Ah, the thing that keeps us happy during weekends. just make sure thought that you ARE doing it in the week ends. its like candy that rots your teeth, very sweet.. but in the end you regret.

I see a whole lot of people who play the computer everyday for the whole day..alright, its all good... I do that sometimes too hehe..


Here in our country especially during exams that we are dismissed early, they go directly to the computer instead of reviewing... Some even skip exams and or normal school days to play computer. More worse, I KNOW someone who failed and does not go to school anymore because of computer itself. Because of this our country is demanding computer shops all around to close in specific hours to make sure kids do not go skipping classes because of this. I'm not sure about the details though because I'm still young and a little on the confused side.But this order proves that it is a VERY serious thing, computer games and the internet is very entertaining but grades are more important. There is always summer to play all those games... and the future that your grades can give to you is more rewarding...