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Hidden Truths
we all have a time we need to let others know what we're feeling, or sometimes to help us we have journals or diaries to write our feelings and personal thoughts in. Its true for us all This is my place to write those inner most secrets, feelings, an
My Heart is fleeting, everytime i even so much of think of him or his name it sets my heart ablaze with passion, i feel as though i can trust him more then anyone i've ver known. There is a bond between us that no one would quite understand, I know its foolish but something is just there that keeps us together, we're so completely different but in so many ways so completely alike! I'm nerdy and a dork and he's just silly and a genious, we have already had a few arguements... due to my over-reactions and we have come to a concencus on all of them, we have made the bad times vanish just by being there for eachother! Its the most amazing thing, never before have i felt so much flood my system of love, adoration, wants, and needs, normaly when i felt i had found the one i felt butterfies in my stomach, with Kida its more like my whole body reacts, i can't help myself i feel so safe and loved with him. i had a dentist appointment today and on my way to it i couldnt stop thinking about him, i was huming and singing, not even songs i knew i just put together words as i went and i feel i should write them all down or suffer forgetting them, which i do not wish to do. It pains me to know that on our first meeting we might not be able to kiss all because my stupid braces and his snake bites! its not fair! i dream of one day kissing him and stealing his gum hehe it would be such an evan thing to do too. O-M-G you have no idea... Kida is just... OH!... he's just so perfet for me and he even makes me feel good about myself, he's the only guy to hear me cry and been able to cheer me up within a few mere seconds, now if thats not love, god should shoot me in the forehead right now! what? Nothing? see!!! i have proof! Ugh, i can't wait for the day when he and i live together.. with our two adopted children Xeranii Jay Luna and Alessa Fay Lune, our cats ka'el and what ever other cats he names, and our little chiwawa Ricky. Kida even thinks it would be a good idea... well did and i agreed with it... that we should be the picture perfect family, Me the stay at home mom him the provider and the kids all happy and care free, i know its a bit fictional but i hope one day thats how things are, Just me and the kids waiting for him to come home... Ugh listen to me i'm so smushy i can't even think straight, In a way Kida has made me happier then, i ever will be and i couldn't be any more happier where we are... and soon we'll be together for real....le sigh i love you Kida J. Luna heart

Evan J. Deubert

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