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Hinatafan1 Journal.....blah!
Well i hope to either write about anime, Gaia, or come up with ideas for storys or something along that line.
Random Ranger Force Go! Chapter 1 biggrin iscovery

Narrator:"Today we meet at Zordans hidden lair on the outskirts of California. Wh-"
Zordan: "SHut the f**k up!! You godamn wannabe Goku living idiot!"His voice shakes the whole layer causing
Narrator: "God im just doing my job....b***h...." crying
Zordan: Coughs trying to clear his throat"Anywho.....Slave get in here!"
Alpha 5: "Oh yes Zordan! MY MY MY!!!"Runs over in a retarted fashion...as always
Zordan: "We need new rangers! and one's that won't die so easily....."Looks around and then coughs
Alpha 5: "Oh yes Zordan I'll be on my way!"Runs off as Zordan yells
Zordan: And bring me back a doughnut...hmm..yummy glazed goodness....Oh yeah.."

Narrator: "Now meanwhile at your local random highschool filled with your cracked out white people, crazy blacks, blood asians, and terrorists..we find are friend Alpha 5 looking for scouts to be new rangers."
Alpha 5: My MY MY!!! So many colors! Excuse me would you like to be a ranger?
Random black kid: "***** give me yo money!"Pulls out a switchblade
Alpha 5: "WHat is this money??"
RBK: "***** I mean it! " points the knife at his side
Hutch: "Ay ***** back off!"Kicks him in his side, the random black dude flys off in the sky on impact. Hutch smiles as a gleam shines in his eyes.
Alhpa 5: "Oh why thank you, dark being. Would you like to be a ranger?"
Hutch: He raises one eyebrow as he listens to Alhpas comment"DO you mean, a power ranger?
Alpha 5: Oh why yes!! Do you have some more friends with you?
Hutch" Smiles evily"Oh yes I do *****!!" Grabs him in his arms and runs towards the classroom
Alpha 5: "MY MY MY!! What fun!" He falls on his head as Hutch starts waving his arm's widly at everyone in the group.
Hutch: "Look here Niggas! We gonna be ******** poweer rangers! YEAAH!"
David: "Ugh...Hutch what are you talking about? Are you on something?"
Hutch: "Well...ugh..funny thing about that..Never mind the drugs, we all about to be rangers."
Jodi: Stares off into space as she thinks"Hutch..Power Rangers..seriously?"
Hutch: nodding he pushes his glasses back as he finishes"Yes we going to get weapons bitches!!"
Alpha 5: Oh my even more colors!!" He has this admiring in awe look in his eyes.
Shawnyece: Looks at Alhpa crazy"Oh My ******** God!! I want to be a ******** Power Ranger! So I can be like"starts throwing punches"and then like"Kicks the air"And YEAH!!"Falls from the energy rush and rolls around on the floor
Victor: Well how many can there be cause I think there is way to many of us, isnt there suppose to be five?"Starts to count everyone
Alpha 5: "Oh no, I want all of you colors to come!"Looks slightly disapointed
Everyone: They look at him with an evil glare, and in union"We are not colors!"
Windi: Okay I'll join in,so I can whup some evil a**!"She throws a punch, and accidently hits Jodi, causing her to skyrocket into the air. She then lands a top of Shawnyece and Victor, Windi gasps"oops sorry guys.."She blushes lightly.
David: "Count me in too..I just hope I don't regret this."He looks over to Hutch with an evil glare
Kaitlyn: "Me too!! This is going to be so much fun!" She smiles brightly then throws a thumbs up
Saqua: "Man I swear if we die in this s**t, Hutch I will kill you in are next life!!!!Hutch: He gulps"Dont worry abou it saqua, I got this!"He pats his chest and grins.
Greg: Sits on the ground thinking" Im in too, but the outfits bet anything are gonna be gay..."Snickers at his own remark.
Alpha: "well follow me towards Zordans lair." They all follow after Alpha, and then break into a sprint as they start to get chased by campus secruity.

Narrator: "Now we are back at Zordan's lair in the outskirts of California, where we view are new Rangers on the verge of death an-"Gets cut off by Zordan
Zordan: Shut up damnit!!! We don't need you narrating everything! God!! They all get the point so just shut the ******** up!!!!" He's huffing and puffing as he finishes up.
Narrator: sillence for some minutes, then uproar"How's about you shut up! Huh!?!" Ablack shadow appears and starts snapping his fingers all ghetto like"Im tired of you! Stop trying to ruin my job you c**t!!!"He blows a raspberry before he morphs back into the shadows.
Zordan: Looks all shocked"W-Well your gay!" He clears his throat as Alpha and the new Rangers stager, limp, and crawl into the room."So you guys have been recruited or "chosen" to be the new saviors of this planet....well actually state. You all well be givin a shiny belt thingy..morpher belt? Whatever...umm weapons, aand you can pick any animal you may like for your morpher...hopefully there werent any budget cuts." He sighs lightly.
Shawnyece, Me: "...Oh...My...God!!!"Stares around with a gleam in her eyes"Yes I want to be a ******** Power Ranger!!!"" She starts running arounde like a cracked out druggie then hops on Windi's head, clinging for dear life.
Windi: "Shawn calm down, I think we all wnt to be Power Rangers, that's why we came."She trys yanking her off, but fails
Hutch: In a sqeaky voice"This is so sweet!!" he clears his throat"So when do we get are morphers??"
Zordan: Staring at all the female's boobs with a nose bleed"Huh what?? Oh yeah whenever you want."
Greg: "Oh yeah!" He runs over to a holder and grabs a belt"Prism??"
Everyone: they follow behind aand each grab a belt
Zordan: "Rangers your needed in dowtown San Bernardino.."Eyes widen
Everyone: Glares at him
Zordan: "Go rangers! To the ghetto!!!!"
Victor: "Its morphin time Bitches!"Everyone pulls out there morphers
Hutch: "Black Ranger! Ape s**t!"
David: "Blue Ranger! Koala Bear!"
Greg: "Prism Ranger! Greeg! What the ******** is a prism Ranger?" slowly walks out the morpher screen
Jodi: "Yellow Ranger! SBTFOD!"
Windi: "Pink Ranger! Fuffy Kitty kens!!"
Shawnyece: "Green Ranger! Big Booty b***h!' Turns around"YEAH!"
Victor: "Red Ranger! Frosty Pookie *****!'
Kaitlyn: "Fussia Ranger! Crazy Lyger b***h!"
Saqua: "White Ranger! Killa Kung fu wolf b***h!"
everyone: "Rangers Go!"They all morph out leaving Zordan and Alpha
Narrator: "Meanwhile in the ghetto.."
Some random hookers are seen running: "Oh no! My pimp!"
Pimp:"Bitches?..."He turns to a shadow that casted over him"Bitches!!!"Instantly he freezes
Villian: "Fear me pitiful humans! For I am"starts clicking his tiunge and making weird gurgling sounds"but you may call me.....JIM!!!"
Victor: stares in disbelief"Oh god why? Your are enemy? Is it just me or do you look like Jaba the hut?" Kaitlyn jumps in real quick"mo like Jaba the gut!"They both turn away laughing holding back tears.
Shawnyece: Tip toes over to Jim and pokes his fat" Ey guys...he ripples!!"Everyone busts out in laughter, trying there hardest to hold the tears back.
Jim: Now irratated calls upon his minions"Really..Bitches get down here!"
Zorta: beams down from the sky"Oh yes master!" She appears to be wearing a super reavling outfit and looks more human then that of a demon or alien."My mother was Rita the all mighty powerful witch!"
Backat the lair
Zordan: "Eww I think someone just mentioned Rita...that whore!" He sneezes as he looks at the predicument"God damn she's smokin!"
Back to the Rangers. It seems as though every guy Ranger has broke down thanking god for such a view, others drooling.
Jodi: Socks hutch in the back of his head"Stop drooling before you drown us, and put your eyes back in your head!"
Windi: Grabs victor by the ear"You too leader.."
Kaitlyn: "Why do guys always glare like that at a woman, I mean come on"
saqua and shawnyece both nod in agreement
Jim: "I know huh, Its like just so degrading.."Blank and shocked stares all around him
Greg: "eww.."sticks his tounge out
David: "I think im gonna blow chunks in this b***h.."Covers his mouth quickly with one hand
Another beam shoots down this time, only to reveal Spoof the Monster Maker.
Spoof: "Oh hello there...JIM!!" He laughs hystericlly as Jim gives him a glare"Well lt me introduce my silly putty warriors!"From nowhere appear some ninja's, a bird thing, and a chiwawa. Everyone gasps"A Chiwawa!!"
Jim: luaghs making his fat ripple"Now go my minions!"
Vitor and Hutch highfive each other the yell in union"Lets get these ********!!"
Windi:claws appear from the hands of her outfit"Blade claws of cuteness" some ninjas awe in union as she slices away at them
David: Yeah bitches! Taste the fury of my eucaliptis leaves!"He blows on a whistle and yells"Eucaliptis unite!" The leaves start to take the form of a staff.
Greg: Pulls out a handle and smiles"Taste the rainbow ******** ranbow light saber emmits from the handle"This that Star Wars s**t *****!"
Jodi: Two great fangs grow from her helmet"Holy s**t! Overbite!" She rips them out and throws one at a silly putty ninja.
Shawnyece: Goes near David" Blow that whistle b***h!" David stats blowing his whistle like Captin Jacks-blow my Whistle. shawnyece pulls out from out of nowhere..Two glowsticks. Music plays as soon as she pulls them out and she starts dancing, connecting her glowsticks, turning them into nunchucks"Oh yeah!"The kool-aid man stops as he walks by"Oh no.."

Well finish soon

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Mamoru Gitana
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jul 11, 2008 @ 07:17am
xD that was awsome, this should be a real series *high 5s*

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