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Hinatafan1 Journal.....blah!
Well i hope to either write about anime, Gaia, or come up with ideas for storys or something along that line.
Chapter 1: New wakening

The sound of the life monitor repeatedly beeped within my ears as I stirred awake from my slumber spotting a heavy set nurse with a deep carrot red hair at the edge of the hospital bed, in hand she held a clipboard which must have
been my charts and gave me a disapproving smile as her thin pink lips began to move releasing the thick Irish accent she had. "Well lass tis nice that you are wake now."
For a second the room spun as I pushed myself to sit upward, my blonde bangs falling over my right eye as I growled low before replying back "What the hell am I doing here?"
The obvious smirk and glow of humilitation grew within those green eyes of her's and I could tell she was going to enjoy telling me how I ended up here.
What stupid act have I done now to end up within the hospital? My words echoed within my skull as she began to read me my chart.
"Dear you were found a few feet from a car wreck, in which you and your friends were all above the legal limit for alcohol substance and as you all were heading off to god knows where the driver smashed head on to another car, causing you to fly through the passenger window where you as well came into impact with another car and some how managed to roll across the street with nothing more than a few scratches. You should be happy to even be alive at the moment.
To be honest as I heard her words, I didnt feel so lucky. I just felt this utter twinge of guilt and anger as the woman stood there judging me as though I were nothing more then scum.
It was then that another nurse tapped on the wooden door and looked inside with a beaming smile, she was way younger then the nurse i was already growing to dislike and at that had a wonderful natural beauty.
She was tall for a White woman, but her beautiful appearance made up for her height, such Golden wheat hair and a nice smooth ivory complexion that made her Green eyes glow like emeralds beneath the sun.
I could feel my cheeks burn red as she stared at me and gave a slight wave before turning back and saying something to the older more hefty nurse.
With a grunt like a pig she would place my clipboard down and make her way out of the room trying to squeeze pass the young nurse and the doorway. A minute passed before the young nursed popped her head back in and gave a short giggle
"Sorry about Mrs. Macgee, at times she feels as though its her duty to inform those whom come into her domain."
So that's what the older woman's name was, I'll be sure to remember that before i leave so she can receive her gift. I nodded my head to show a response to her words and my own thoughts, and yet I was semi shocked that this woman was being so nice to me especially since I didn't know her or the fact that she didn't know me.
A bit suspicious i watched her with wide eyes, her movement's were fluid and graceful even as she grabbed my chart and looked over it. With a gasp she would look back and forth from my chart to me before actually speaking what was on her mind.
"Your name. Its Shawnyece?" I nodded, such a ghetto name especially since I was only half black and at that my father acted like total white wash. Though my mother was at fault, the German and Irish born who was at nature just into black men and decided to give me and my twin names that belonged to two famous singers, but was common among the ghettos and the streets. A sigh of anguish and total irritation rolled free from my lips as my eyes now began to glare at her
"Do you have a problem with that?" She must have picked up the note of irritation within my voice since she looked to me a bit lost and saddened.
"I'm sorry I didnt mean to make it sound bad Miss, its just my friends name use to be shawnyece but she vanished years ago.."Her voice seemed sincere and so did her gaze but I didnt take idiotic remarks or questions well.
"Its fine, I guess.." I bit my lower lip to cease myself from saying what I really had on mind but it trully wasent the nurse's fault just my anger growing quickly since i had now realized the aching pit in my stomach and the fact that it had seemed none of my family had even come to see if I was alright.
"Nurse do tell me, what is your name and how long have I been in this hell?" The nurse looked to me a bit shocked but even I was shocked at my words since I don't try to know people unless I sense something in common between me and a person.
She gave off that smile and looked back to my chart "Well my name is Raven and you have been in here for....umm" Her index finger trailed over the paper before she found the newest input "It seems two days."
I knew they wouldnt even show unless i was dead. With a shrug I threw the blanket off my legs and turned so that I could stand, the floor's freezing cold embrace felt so much better then the warmth the blanket had offered.
Instantly the nurse was by my side as she helped me to stand"It is not good for you to be up so early.
" I scoffed quickly in response "I only have a few scrathces i believe im fine. "
It was then that I had noticed a sudden change within myself, nausea built with ease and I quickly kneeled over vomiting onto the white tiled floor. The nurse stood beside me till i finished and sat me down back on the bed
"See I told you Shawnyece..."She ran out the room to get something to clean the vomit and i sat there laughing off my embaressment.
It was then that I had noticed something upon both palms of my hands that I hadn't noticed before, a swirling pattern of words of which I had never seen before and the fact that they held a star dead center of the palm.
"What the ******** did I get myself into?!?!" Instantly bringing a hand to my face the sound of growling emitted again as she thought to herself. My mother and daughter are going to kill me

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