With love, there is hate.
With life, there is death.
With joy, there is sorrow.
With relief, there is worry.
With good, there is evil.
With victory, there is defeat.
With gain, there is loss.
With heaven, there is hell.
There is always a mistake waiting to be made.
With every good thing in life, someone screws up somewhere.
There is never any peace to the constant cycle of good and evil.
You never know the turn life might take you next.
To put an end to this madness would make everything right again.
But that's just the way of life.
You can’t have one without the other.
Love and hate go hand in hand.
Death would be impossible without life.
There would be no joy if one didn't feel sorrow first.
Everything is balanced.
Most of the time it doesn't seem that way, but everyone will get their share of good soon enough.