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Kisses From a Pin
Silver Lining
Silver Lining
An epic adventure about a 15 year old girl and her friends.
By: Kia Rodekamp
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Fallen angels are merely souls that live of blood and death,
They once were light and heavenly, but now they are dark and devily,
Do not underestimate us,
Cham Cham
Chapter 1
Aurelia its time for breakfast! Aurelias mother yelled up the stairs to Aurelias room. It was a Saturday morning so Aurelia was still in bed half asleep. Im not hungry mom, leave me alone Im tired. Haruko Aurelias mom came stomping up the stairs, (Not literally. If she did that she would have broken the stairs because their house is an old Japanese temple.) And pulled the covers off of Aurelia. Mom give me back my covers its cold up here. Young lady you have a visitor downstairs waiting for you. Who is it? Aurelia asked as she sprung up out of bed and grabbed her kimono she had set out. (You can probably tell by now that this story takes place in Japan.) Its Ty, your boyfriend. Oh yeah I forgot he was going to take me to the Cherry Blossom festival just outside of town. After putting on her kimono Aurelia headed down stairs. Konnchi wa Ty-san, having a nice day so far? Aurelia said hugging Ty. Lets just say were not going to the cherry blossom festival. My car wouldnt start this morning. Hey dont sound so glum we can take my parents bikes. Aurelia said with a cheerful expression as she pulled Ty out the door and into the garage. Are you sure that you can ride a bike in a kimono? Oops Ill go change into a shorter kimono. Running back to the house she almost tripped. Mom wheres my short silver kimono with the cherry blossoms on it? Aurelia said while dashing up the stairs. I put it in your bottom drawer last night. Do you want your silver ribbon to, because if you do Im folding it right now?! Ah!! Oomph. Ouch that hurt. Honey how many times do I have to tell you dont slide down the railing. Holding her kimono closed Haruko tied the ribbon for her. Thanks mom. See you later! Aurelia yelled from outside as the door slammed shut behind her. I dont how many times Ive told that girl not to slam the door.

Chapter 2
Ty I forgot my lunch at home. Do you think we could turn around and go get it? No that would take to long. How about I just get you a lunch at the festival? Okay? Okay! But do you think we can split lunch cause I wont be able to eat all of it myself? Fine that sounds good to me. Come on Aurelia we better hurry if we dont want to be late! Ty yelled over his shoulder. Ill race you there! Aurelia yelled over her shoulder as she passed Ty. Hey slow down!!
Several minutes later Hey Aurelia, Ty! Turning around to see who it was following them they noticed that it was Mamimi Tys little sister, along with her boyfriend Canti. (Mamimi plays to many video games.) Oh Konnchi wa Mamimi. I thought that mom told you that you couldnt come. No, silly mom said that Mimi couldnt come. (Mimi is Mamimi and Tys little sister. Shes 10 years old.) Oh guys isnt that the afternoon firework show at the festival? Yeah that is! Come on we better hurry! Aurelia said as she darted to the festival on her bike Mamimi, Ty, and Canti followed.
Chapter 3
Turning on to the forest path Aurelia yelled back to her companions to hurry and catch up with her. After riding for about fifteen more minutes they came to a clearing where they decided to take a rest Where the hell are we? Mamimi asked as she was sitting her bike against a tree. , Im sure no one here knows where we are. Ty replied. Sitting down Aurelia noticed that there was a pattern on the ground made out of rocks. Hey Ty do you know what this symbol means? Aurelia pointed at the symbol in the rocks as she said that. Think its some kind of circle. I know what it is but I just dont remember what its called. Canti said before Ty had a chance to speak. Fhoom. Boom a cloud of dust slowly rose up off the ground. Ah where the hell are we?!?! Aurelia screamed. The noise from her outcry caused millions of unearthly birds to fly up out of the trees. Hey not so loud. One thing Aurelia, none of us know where we are. Ty pointed out. Mamimi and Canti were unconscious lying on the ground next to Aurelia. Hey Mamimi wake up you half-wit. Aurelia muttered as she back-handed Mamimi across the face. Hey Aurelia watch it that hurts you know. Mamimi rubbed the bruise that was starting to show up on her face. Then shook Canti trying to wake him up without achievement. Whoosh the sound of a bird drew steadily nearer to where they were. Watch out below! They heard someone above them bark. Aurelia and Ty moved out of the clearing while Mamimi was stuck dragging Canti. You guys are some friends you didnt even help me! Mamimi exclaimed as she sat down next to a tree. Oomph. I hate these wings. I can never seem to get them to fly in a straight line, or land with out me falling on my face. A boy said from the clearing. The girls just sat there and stared at him, he was the cutest boy they had ever seen. His blue eyes had a bright twinkle to them and his short blond hair was so bright that it looked almost white in the bright sunlight. His clothes didnt look Japanese at all they looked as if they were from medieval times in Europe and his wings were of the most angelic design. Aurelia timidly stepped out of the forest and into the clearing. Hi Im Aurelia and these are my friends Ty, Mamimi, and Canti. Cantis the one thats unconscious. Whats your name? Ty and Mamimi emerged from the forest carrying Canti between them. My names Sage nice to meet you. Sage folded his wings behind him like an angel would and held out his hand so Aurelia could shake it. Your clothes are strange. Where did you get them? Wait I know you arent from these parts are you? I dont even think were from this world. The world we live in is like this one only different. What continent are we on? Whats a continent?? If you want to know where we are were in the Anthar forest. If you want to we can go to my home right over there and you can tell me about your world. They silently walked through the forest following Sage to his home buried deep in the forest not far from where they were.

Chapter 4
Once at Sages house they tried to wake Canti though they still couldnt wake him. Youre welcome to stay here until your friend wakes. Well then again you dont have much of a choice my house is the only house until Tsuki Village. Well youre right we have no other choice but to stay here. Aurelia said. Would you like some tea while you tell me about your world? Sage asked Aurelia Sure why not. Im parched anyway. Well if you want tea I better put some water on to boil. Sage got up, went over to the stove, and started the fire under the stove then put a kettle of water on to boil. When coming back to the table Sage grabbed four mugs from one of the cabinets. Well its going to take a while for the water to boil so you might as well start telling me about your world. Well our world is like yours only there arent creatures like you. The place we live in is called Kyoto which is in Japan. I dont know how we got to your world but I think it had something to do with a symbol on the ground, in a clearing much like the one you found us in. We were on our way to the Cherry Blossom Festival when we decided to take a rest. The next thing we knew we were in this world. Aurelia explained to Sage. If you have some paper and a pen I can show you what the symbol looked like. Ty interjected. Ill go see if I can find any paper. Theres a pen and bottle of ink on the desk behind you Miss Mamimi. Sage got up from the table yet again and went into another room to look for paper. While Sage did that Mamimi got the pen and ink from the desk. Sage returned shortly carrying a thick pad of white paper. Setting the paper down on the table in front of Ty he silently seated himself next to Aurelia. We better be quite so Ty can think. Aurelia whispered to Sage. After a few minutes of sketching Ty finally held up a picture of a transmutation circle. (Drawn rather badly if I might add.) Oh jeze thats the work of the dark wizard, Thyme, my twin brother. Sage got up from the table and looked out a window facing east. His castle is in the eastern mountains. If you want to get home you have to steal his spell book which he keeps hidden somewhere in the caves of the Annex Mountains. Not even I know where its hidden. Sage left the kitchen and when he returned he had with him a map of the mountains. You wont be able to get into the castle without my help. And you wont be going anywhere in those clothes. When are we leaving? Aurelia and Mamimi chimed. Well have to leave at least by tomorrow. The journey will take at least a month. Hey Mamimi why dont you try and wake Canti? Ty suggested. Fine Ill go try. Mamimi got up from the table and exited the room. Well I might as well go get the clothes from the attic. Wait and Ill come with you. Aurelia said as she got up from the table. As they climbed the stairs Aurelia asked. Will me and Mamimi have to wear boy clothes? No I have my little sisters clothes upstairs in a trunk. What happened to your sister? Our brother You know what Id rather not talk about it. Once they were upstairs Sage immediately disappeared. Do I hear the water boiling? Aurelia asked herself. Ty could you pour the tea water!? Aurelia yelled down the stairs. Right when she finished that sentence someone grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back amongst the clutter. Aurelia its just me. Sage said. God Sage you scared me half to death. Do you really want to know what happened to my little sister? If yes just nod your head. Aurelia opened her mouth to speak but then she closed her mouth and just nodded her head. Okay then come over here and sit down. It all started a year ago when my brother found that spell book of his in the attic of the family castle. Our little sister tried to stop him from taking it, but he wouldnt listen to her. When Thyme was trying to bring a monster from another world into this one Aurelia stopped him. Then he he killed her without a second thought. Sage started crying even before he had finished his sentence. Sage stop crying please someone might hear you. Wait what did you say your sisters name was? Her name was Aurelia the exact same as yours. Thats why I was so shocked when I first met you. Oh Miss Aurelia you might want to get the clothes for you and Miss Mamimi. The trunks behind you. Ill go get the clothes for Sir Ty and Sir Canti. If you need my help Ill be across the room. Aurelia turned around as Sage walked across the room. She opened the trunk and brushed away the cobwebs. What would Mamimi wear? Aurelia thought to herself. She took two short dresses and two belts. One for her and one for Mamimi. Hey Sage you got any weapons around here? Aurelia hollered. Yeah therere above you on a shelf. Be careful not to hit your head though. Was Sages reply. Aurelia backed away from the wall and stood up. When she looked at the shelf it looked like if might collapse any second. Aurelia grabbed four daggers, two bows, Two quiver full of arrows, and two swords. The shelf looked relieved to have some of the weapons removed. Sage Im going downstairs. Aurelia quietly went down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Chapter 5
Hey youre finally back. Jeez what took you so long? Canti asked. Well it looks like Mamimi finally woke you up. Aurelia dumped the clothes and weapons on the floor next to the table and sat down. You guys arent going to believe this, but Sage had a little sister named Aurelia. Weird huh? Everyone just sat there with their mouths open not saying a word. Are you sure you werent hearing things? Mamimi asked. Click click. Everyone turned their attention to the doorway where there stood the most beautiful griffin any of them had seen. Well none of them had really seen a real griffin before. Oh Hello, my names Kyoko. The griffin said. Mamimi did that griffin just talk? Canti asked. Of course I talked, griffins can talk, or didnt you humans know that? Sage walked into the room and patted Kyoko on the head. I see you four met my friend Kyoko. I summoned her from another world, so that when I was gone there would be someone to watch my sister. Aurelia got up from the table and walked over to Sage. She looked up into his eyes as she asked this. Did you really mean what you said about your sister having the same name as me? Yes I meant it. My little sister was about your age when our brother killed her. Thats why her clothes should fit you. So what youre saying is that Aurelia might be the reincarnation of your sister? Ty asked. Exactly right. You never did tell us how old you are. Sage put his hands on Aurelias shoulder, pushed her back to the table, and sat down. Well since youre all going to be so nosey, I might as well tell you everything about myself. Im 16 years old and basically what you would call an angel. My brother is a dark angel. Were princes. Our parents were the king and queen of the northland. What do you mean by your parents were the king and queen of the northland? Mamimi asked as she sipped her tea. Oh wait, let me guess your brother killed them too? No my parents are still alive somewhere, I just dont know where. If youre a prince then why are you living in a house like this? Shouldnt you be living in a castle?!?! Slamming the table hard his fist, Canti asked. When our parents disappeared me and my sister moved out here. This used to be my parents summer home. Our brother lived with us for a while that is until we cleaned out the family castle and he found that damn spell book. Oh thats sad. Aurelia said as she wiped away a tear with her finger. So youre saying that your brother is the cause of all this? Well actually I had something to do with this. When I met you in the forest I was just coming back from my brothers castle. We had just finished a great battle that had left my brothers castle in ruins. Our magical attacks had caused a great explosion that must have brought you here. Hey if you were partially responsible of bringing us here shouldnt you be able to send us back to our own time?!?! Ty yelled across the table. Ty calm down like Sage said he was only partially responsible for us being here. Aurelia said calmly. Dont tell me to calm down, Aurelia, I dont need you telling me what to do! Ty snapped. Hey be nice to her Ty. She is your girlfriend after all. Canti said. Okay, Ty, for one thing the spell I used was defensive and I was out cold because of the explosion. Sage said calmly. Ty dont you feel one bit sorry for him?! Mamimi asked yelling across the table. Why should I care what happened to angel boy?!?! Ty said angrily through gritted teeth. Ty I cant believe you! The Ty I know would never lash out like that. Aurelia said on the verge of tears. She got up from the table and ran out the door. Before closing it she said, Im going outside to get some fresh air. Aurelia slammed the door causing dust in the attic to fall through the floor board into the kitchen. Good going Ty now you really made her mad. Mamimi said as she got up from the table and followed Aurelia.

Chapter 6
Aurelia wait up! Mamimi said as she ran down the path towards Aurelia. What do you want? Aurelia said as she walked on never looking up from the path. Aurelia remember Im your friend. You can trust me more than you can trust my brother. Mamimi sped up after she said that. When she finally caught up with Aurelia she put her hand on Aurelias shoulder and turned her around to face her. Oh Mamimi youre the only one I can trust. I might as well stay here if your brother is going to act like that. Aurelia immediately sat down on the spot and started to cry. I know what you mean. Tys normally not like this at all. I know everything about him and never once did he lash out like that. Mamimi sat down next to Aurelia and said that. This made Aurelia cry even more. Come on Aurelia stop crying someone or something in this forest might hear you. Mamimi said as she got up. Aurelia froze in a half sitting position and looked up into the sky. In the distance they could hear Sage, Ty, and Canti yelling their names. Mamimi get down someones coming this way. Aurelia said ducking under a bush. Mamimi ducked under the bush next to her. They could hear the steady wing beats of birds getting closer to where they hid. Who is there? They heard someone that sounded like Sage say. Aurelia slowly stepped out of the bush. There in front of her stood a handsome young man in a gold war chariot drawn by two raven colored hippogriffs. He looked like Sage the only difference was that his hair was a dark chestnut color and his wings were pitch black. His clothes looked like a princes clothes. Aurelia? No you cant be her I killed her. Who the hell are you and why do you look like my little sister? Mamimi put her hand on Aurelias shoulder for reassurance. My names Aurelia and if Im not mistaken youre Thyme, Sages twin brother. Oh so you seem to know my brother, well if you know him then you already know that Im a dark necromancer. Well since you must be his friends I might as well hold you captive at my castle. Thyme stared up into the sky. Grabbing Aurelia and Mamimis arms he drug them into the chariot and gave a command to the hippogriffs. Ty!!!! Aurelia and Mamimi screamed in union as the chariot flew of into the slowly darkening sky.
Elsewhere in the forest the boys were looking high and low for the girls when Ty heard them scream. Canti I think I heard the girls scream. Yeah I heard it to. Ty Canti grab onto my feet I think I know where the girls are. Sage was hovering a foot above them when he said that. Ty and Canti each grabbed one of Sages feet. As Sage started to rise into the air Canti lost his grip and fell to the ground. Oh this is hopeless with you two hanging onto my feet. I might as well call Kyoko. Sage whistled a tune and Kyoko came flying over the tops of the trees to where they now stood. Ty, Canti you two can ride Kyoko itll be faster that way. Kyoko Ill scout ahead and leave flowers, follow the flowers, then Ill wait for you after 50 flowers. Sage sprung up into the air and darted away leaving Ty, Canti, and Kyoko standing in the clearing. Boys you might want to hang on. Kyoko warned as she flew up into the air and turned around in a circle until she spotted a flower.

Chapter 7
Put us down you creep!!! Aurelia shouted at Thyme. Thyme said, No you two will come with me to my castle where I will keep you as prisoners. Flying carelessly over the trees and villages the hippogriffs soon reached Castle Akurei. Let go of me you a** head!! Mamimi screamed as the hippogriffs touched down. My, my looks like someone has a temper. Thyme said as he lifted Mamimis chin to look into her eyes. Mamimi reached up and slapped Thyme hard across the face. Now I wont take that kind of behavior from you my beauty. Thyme said calmly as he rubbed his face where a hand mark was starting to appear. What the hell did you just call me? Mamimi screeched. Thyme whistled and three servants came running to meet them in the courtyard. Yes Lord Thyme?! They said in union as they knelt in front of Thyme.
Celestial, Yes my lord? Take this one to my chambers. Thyme said as he pushed Mamimi in front of him. Yes sir. Come on you hurry up. Celestial grabbed Mamimis arm and pulled her into the castle to disappear within. As for you, Thyme said as he grabbed Aurelias arm. I will take you to the Tower. But sir shell never survive up there. One of the servant objected. What did you say Lunar? Thyme asked as he slowly turned his head. Im sorry sir its just that there is a blizzard moving in from the north. If you were to put her up in the tower she would freeze to death. Lunar bowed her head waiting for the punishment that never came. Fine then. Jade take the prisoner to her own quarters and lock the door so she cant get out. Yes sir. Jade was a tall black haired elf with brilliant green eyes hence her name. She was dressed in a simple black dress. Lunar, meet me in your quarters and you will receive your punishment there. Yes my lord. Lunar bowed and left taking the stairs winding down the castle. Jade get moving, take the prisoner to her quarters. Right away sir.

Elsewhere Well Sage did you find anything? Ty yelled over the wind rushing past them. From what Sage had said they were somewhere between Tsuki Village and Sesshoku Village. No, but we arent going to find anything tonight its close to dusk. Sage was floating in front of Kyoko as he talked cutting down on some of the rushing wind. Where are we stopping for the night? Canti shouted. Well stop in Sesshoku Village. I know an innkeeper there. Sage said as he started to drift up on an air current. Ty reached past Kyokos head to grab Sages foot before he drifted up to far. Thanks. Sage said to Ty. Master Sage were there! Kyoko screeched. Good we all need the sleep anyway. Sage and Kyoko flew to the ground, Ty and Canti hanging onto Kyokos fur all the way. Sorry about the wind back there boys. Kyoko said touching down. Canti, remind me to never do that again. Ty said as he stood on the ground hanging onto Kyokos fur to keep from falling over. I probably wont even remember to remind you. Canti said as he jumped off Kyokos back. If you dont remind me Ill hurt you so bad youll never forget anything again! Ty said as he lost his grip on Kyokos fur and fell. Ty you okay? Sage asked as he leaned over Ty. Im fine just back off. Ty said as he tried to stand. Sage shook his head trying to hold back a laugh and offered Ty his hand. Ty unwillingly grabbed Sages hand and Sage pulled him to his feet. Well where are we going? Canti asked. Were heading to the Shinto Inn. Sage said as he looked off into the sky. Well lets get moving then. Me and Ty dont know where were going so lead the way chief. Canti pushed Sage into the town, Ty following solemnly dragging his feet across the dirt path.

Get away from me! Mamimi screamed as Thyme tried to kiss her. Now listen, you will obey me. Until someone saves you, you my pretty are mine. Thyme said as he kissed Mamimi, who was putting up quite a fight. Canti will save me! This Canti you speak of will do no such thing. I have scouts looking for both my brother and your friends. Mamimi just stood there not saying a word, as if this was the end of the world for her. Youre wrong I know Canti will come to save me and so will my nii-san, Ty, Mamimi said as she fell to her knees, crying, at Thymes feet. Dont worry dear youll be fine I promise I wont hurt you. In fact I will make you my bride, Thyme said as he picked Mamimi up off the floor and carried her to a chair where he sat her down. Ill never marry you Ill only marry the one I love and thats Canti!!! Mamimi screamed so that it could be heard in the halls outside of the room. Shh, be quiet or someone will hear and I have never been known to cause a woman yell at me. Thyme said as he kissed Mamimi on the forehead and wiped away her tears. Mamimi slapped him again saying, I could never love you even if you are Sages brother. Just leave me alone and I demand to see my friend! Lunar!!! Get in here now!! Thyme yelled. Yes sir? Lunar said as she entered the room. Take this one to see her friend. Lock them in the room and make sure they have food and water. Yes my lord. Lunar bowed then grabbed Mamimi by the arm, pulling her from the chair and out the hall.

Chapter 8
Are you sure were going the right way? Canti questioned as they walked the shop lined streets of Sesshoku Village. Im sure were going the right way. Sage replied over his shoulder. The village of Sesshoku was located in the middle of the Sabaku Desert. Are you freakin positive? Asked Ty. Yes!! Now stop asking me. Sage snapped. Jeez dont start snapping at us. God! Yelled Canti. They walked for one and a half hours in silence. Cant we just camp out. Im getting tired. Complained Canti. Yeah Im starting to agree. Sage said. Now come on, Thyme could be anywhere. I dont want him or any of his servants to get Mamimi or Aurelia. Lets get moving. Sage said. Several minutes later Sage where the hell are we? Ty asked impatiently. Would you please stop asking that youre giving me a major headache. Besides you can stop complaining now were there. Sage said as he stopped in front of a building with brick walls and a thatched roof. Holy cow who owns this place again? Canti asked dumfounded. Its a family friend, I cant remember his name right now. I havent been here for six years. Sage sighed and walked through the doors in front of the inn. The furnishings inside ranged from swords hung on the walls to chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Hey, everyone its Master Sage! A portly fellow said from behind the counter. Hello, Ryokan nice to see you again. Sage said with a cheerful smile. What brings you to these parts Sage? A woman asked as she shouldered her way out of the kitchen, drying her hands on her apron. Onna its nice to see you again, Turning to Ryokan, Ryokan we need three rooms for the night. Sage said, behind him Canti yawned. Right away, Sage.

Mamimi! Aurelia exclaimed as the other girl was pushed into the room. Aurelia! The other girl responded as she threw her arms around the other girl. Are you ok? Aurelia asked. Yea, Im fine I think at least I am. Good I think the boys should be here soon, so help yourself to the food on the table. The brunette pointed out to her friend. Ok Im hungry anyway. Mamimi said smiling, as she walk to the table placed in the center of the room. The room look similar to Thymes room except for the walls and the color of the bed. Grabbing an apple Mamimi sank her teeth into it and biting a chunk off, chewing it fast and then taking another bite. Wow you must be really hungry! Aurelia exclaimed as she watched her friend devour the apple core and all. Yea, I am I never ate anything before we left for the festival cause I was planning on competing in the food eating contest so I couldnt really eat much if I want to win now could I? Good point, The brunette answer, But then again you have to remember that last year Ty almost won even after he had a lot of food. True, then again Tys stomach is a bottomless pit. She answered biting into yet another apple. She plopped down on the bed in the corner of the room and finished her apple only this time she didnt eat the core. So Aurelia where do you think we are? Mamimi questioned as she chewed on the last bit of apple in her mouth. Im not completely sure, although it seems as though we might be at the center of the castle. The brunette pointed out as there were no windows in the room only a vent to allow in fresh air. And unknown to the two there just so happened to be a sleeping gas pouring into the room from that vent. Aurelia walked over to a chair yawning as she did, and no sooner than she had sat down she was asleep. Soon Mamimi was passed out on the bed. Opening the door slowly Thyme looked into the room making sure the girls were asleep. He slowly walked over to Mamimi, took a vial out of one of his pockets, and poured the contents of the vial into Mamimi's open mouth. The contents of the vial just so happened to be a weak version of a love potion. He lifted her up into his arms and carried her to his room where he layed her on the bed.

Chapter 9
Thyme whispered to Celestia, Bring me the strongest love potion you have. Yes, my lord, right away. Celestia bowed and then left leaving the sleeping Mamimi alone with Thyme. Smiling softly Thyme sat on the edge of the bed near Mamimi and brushed her long ebony bangs out of her face. Oh that face so soft and gentle, he wanted it all for himself. But yet he could never have for more than a few moments. Oh how he wanted to wake to the sight of her face every morning and be greeted with a hug from the girl when returning from riding. Sir, Lunar said from the door. What is it? He question sharply looking up from Mamimi. Um Well one of the scouts spotted your brother in Sesshoku Village with two other men, who I think might be the Ty and Canti the girl was talking about. And from what I know theyre staying at Ryokans Inn. I just thought you might want to know. Ill leave now. "Thank you Lunar now be off with you," Thyme said waving Lunar away. Turning back to Mamimi she moved slightly startling Thyme some. Smiling yet again he cupped her delicate face in his hands and kissed her forehead. "Thyme, I love you," Mamimi muttered softly in her sleep. "I love you too Dearest." He replied. A soft knock on the door brought Thyme to his feet and soon to the door. "Yes?" Thyme asked as he opened the door. "Here is the potion you asked for my lord," Celestia said bowing and handing him a platter which on top sat the potion. "Ah yes thank you." Taking the platter he sat it down on a table near the bed where Mamimi slept. "Just put three drops of that in a drink and give that to girl, making sure that she drinks all of it or the potion will have no affect," The servant added before turning to leave. 'Now all I have to do is wait for my angel to wake.' Thyme thought. Several minutes later Mamimi awoke screaming. Breathing heavily she turned to Thyme with tear filled eyes. As soon as she awoke Thyme was at her side, his strong arms wrapped around her as she sobbed into his chest. "What's wrong Angel?" The angel questioned running his fingers through her soft flowing hair. "I..I thought you had been killed it all seemed so real I thought it was, Mamimi spoke between sobs. Well its ok now beautiful, Im here and Im not going anywhere, Thyme replied as he hugged her closer to himself. But how can I be sure if this isnt another dream? Mamimi protested as she looked up into Thymes deep brown eyes. Does this seem real enough to you? He asked pressing his lips to hers. Breaking the kiss Mamimis eyes started to well up with tears again. Oh Thyme you really are ok. Returning the embrace Thyme still held her in she started to cry again only this time tears of joy. Smiling Thyme asked, Are you thirsty?" "Yea I'm parched," Mamimi replied. "Ok then stay right here, Angel." Thyme tapped her nose lovingly and went to where the water was across the room, grabbing the potion as he passed the table. Smiling she waited patiently on the bed. "Here," Thyme said as he handed Mamimi a cup of water. "Thanks," Mamimi blushed as she drained the cup of water, the potion soon taking effect. "Better?" He questioned as he stared into her hazel eyes with his own brown ones. "Thyme," Mamimi started before being cut off by him kissing her yet again. "You were saying?" Thyme asked breaking the kiss. "Do you think i could take a nap?" She asked innocently. "Of course, do you want me to leave?" He questioned solemnly. "No please i want you to stay," She stated, clutching onto his arm as if to keep him from leaving. "Don't worry I won't leave unless you want me to," Thyme wrapped his arms around her again allowing her to sit on his lap. "Can you sleep like this?" He questioned. "Yea, I'm fine my angel," Mamimi replied softly before falling asleep in his arms. Smiling he buried his face in her hair taking in her smell. Laying back onto the pillows stacked high on the bed he soon drifted off to sleep himself Mamimi still in his arms. "Thyme?" Mamimi softly whispered in his ear. "Huh? What is it Angel?" He questioned as he rolled over. "I'm hungry but I can't find any food in this room, and i didn't want to leave incase you woke up," Mamimi solomnly replied. "Is that all?" He questioned pushing himself up off the bed. "Yes," She looked down as he came to her side of the bed. Gently moving her hair from her eyes he lifted her face to his and kissed her forehead softly. "Stay here and I'll find something for you to eat. Now what do you want?" Smiling Mamimi replied. "Do you have any noodles?" "Yes now stay here and i will fetch you some." Kissing Mamimi's forehead yet again before leaving he soon crossed the room and was out the door. Humming softly to herself she waited patiently for Thyme to return. Shortly he returned with her food. "Here you are Angel." Thyme said as he handed her the noodles and sat down next to her. "Thanks." She said between bites of noodles. Smiling warmly Thyme wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close.

Chapter 10
"Sage how long do we plan on staying here?" Ty yelled across the room. "Only until morning," the angel replied with closed eyes. "Ty-sama calm down and try to sleep, I'm just as worried as you are," Canti said across the room. "But!" "Just shut up and sleep already damnit!" He stared blankly at the wall across from him finding random patterns on it that reminder him of home. "Ty, we'll save them both I promise ok?" Sage said blankly. "I know but your brother seems like a real creep and theres no telling what he'll do to them." "They'll be perfectly fine believe me." The angel replied. "And what gives me the slightest reason to believe you??"

"Thyme hand over the spell book!" Sage yelled across the field "Never, you just want it for yourself brother!" The dark angel yelled back. "And what good will it do me? All it did for you was kill our little sister!" the blonde remarked. "Don't even go there with that it was her own damn fault she died. If she hadn't interfered I wouldn't have needed to do that!" Thyme replied to his brother.

"Thyme!" Mamimi yelled as the angel fell to his knees on the battle feild. "Are you ok?" She asked concerned as he tried to stand. "I think I am," he replied as he tried to hold shut the deep wound on his arm. "Angel, please don't try and stand you're injured you'll only make it worse," Mamimi pleaded, Thyme getting into a battle stance again preparing to strike down his brother.

"I will always be by your side to help you with anything you need. No matter where I go, I will always love you and care about you," Thyme said softly, Mamimi sitting by his side crying softly. "Thyme please don't go, I don't want you to leave," Her tears falling on his already blood stained shirt. "Mamimi-chan please don't cry for me, I'm sure there's someone that cares for you as much as I do," "But." "Mamimi," Thyme said in a stern tone, "Don't hold on to the past move forward and forget about me. I don't care as long as I know that your happy." "Thyme!" Mamimi yelled as she hugged the dying angel. "Please don't leave I love you." With a sad look on his face he reached up and wiped away her tears as they fell. "I'm sorry Mamimi, I'm sure we'll meet again I'm sure of it." "Thyme." Wrapping an arm around Mamimi, Thyme gave her one final kiss and whispered in her ear, "I love you too Mamimi," before laying back and passing on. "Thyme!!!' Mamimi yelled crying more. "Mamimi?" Canti asked tenativly. "What??" she answered between sobs "I'm sorry, " he replied flatly looking at his feet. "For what?" She asked turning around to face him. "For not being there for you when you needed me the most." "Canti that doesn't matter all that matters is that you're here with me now." Mamimi hugged him and smiled slightly wiping tears from her face and smearing blood across her face. Smiling softly Canti kissed Mamimi and wiped the blood from her face. "Will you stop crying now Mamimi-chan?" He asked concerned. "Yea, I'll be fine now." "You sure?" "Yes I'm sure Canti," she replied with a smile. "Mamimi!!" her brother yelled as he ran across the field.

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