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If you'd like to roleplay, please PM me with details. :3

Name: Libby
Looks*: full//close-up (This is just a reference taken from Photobucket. She's an OC of mine, but I have no art of her at the moment.)
Age: Around fifteen.
Brief bio: Libby hails from the snowy peaks of the Myrisian mountains in northern Laisa (formerly known as China). She lived there in a small village with her mother and her father for eleven years, eleven months, and ten days. Then, on the eleventh day, her parents mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again. Strangely enough, the young girl was not fazed by her parents' disappearance; instead of crying, she simply packed her things and left, taking it as a sign that she needed to begin her own life. Since then, she has been wandering the Earth, searching for companionship, good times, and a worthy battle.
Currently... Wandering around in the Union of Resistance's territory (previously America, or the United States), alone.
Birthday: January 01, 2067

*Details are as follows:
Hair: Short, pink, and cute.
Eyes: Pale green, with a dreamy look to them.
Skin: Peach-coloured, always rosy/glowing.
Outfit: White scarf, white undershirt (tank top, reveals navel), baggy light blue pants held up with brown suspenders, light blue jacket, brown gloves, brown combat boots pulled over pants, brown aviator goggles.
Note: Her whole look is very aviator-esque, with a tiny bit of steampunk. This is essential to capturing her personality, so please be aware of her style while drawing. n__n

References: None. TT^TT;

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