I fail to understand this because I come from a middle class family.. and the fact that I don't really care about fashion.. and hmmm.. I was also too much like a boy when I was young, dressing up like a boy and acting like one because I grew up with everyone being a boy around me... point is that due to my childhood I never really experienced the need to look fashionable..(?) Maybe it is because of this that I can see what is happening to clothes now a days.. have you ever noticed that people are going too much below the belt? Wearing things that in the past it was so inappropriate but now people say it is "okay"? I'm not trying to insult people okay..? I'm not saying ALL about fashion is wrong and that change is wrong in clothes.. I'm just saying that because of this kids now are also thinking that it's okay to dress like this, and in the future doing all they can to get the latest clothes out there. wearing things so revealing that they expose things not supposed to be seen... But it is not just that, but before that I say it again.. not ALL clothes are like this, obviously I too wear clothes so I'm not saying clothes are inappropriate themselves, its just how people wear them that is inappropriate.One example is when I walked around a mall and saw an ADULT far older than me wearing stockings and a revealing top...JUST STOCKINGS...not the normal kind, the transparent one that you could actually know... Again I say to you that it is not wrong to buy and wear the latest fashion, but... to the people like me who may not understand... there is something called common decency.. who is actually a very nice person may be accidentally referred to as a slut in these clothes.. I wouldn't want that to happen..