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Random words that spill from my finger tips
Title says it all :]
My life as an Ouran student: Chapter one
Skylar looked up at the large building. She sheilded her eyes with her arm, for the sun was shining directly into her eyes. "Well, what do you think kiddo?" asked her Father, Ray. "I'm scared." she said looking up at her tall father. He chuckled and looked down at her. "And why's that?" he asked. Skyler looked away and took her eyes back to the building. "It's ginormous. I'm afraid I'll get lost and never be found again!" she said. Her father laughed again. "Don't worry Sky, you'll be fine. You'll meet some friends, they'll show you around. And you'll be all smiles all the time. Just like you were in Pennslivania." her father said, laying a hand on her shoulder. She made a loud sigh and held her stomach. They were filled with butterflies.
She smoothed out the yellow dress she was wearing as her uniform. Oh, how she hated it. She never liked dresses. She had begged her father to get her a boy's uniform, or atleast send her to a school that didn't have such horrid girl uniforms, but he insisted she go to Ouran Acadamy. And she didn't look good in it at all. She was exactly 5 feet, and she had stopped growing. She was short for her age. And people made fun of her for it all the time.
Her plain black hair didn't compliment the bright yellow dress. Her bangs hung in her face and her hair went to her shoulders. And her eyes were dark blue, close to black. She didn't look like most of the rich girls, who were all far more beautiful than her. She looked more like a poor person-- a commoner. She was afraid people would make fun of her and she'd never live it down.
The only good thing about her was that she was slender and had a good shape. Most of the boys at her old school had a crush on her, just for that. She looked good in anything; except for the school uniform.
A bell chimmed, and cars started pulling up twords the school. They were far more fancy than her father's rusted volks wagon, which they brought with them from America when they moved.
Her father bent down and gave her a gentle hug. It was like he was barely touching her. "You have a good day kiddo." he said as he set his hand on her head. "I'll try. But if I'm not outside when you come to pick me up, send a search party." she said. He chuckled again, and walked away. People were stepping out of the fancy cars and walking twords the school.
Skylar was a few feet from the enterence. Her face turned red with shyness and embarresment of the way she looked. She took a deep breath, and walked through the doors before anyone else.


Skylar sat at her desk with her hands folded in her lap. She looked down at her desk, embarrissed by people looking at her and wispers being told into ears. She sat in the back of the room, no one else sat by her.
All of a sudden, she heard the chair next to her move. She lifted her head and looked to her right. Somoene with short brown hair sat next to her. They seemed to notice her looking and looked at her. "You mind if I sit next to you?" the person asked. They looked like a girl, but a boy at the same time. Their voice was the same way. "Uh, go ahead." Skylar said. The person smiled. By the smile, she determind they were a girl.
'How come she can wear a boys uniform and I can't?' Skylar thought. "You must be new here. I didnt see you last year. My name's Haruhi." the girl said. "Uhm, yeah I'm new. My name's Skylar." Skylar said. "That's a pretty name." Haruhi said.
It was awkward silence for a couple seconds. Skylar opened her mouth to say something, but someone else cut her off.
"Hey Haruhi, how was your summer?" asked a male voice. Skylar looked up to find two identical twin boys standing by Haruhi. One of them sat down in the chair next to her. "Oh, good morning Kaoru." she said the the boy that sat down. The other boy looked over to Skylar. She blushed and looked away. They were both cute. "Uhm, excuse me, but your in my seat." he said. "O-oh I am? I'm sorry, I didn't know." Skylar said as she stood up to give the boy his chair. "Hikaru, she doesn't have to move. You can just sit in the desk next to her." said Haruhi. Hikaru sighed and tilted his head to the side. "Fine, but tomorrow I'm sitting there." Hikaru said.
"I really didn't know it was his seat." Skylar said to herself. "Don't worry about Hikaru, he's really harmless." Haruhi said with a smile. Skylar managed a smile in her embarresment.


After class, everyone got up. It was a study hall time. Basicly meaning: Goofing off the rest of the day and doing whatever.
Skylar decided to try and find a quiet place to read her book, since all the library's were packed with loud talking people. She pulled some of her hair behind her ear. She wanted to go home.
As she walked she wondered what Haruhi was doing. And what the twins were doing. She remembered their names; Hikaru and Kaoru. But which name belonged to which twin, in that spot she was hopeless.
She walked passed two large doors with a sign above them saying, "music room 3" She decided to try it.
She opened the door, and rose pettles randomly; yet gracefully, spun out through the door. She heard a "Welcome" come from inside the room. There, standing all together, except for one who was sitting, were 6 boys and Haruhi.
"Ah, it seems we have a new guest." said the boy sitting in the chair with his legs crossed. He had blonde hair, but Skylar couldn't see his eye color.

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    mx nyan
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    Fri Jan 22, 2010 @ 12:11am

    Aww, I love it, Suki. I feel so bad for Skylar. She wasn't allowed to wear the boy's uniform. D:

    Now this makes me wanna post mine on Gaia. :D

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