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Pumpkinella's Journal
i just put random stuff in here
It's halloween-night of mischief, night of fear- double bubble, toil and trouble,what should you be or do on this night of fright and fun?

You Should Give Out M&Ms

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You are a colorful, fun loving person who has a bit of an addictive personality.
Once you've found something you love, it's hard for you to give it up... no matter how bad it is for you.

You are both easily amused and easily bored. You need a lot of pretty shiny things to keep you occupied.
You are friendly and love to share. Of all the types, you're the most likely to keep a candy bowl out.

What Treat Should You Give Out For Halloween?

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You Are Traditional on Halloween

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Halloween is all about the things you've loved since you were a kid. It's a holiday of big traditions for you.
You love carving pumpkins, eating candied apples, trick-or-treaters, and old horror movies.

You would never be found dressing up as the latest celebrity. You're much more likely to go for an old standby like witch or vampire.
Halloween has a lot of history for you, and you're not about to throw it all away for the latest Halloween trend!

Who Are You On Halloween?

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You Are Black

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You are a serious and thoughtful person. You spend a lot of time in quiet reflection.
You are a friend of the honesty, and you don't sugar coat anything. You prefer the truth in all its complexity.

While you may relate to the color black, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a dark person. You just don't hide from the dark side of life.
If anything, you tend to be sophisticated and classic. You don't follow trends, and you have your own style of doing things.

Are You Black or Orange?

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You Are a Trick

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You were a very mischievous kid, and you still have a naughty streak in you as an adult.
You may not go off and toilet paper people's houses anymore, but you're still up for a lighthearted prank every now and then.

You are truly fearless. You live in the moment, and you're ready to take on any challenge or dare.
Your wild antics sometimes do get you in trouble, but you're also very talented at getting yourself out of trouble!

Are You a Trick or a Treat?

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You Are Psycho

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You think there's nothing scarier than the anticipation of something horrifying happening. It drives you insane to be in suspense.
You prefer scary movies that build up your fear and resist overwhelming you with scene after scene of gore. You like some thought being put into scaring you.

You find the idea of being totally vulnerable to a deranged killer to be incredibly frightening. You're the type of person who dreads being alone.
And yet you find deranged killers to also be quite fascinating, psychologically speaking. You can't help but be drawn to what terrifies you.

What Scary Movie Are You?

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Your Home Might Be Haunted

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There's definitely something weird going on in your home, and you have the right to be uncomfortable.
A lot of your home's creepiness could be psychological. Do you have some bad memories associated with where you live?

Try to freshen things up a bit. Maybe some flowers or a new happy painting would make your home seem less dead.
Plus maybe if you change things enough, you'll scare some of the "ghosts" away!

Is Your Home Haunted?

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You Are a Gorilla Mask

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You are outrageous and loud. You love to live it up, and all eyes are often on you.
You are a natural entertainer, and you enjoy putting on a show. You will do almost anything to be the center of attention.

You tend to be emotionally intense and you react strongly to how you feel. You don't hide your mood from anyone.
You are extremely impulsive. You tend to follow your heart and ignore what your head is saying.

What Halloween Mask Are You?

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Your Unpredictable Part Says You're Experimental and Rebellious

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You're the type of person who likes to shake things up. It's easy for you to become bored.
You like to be spontaneous. You prefer to lead a very exciting, fast moving life.

You are outspoken and bold. Your opinions change frequently, and you never have any problem expressing them.
Your wild ways always have people guessing, and that's fine by you. You really don't care what others think.

What Does Your Part Say About You?

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You Are Spooky

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You put the trick in "trick or treat," and you won't stop scaring people until you scare yourself.
You love horror movies, dark spooky nights, and the darker side of Halloween. You save the kids' stuff for the kids.

Speaking of kids, you avoid the little candy grubbing monsters at all costs. Well, unless you are looking to give them a little scare.
You think Halloween has gotten a bit to sugary these days, and you don't mind injecting a little fright into things.

Are You Spooky or Kooky?

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Your Halloween Sugar Binge is Candy

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You don't need pumpkin flavored sweets or anything fancy. You're easily satisfied by Halloween candy.
You're the type of person who takes their sugar straight - maybe with a dash of food coloring or chocolate.

You don't really care for baked goods, especially on Halloween. You don't want your sugar weighed down with all that flour.
You're the type to pick the candy off the cupcake, maybe lick the frosting, and be on your merry way!

What's Your Halloween Sugar Binge?

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