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Random words that spill from my finger tips
Title says it all :]
Ɍҽɗ ɣ Ƀʅɑϲқ: Chapter one, part two
xxɌҽɗ ɣ βʅɑϲқxx

I got out a bowl and a spoon and set them on the island in the kitchen. I poured what remained of the Lucky Charms and poured the rest of the milk. Yeah, my family were pigs. I couldn't wait to see how Chris, my little brother, would turn out. If he's anything like our dad and I, we'll never have food.

I pulled a bar stool from the other side of the island and brought it to the otherside so I didn't have to move my bowl. I'm athletic, but I'm still lazy. So basically I was sitting infront of the fridge.

About half way into my cereal, a knock came at the door. I glanced at the clock to my right. 11:14. Who would be at my house so early? 'I wish my bat wasn't up in my room' I thought to myself, incase it was a girl scout or something. Man I hate those kind of people.

Last year a girl scout came up to my house. She was Jake's sister's enemy in the girl scout thing. So I got my bat opened the door and made a fearful yell. The look on her face was hilarious. The fact she dropped her cookies and the look on her face together was priceless.
No, that has nothing to do with the story. I just thought it was hilarious. And felt you should know.

I set my spoon in my bowl and walked over to the door. I peaked behind our pale yellow curtains and saw it was Layla. I opened the door and without giving it a second thought, Layla walked in as if it were her own house. "Sure, Layla. Come right on in." I said sarcastically, closing the door. She smiled and sat on the other stool by the island infront of my cereal bowl. "Mmm, Lucky Charms. Got any more?" she asked. "Sadly, no, that was the last of it." I said sitting down to continue eating. "Geez Louise Mia, that box was brand new three days ago!" she exclaimed. I shrugged my shoulders and continued eating. I liked Lucky Charms. What was the big deal?

"Anyway, why are you here, Layla? Not to sound rude or anything, but you coulda called." I said. "I did call, but nobody answered. So I came over to check if you guys were dead." I laughed. That was Layla for you.

She wasn't afraid to say what she thought; She still isn't. If she hated what you were wearing, she'd tell you. If she thought your new hair cut was ugly, she'd tell you. So if you asked for her opinion, she gave her honest opinion.

She was a hit with all the guys. Even in third grade where we first met. She's got a slim figure and her matabalism is as about as fast as I am on the soccer feild. (That's pretty fast) She can eat anything and not gain a pound. Her hair was a light brown and went down close to her waist.

Like me, her eyes are an un-natural color. She has purple eyes. Yeah, that's right. Her eyes are purple. But with her looks, no one mentions it. But, whatever.

She always wore the latest cloths too. Today she was wearing a yellow skirt over blue kaprees. And a plain blue top that looked like it would go on an American Girl doll. Her shoes matched her skirt. How her parents afforded all her cloths, I will never know. But it seemed like every day, she would be wearing something I'd never seen before.

You'd think with the way she looked and dressed, she was a spoiled, stuck up brat. But, Layla was the complete opposite of that. She was one of the nicest people I knew and thought of others before herself. I guess that's how we became friends.

I'll make it short and sweet. We were in third grade and I was playing Kick ball with the boys, while the other girls were playing on the playground. Layla and I never even glanced at eachother until that day. She was inrested in our game and stood by the school building, watching us play. I made an epic kick that sent the ball flying, hitting the fence. Which was a good amount away. I started running to the bases. On my way to the third base, I tripped and fell, scraping my knee pretty bad. Layla rushed over and helped me up and took me to our teacher. We've been best friends ever since.

"So, why are you here?" I asked again. "I came to plan the trip, silly! We leave tomorrow, remember? At ten o'clock sharp. We need to pick up snacks for the ride, since it's about a 2 and a half hour drive. And maybe some games to bring so if it rains, we have something to do. 'Cause my aunt doesn't have any games there or a TV." Layla explained. She pulled a 20 out of her pocket. "How much money do you have?" she asked. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a five and a ten. "Fifteen." I said. God knows how long that money has been in there. I never take my money out of my pockets. I'm just that smart.

"Alright so that's thirty-five dollars. That's perfect. Jake and Zack probably have a lot more. There's a town not that far from the camp site, so we should save some money for the last few days and go shopping or something." Layla said, stuffing her money back in her pocket. I nodded and took a bite of my cereal. It was getting soggy. Bleh.

"So, are Jake and Zack coming?" I asked. "They should be here any minute. I called them." Layla said, playing with her hair. "Oh, well, gee thanks. When were you planning on telling me this?" I asked. "I just did." She said, and smiled at me. I smiled and rolled my eyes. I grabbed my bowl and desposed of the remains in the sink. The garbage desposal roared as it chopped down the cereal. I flipped the switch and it turned off. Just as I did, a knock came at the door. My guess was it was Jake and Zack.

I walked over to the door and opened it. Right as the door opened, someone ran into me and gave me a great big hug. "Uhm..Hi, Jake." I said. He hugged tighter. "Jake what are you doing?" I asked. "Layla said she thought you were dead." said Zack as swurved around Jake and I and met Layla in the kitchen. "Jake...I'm not dead. You can let go now." I said. He let go and looked at me and smirked. "Yeah, I figured. Your to stubborn to die." he said. I narrowed my eyes and smiled. "So what was with the attack hug?" I asked as I closed to door. "I dunno." he said as he walked to the kitchen. I shook my head.

Jake and Zack were best friends. But personality wise, are a lot different. Jake is cocky, sarcastic, and nice guy all at once. And, he likes to talk. Zack is a nice guy, quiet and pretty calm twords anything. Jake get's annoyed easily, where it takes a lot to annoy Zack.

Jake's a few months older than us. He was 15 while we were all 14.

Layla and I met Jake and Zack in 5th grade. They were new and didn't have any friends, cause they just talked by themselves and away from everyone else. We invited them to sit with us for lunch, and we were friends ever since.

What caught our attention of them was their looks. Jake had silky black hair that hung in his face. (Of course, it was shorter back in 5th grade) And beautiful blue eyes. They were a little darker than the sky. He was 4 inches taller than me. Always has been. Always will be. Don't tell him this, but when I met him, I wanted to pet his hair.
Yeah, I'm weird. Don't have to tell me twice.

Zack had brown hair that went to his eyes. Kinda the skater boy hair. Like Justin Beiber. His eyes were bright green. And he was the same size as Jake.

I sat down at my table with everyone else. "So, what do we gotta do?" I asked. "Plan for the trip, duh!" Layla said.
Well that clears up a lot.

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    Sun Mar 28, 2010 @ 04:38am

    Onc3e again, awesome. :3
    Death to the girl scouts... >.>

    mx nyan
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    Sun Mar 28, 2010 @ 05:06am

    I laughed so hard at "Always will be. Don't tell him this, but when I met him, I wanted to pet his hair. Yeah, I'm weird. Don't have to tell me twice." It truly made my day better.

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