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Kisses From a Pin
Silver Lining 2
Silver Lining: The Evil Returns
The evil from the first book returns to destroy the world and four friends are reunited.
Black Stop Anger screams so loudly
Against this endless yelling On and on it goes
Never stopping to question Fear returns than stops
No hope to this endless horror The protests never heard
Wishing Never stopping Never pausing for a moment

Every cloud has a Silver Lining.

Im Aurelia a normal 16 year old girl. Well at least I was until a year ago when I was transported to this strange world along with my friends. My friends are back in our world now. I ended up staying in this world with a boy named Sage. Since Ive been here Ive been kidnapped, met many people, kissed a boy, rode a dragon, and been saved by my knight in shining armor. Well heres another couple chapters of my life.

Chapter 1
"Sage where did you put that picture at?" Aurelia yelled out of her room. "I dont know where it went. Last time I knew it was in the top drawer next to your bed." "Okay thanks Ill look there." Aurelia opened the drawer and out popped the picture that Mamimi had taken before Sage sent them back to Japan. Aurelia had stayed behind with Sage, so Mamimi thought that she might miss her friends. Oddly enough Mamimi had her camera with her. It had been about a year since that picture had been taken. "Aurelia why did you want to find that picture?" Sage asked from the doorway. "Well I dont want to leave it here if were going to leave and not come back." "Aurelia I thought I told you were only going to be gone for a few weeks, a month at the most. Well Im going upstairs." "Okay, but Im still bringing it." Aurelia put the picture inside of a book that she then shoved into a bag already full of clothes. Aurelia slung the bag over her shoulder, heading out of the room she grabbed the sword she had found in Thyme's castle dungeon. "Sage did you get some food?" Aurelia yelled up into the attic. "Yeah its sitting on the kitchen table." Sage replied. Into the study Aurelia silently walked to the desk where she picked up the maps Sage had spread across the desk and two books she was reading. Sage walked into the room carrying a large box. "What are you doing?" Sage questioned as he set the box down in front of the desk. "Well I thought that we might need the maps for the area were going to." "We dont need the maps I know that land by heart." Sage dug into the box and pulled out a book. "Here I think you might want to read this. It was my sisters diary. I put a spell on it when we were younger so only she could open it, but since you are her reincarnation or twin whatever you should be able to open it." Sage put the book in Aurelias hands and sat down on top of the desk. "How do I even open it?" "Think Aurelia if you really are my sisters reincarnation then you should remember how to open it." Aurelia sat down on the floor next to the desk and closed her eyes.

Chapter 2
"Thank you big brother, thank you!" Aurelia said as she hugged her older brother. "Okay, Aurelia you're welcome! When you want to open it put your hand on the front cover and think of me. Now Aurelia calm down and try to open it." "Okay big brother." Aurelia closed her eyes and placed her hand on top of her diary and thought of Sage. *Aurelia you are the chosen one.* "Sage you made my diary talk before it opened." "No I didnt little sister you did." Back in the real world Aurelia opened her eyes. "Well do you remember how to open it?" Sage asked as he hopped off the desk. "Yeah I do I put my hand on top of it and think of you." "Right little sister." "Hey Sage Im not your little sister in fact Im not your sister at all." "Oh sorry." Aurelia instinctively put her hand on the diary and thought of Sage. *Aurelia you have returned* The book flew out of her hands and opened in a pillar of light in the middle of the room before coming to a stop on the desk. Sage did you know it was going to do that? No, I didnt. That was a total surprise to even me. But then again no one has opened it in so long the spell might have thought it might have fallen into the wrong hands. Aurelia and Sage went over to the desk and started reading.

Dear Diary,
I had the best day ever Sage took me shopping at Port City Nihonkai. I got a beautiful new dress with sapphires on it. I love my big brother, Sage, he's nicer than his twin, Thyme. I think Thyme hates me. What am I saying, Thyme's a total idiot! I wish he would just leave Sage and me alone. When we got home Sage got in a fight with Thyme about something. Brother Sage had a black eye for a week, Thyme punched him pretty hard. I was watching the whole thing through a hole in the floor board in my room. I wish i could have just went down there and kicked Thyme but he'd only hurt me.

Aurelia stopped reading. Sage I know the dress that your sister wrote about it was in that trunk upstairs. Right. It was too big for her when I bought it for her but she grew into it. I might as well go get it. Why? Youre going to need it where were going. What do you mean? Youll see. Sage left the study, his face red, and headed upstairs. I wonder what he could mean? Aurelia thought out loud. Aurelia come here. Sage said from outside the door. Aurelia got up from the desk and headed out of the room. Here, Sage said as he handed the dress to Aurelia. Go try it on and see if it fits other wise well have to stop at the Port City to get you a new dress. But I cant wear this it was your sisters. Aurelia objected. She wouldnt mind, she might actually be happy. That dress was only worn by her once. Now go try it on. Sage pushed Aurelia into her room across the hall from the study and shut the door. Fine Ill try it on just no peeking! Aurelia yelled through the door. Aurelia slipped out of her clothes and pulled the dress over her head. She opened the door and stepped out. It just fits. Aurelia announced. Wow you look beautiful. Ive got something else for you. Now close your eyes and hold up your hair. Sage reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold locket. He reached around Aurelias neck with one side of the chain in each hand and fastened the locket around Aurelias neck. Okay you can open your eyes now. Aurelia slowly opened her eyes and let her hair down. She took the locket in her hands and opened it. Inside was a picture of Sage when he was about 10. Oh Sage thank you its beautiful. But where did you get it at? Aurelia looked up into Sages eyes as she asked that. I got it when me, Ty, and Canti had to come save you and Mamimi. We had stopped at an inn in Sesshoku Village one cold night. I couldnt sleep so I went for a walk. It was about six in the morning so I decided to see if any shops were open. Only one was open it was a pawn shop. I had no money so I traded my gold bracelet for the locket. Oh Sage you shouldnt have. I dont need this anyway. You do to need it. I didnt tell you were going to my parents castle for a ball. Sage turned away from Aurelia and started to walk down the hall towards his room. Sage wait I didnt mean what I said Im a bit tired. Aurelia ran after Sage as fast as she could in a dress. Sage turned around to face Aurelia, tears in his eyes. Oh Sage Im so sorry. Its okay Ill be fine. How come you didnt tell me we were going to your parents? Aurelia asked. Well I thought youd be mad. Why would I be mad? Aurelia demanded. Sage grabbed Aurelias hand. Never mind that, come on I need your help moving something upstairs. Sage went upstairs with Aurelia at his heels.

Chapter 3
What do you need help moving? Aurelia questioned. You remember that big dresser in the corner? Yeah why? Theres a room behind it that I need to get to. Let me guess you little sisters room? Right. Sage and Aurelia stood in front of the closet, Sage still holding Aurelias hand. When Sage noticed this he quickly pulled his hand away. Well how do we move this thing out of the way? Aurelia said as she sat down on the floor. Spell. What? We need to use a spell. Sage offered his hand to Aurelia. Aurelia grabbed his hand and Sage pulled her up off the ground. Thanks. Aurelia was blushing slightly. Are you sure we need to us a spell to move it? Aurelia asked. Yes, you see the bottom of the dresser its embedded in the floor because of a spell I put on it. Whyd you do that? Aurelia asked as she brushed dust off her clothes. Well I never thought I would have to enter that room again. Okay whatever you say. Whats the spell? Aurelia asked. Ill need your help to use the spell. Here give me your hand. Sage held his hand out to Aurelia. When Aurelia grabbed Sages hand, he started chanting in a strange language.. Suddenly the dresser started to lift up in to the air and moved aside out of the way. Huh? Aurelia asked That was the magic lifting. Sage replied, getting up and entering the dusty room.

"Sage how do I look?" Aurelia questioned as she smoothed down the fabric of her dress. "You look fine now stop worrying its only the whole Royal Court." Sage replied as he looked out from behind the curtain. "Oh thanks that makes me feel alot better." She responded sarcastically. Turning around Sage placed his hands on Auralia's shoulders and looked into her eyes. "I was kidding ok? Now stop worrying its not like they expect anything of you." "But they will Sage!" Aurelia retorted. "Please, just this once, for me, will you not worry?" He asked with a worried tone in his voice. "But..." "No 'buts' Aurelia I mean it. And I swear if they expect anything of you we can leave my parents won't mind, hopefully." "Ok." Aurelia replied as she looked at her feet refusing to meet Sage's eyes. "Aurelia that doesn't sound like you mean it." Sage said lifting her chin so her eyes met his. "Sage." Aurelia managed to say before she started to cry. Sage was startled at her reaction, as he had never seen her cry before. "Aurelia, I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you." He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close allowing her to cry on his shoulder. "It wasn't your fault, I always get nervous in front of big crowds." She responded trying to stop crying. Sage just stood there with so many thoughts running through his head he didn't even hear their names be called. "Sage I think they announced us." Aurelia stuttered trying to awaken Sage from his trance like state. "Wha? Oh sorry, yes lets go." Sage replied as he pulled Aurelia out from behind the curtain and down the velvet clad steps. "Sage I'm scared." Aurelia whispered unsure of what to do. "Your fine Aurelia don't worry every thing will be fine." He answered, making his way down the carpet in the middle of the great hall. "Prince Sage!!!" A white/blue haired girl yelled from the crowd. "Huh?" Sage stopped in his tracks Aurelia bumping into him. "Sage, we need you help outside." Tali yelled making her way through the crowd to where Sage and Aurelia stood on the carpet. "What's wrong??" He questioned as Tali finally pushed her way out of the crowd. "Monsters.... Monsters outside the castle.... And a.. A warlock or something." She managed to say between breaths. "What??? I thought there were no monsters anywhere near the castle when I last checked with you??" Sage asked stunned. "There weren't at least not then, these ones just appeared out of nowhere." "What is this I hear of monsters outside of my castle?" King Malicite asked as he stepped down from his throne almost halfway across the hall. "There's monsters outside being lead by a warlock. They say they want some kind of book or something like that I'm not quite sure though." Tali responded. "Sage do you think it could be Thyme's spell book they want?" Aurelia questioned uncertainly. "It very well could be." He replied softly. "Sage, Tali, Aurelia I want you to get the troops ready. Rosetta get the guests to the dungeon." The King said loudly across the room. Guests started to scatter across the floor all trying to find the route to the dungeons. "Guests please follow me!" Queen Rosetta yelled. "Dad we can handle this go help Mom with the guests," Sage said


"Thyme is that you?" Mamimi asked. "Huh? Mamimi-chan?" the boy answered back. "It really is you," Mamimi hugged him as she started to cry. "See Mamimi I told you we'd meet again," Thyme replied. "Just one question Thyme what happened to your wings?" the teary eyed girl asked. "Well when I died they decided to give me a second chance at life, they were going to have me start life completely over but I begged then to let me return as the age I am now. But in return for that I had to give up my wings, never to fly again. Thank the gods they let me return as you see me now." He smiled warmly and hugged Mamimi more. "Yea," she replied back wiping away tears. "But why would you come back just for me Thyme?" Mamimi asked quietly. "Mamimi do I even need to answer that? You know I love you and I could never live without you by my side," he replied.

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