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My Journal ^w^
I'll pretty much write about anything, im pretty spontanious :]
you know your insane when...
1. you ran into the wall on purpose, then did it again
2. you licked your cat, and exclaimed it tastes like cat
3. you have real conversations with animals
4. you kissed your best friend under a mistletoe
5. you have very random nicknames (oatmeal, cartoon muffin)
6. you can decipher the flavors of frootloops
7. someone calls you weird, nerd, insane, ect. and you are thankfull
8. you dance randomly in public
9. you yelled at a friend in public that you love them
10. laughed when someone died in a movie
11. went to Target, pretending to be an elf
12. learned how to sing "Feliz Nevidad" off of Dora
13. watched Pokeman in spanish
14. your life dream is to be a ninja
15. you want a unicorn for Christmas
16. danced with the drunk people
17. have gotten 'High' on your own stupidity
18. say 'um' too much
19. you have gotten hurt and exclaimed 'oh yeah!!!'
20. made a list like this
21. have a lot in common with this list
22. yelled at the T.V.
23. gotten mad at a book
24. know the words to half the songs on you music player
25. want to get out of the U.S.
26. count Canada as a different continent
27. failed a test and was excited
28. gave a disscouraging pep talk
29. got prepared to fail a test
30. write random stories
31. have been steryotyped and exclaimed you are your name
32. you follow the 10 comandments of My Chemical Romance(ask for details)
33. mixed foods together before eating
34. you put food coloring in your milk
35. you run around outside barefoot in the snow
36. you eat icecream with a fork
37. you run around yelling you're on fire
38. you do the loopy dance
39. you have ever made a movie with barbies
40. you mocked Mr. Rogers
41. you worked at the company M.R.C.(mime rescue control)
42. done a 'shopping cart'
43. pretended to be a cat
44. tasted the air
45. stuck your head out the window of a moving car
46. laughed at something that happened yesterday
47. read the dictionary
48. name inanimate objects
49. blamed them for your problems
50. make Lorraine noises at birds
51. lick windows
52. bite your friends
53. talk to yourself
54. play with rolly pollies (i dont know how to spell it!)
55. moo at passing people
56. exclaim you have a mustache and use your finger for it
57. laughed while watching Child's Play
58. scream at passing cars
59. you go tanning....(it looks fake and disgusting)
60. you were supposed to read 210 minutes for an A but read over 1000(your insane Steve!)
61. hide when announcements come on
62. freak out at fireworks
63. barks at dogs
64. tried dog food (its not good)
65. have raped an instrument that has an 'f' hole
66. paint with water
67. flushed your foot in the toilet(that had nothing in it thank jeezis)
68. ask random people if they eat debbies (my mommy)
69. have a reason wy debbies arent gluten free
70. have conversations in weird voices
71. shout out random things while playing video games
72. talk to your hamster using a Mexican accent
73. like to pet people and call them pretty kitties
74. made a dance to the song Turning Japanese
75. ...................

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