legendary peacock who lived in the dark ages and its beauty killed all but 1 man who was a artist)but as time goes on and that were together when u die before i will cremate u but after that i will launch you among the stars and your ashes shall form the constalation called loved and not forgotten (you can make it up) but i will keep your soul with me because when i go to heaven i want you to take mewith you will you do that for us my godess of a future wife and if we have children they will be diffrent like both of us