She wanders through day by day
Wishing she could make them pay

Surrounded by people she hates
Locked in by invisible gates

Wondering if anyone would notice
Especially the one she would miss

Thinking she had no choice
She tried and tried to raise her voice

Desperate to get out
She soon started to shout

She was ignored and no one heard
Any of her desperate words

People walked on without a clue
She yelled and yelled until she was blue

She cried and screamed and banged the door
She soon gave up and lay on the floor

Only one thing to look forward to
She thought her love would come through

But even he could not see
Oh, how she wished it used to be

As she fought for control
She thought never again would she be whole

While she was invisible to everyone
From all her trouble, she could just run

She thought this emptiness would never end
And thought her heart would never mend

No matter how much she screamed and cried
She would still be one who died