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Pumpkinella's Journal
i just put random stuff in here
omegle dudes are stupid
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: I'm trying to provoke people into life changing discussions. Are you interested?
You: hey
You: hmmm life changing discussion?
You: you're on > smile
You: br
You: brb
Stranger: Great.
Stranger: sad
You: haha so what next?
Stranger: Well, we can start easy.
You: really like what?
Stranger: How do you feel being a super-intelligent monkey in a World where most people think they're invincible?
You: i feel like for a supe intelligent monkey i'm doing pretty good considering most of the other monkeys have half-destroyed the world
Stranger: Hmm.
Stranger: But we're all monkeys in the same civilization.
Stranger: We should be mad the monkey's in charge usually corrupt our world.
You: yes we are which doesn't explain why we subjectify each other now does it?
You: except that we still act like a pack animal which means the monkey in charge is the alpha male yes?
Stranger: Yes.
Stranger: The world is still run by Alpha males.
Stranger: People know it instinctively but repress it.
You: yes we do
You: but that means what ever we do on a larger scal it doesn't matter at all cause another alpha male is gonna come in and either tear it all apart or take credit for it.
Stranger: Yeah.
Stranger: Whatever.
Stranger: Humans are just going to keep sucking either way.
You: but that doesn't explain the need for religion now does it?
Stranger: People need religion because they fear their death and need order in their lives.
You: maybe there is no god and we just made it up so we could feel that the alpha male will one day be dethroned
Stranger: We made up a god because we couldn't explain the World.
Stranger: Before Science.
You: I'm good at this arent i? smile
Stranger: We had trouble coming to grips with our consciousness.
Stranger: We still do.
You: yes we do.
You: but that does not explain the criminals
Stranger: What's a criminal?
You: the alpha male theory does however
Stranger: Some Criminals ruin the world without jailtime, others contribute their souls and gain nothing.
Stranger: Has Warren Anderson been arrested?
Stranger: Look him up.
You: if you're asking if he has he obviously hasn't
You: but he's just a monkey so why should i look him up?
Stranger: Some monkeys ******** SUCK
Stranger: That's why.
Stranger: And we let them lead us.
You: unless another monkey affects my life i don't have to care about them
Stranger: But what's a leader when you're just going in circles?
Stranger: Oh.
Stranger: It's all about you.
Stranger: Fair enough.
You: if you want to survive yes it is
Stranger: What a stupid goal.
Stranger: To survive?>
Stranger: Everybody dies.
Stranger: It's a losing battle.
Stranger: Better to know the odds of the game going in.
You: I do.
You: but for the time being the aim of the game is to survive as long as possible yeah?
Stranger: Not for me.
Stranger: Quality over quantity.
You: suicidal?
Stranger: No.
Stranger: I used to be.
Stranger: Typical teen angst.
You: So did i.
You: yeah same bullshit different day smile
You: but isn't that what all this is? bullshit.
Stranger: Yep.
Stranger: the ego is a myth.
Stranger: Life is short anway.
Stranger: No reason to purposefully shorten it.
You: we're gonna die so what's the point of arguing about life?
You: is that the point we have here?
Stranger: Well it kinda sucks how humanity is doing right now.
You: or is the point that since life is short do whatever the hell you want as long as you're an alpha male?
Stranger: We purposefully created weapons for the purpose of killing others.
You: one problem.
You: i'm not male and i still do whateve the ******** i want.
Stranger: We allow some monkey's to enjoy a much higher quality of life than other monkey's.
You: how do you know it's higher?
Stranger: We know billions of monkeys are suffering and our society tells ust o look the other way.
You: and yet some of us don't.
Stranger: I have a good feeling that Bill Gates is living better than another monkey in a nike sweatshop.
Stranger: Sorry.
Stranger: I'm rambling.
Stranger: I'll let you talk for a while.
You: yes you are
You: why?
You: aren't we having a debate ?
Stranger: You win.
Stranger: I'm probably wrong about everything.
Stranger: We are all special creatures created by God to live for Him.
You: Haha.wrong. I'm agnostic smile
Stranger: Oh.
You: like you said god was created to explain away death.
Stranger: In that case, we can't really say if there's god or not, so why try to explain the unexplainable?
You: the problem is no one comes back alive so how do we know what death is like?
Stranger: I used to be Jewish. Then I became agnostic. Then I became Atheist. Then I became.
You: unless you're buddhist then you don't die just get re-incarnated...
Stranger: We all become Worm food.
Stranger: DUH
You: nu uh
You: only our bodies do.
You: what every one worries about is the soul
Stranger: What is a soul?
Stranger: We create a soul because we are so afraid of losing consciousness.
Stranger: Do goldfish have souls?
Stranger: Does a dog?
Stranger: An ant?
You: but if our brain supposedly the source of all our intelligence and consciousness-our soul- then yeah we become worm food
Stranger: It is.
Stranger: I am quite confident.
You: yea probably
You: so if it is then yes all animals have souls
You: but they sure are yummy biggrin
Stranger: Oh.
Stranger: I don't eat meat.
You: i do. my monkey uncles are butchers smile
Stranger: My Grandparents owned and operated slaughterhouses.
You: the human kind or the animal one?
Stranger: Animal.
You: human would've been so much more intereesting.
Stranger: Wow.
Stranger: Cruel.
Stranger: What are you, 16?
You: yup smile
You: and i did read the slaughterhouse five
Stranger: So it goes.
You: it's interesting to think about all these people must have gone through just to soldier on for the alpha male
You: to fight some pissing match that the head monkeys started. isn't that a lovely sense of mortality?
Stranger: You should see me at work.
Stranger: All alpha males.
You: including you?
Stranger: No.
Stranger: I just started.
You: ah how old are you?
Stranger: 22.
You: old enough to drink and get run over by some other drunk monkey smile
Stranger: Yes.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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    you shoulda said you were older XD
    but ok...so there's not weird a** people on omegle that's kool

    comment SogniDeAnima · Community Member · Thu Aug 12, 2010 @ 04:31am
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