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Haruhi Omoide
Name: Haruhi Omoide
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Ethnicity: Irish-Japanese

Likes: sweets, sleep (though she gets very little of it), Rinko, books, school, nighttime.
Dislikes: people, spicy food, spiders, movies, television, sunlight.

Hair: Curly/wavy, blonde, medium/long. Her bangs are short & straight, or 'Asian-styled'.
Eyes: Electric blue, heavy-lidded, thick eyelashes, slightly seductive/dreamy. Examples: pixel/anime&real.
Height/Weight: 5'2"/95lbs or 157cm/43kg. BMI: 17.4 (slightly underweight).
Skin tone: PALE. As in Snow White pale.
Typical outfits: | Her style is sort of a mixture of Decora & Lolita, two Japanese fashions, and Punk, which is fairly universal. Her school uniform consists of four parts: one, a black button-up shirt with a white arm band around her left arm, which is embroidered with the kanji for love (ai) (in black) and a simple black border. Two, a black skirt that goes to about mid-thigh, pleated, with a black lace trim and a white petticoat. Three, a small white tie with the same kanji as her arm band embroidered near the bottom. Fourth, she wears white and black Mary Jane-style flats, with white knee-high socks held up by a garter belt.
Piercings: Double lip piercing (like this) on the right-hand side, triple ear lobe piercings, industrial on the left ear, navel, right nostril stud, double tongue. Artistic freedom for the jewelry.
Tattoos: The kanji for "Freedom, Courage, Beauty" down the right side of her back in a line, like so, a sparrow on the inside of her left wrist, & blue and black stars on her left foot, toward the outside of her foot/outer ankle.

Special Ability: Haruhi can see the dead, as well as auras. She also has the ability to make it impossible for anyone to lie to her.

Personality: Haruhi is a deeply troubled girl who struggles to conceal her emotions as best she can. She hardly sleeps, and studies harder than any of those in her year, but does not consider herself to be particularly smart. She is quiet, reserved, and does not like talking to people she doesn't know. Due to her extreme trust issues, she has no friends, and doesn't like anyone save for her elder brother, Rinko.

Biography: Having been raised in Ireland by her father and her two elder brothers, Haruhi has never known what it is like to have a mother. When she was but four years old, she inquired as to where her mother was, and her father simply sighed and said, "Some things cannot be changed, Haru-Haru. It's all we can do to just keep working at making the best of our lives, and keep striving to be happy." A few weeks later, her father died of a heart attack, leaving Haruhi and her brothers to fend for themselves. The oldest, Daniel, moved to Japan to go to college, while the middle child, Rinko, stayed behind to provide for his sister. He dropped out of high school to get a full-time job at a lumber company three hours away from their tiny, cramped apartment in the city, and works two night shifts at Cafe Blue. Haruhi is constantly eaten away by guilt because of how much he does for her, and how little she does in return, but she is determined to focus as much as possible on her studies, despite being haunted by frightening apparitions that refuse to let her be. She has always known that it wasn't quite normal to see the dead, and to be able to see other humans' auras, but she never knew quite how different she was... That is, until she found her current school, which is a school for the gifted.

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Art Received/Purchased:
None so far.

If you would like to donate art/ask me to commission you, please PM me.
Thank you!

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