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Mika whats in it? :o
it has a whole bunch of jibber jabber so you wouldnt wanna read it so shoo shoo~ P:
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Jaymie.Katarina Di Leva.Von Helson

"Divinity dwells in each of us,
and carries with it a fierce longing to burn in the fire of truth,
Till nothing else remains.

xxxxxxxxxxYou want to know about me?
    ●You should know I'm a●
    warm hearted Scientist

    ●I'd like to be called●
    Jay-Jay or Mr. Von Helson if you please.

    ●Don't get in my pants! It's clear to see I'm a●

    ●I've been on this Earth for a long time●
    I've been 21 for over 2 months

    ●If I send a card to someone, it would go to●
    Someone I find interesting, to me it doesn't matter on the gender, it matters of the heart of a being.

    ●Hey Baby, let me show you around●
    Don't let my innonance fool you, I am a Chibi Seme.

    ●If someone sends me a card, I'd expect it on●
    Febuary 14th...I think.

    ●I have problems●
    Well before I worked here, I was an assistant nurse, yes nurse so don't make fun of me. I had worked with childeren and that's mostly why I'm such a softy, so in other words I care about everyone, I always have a soft spot for anyone, no matter what. I forgive you.

xxxxxxxxxxAre you sure you wanna know more?
    ●Most people call me●
    The prince of your dreams, well that's what my label was back in highschool and college. I guess since I have such a compassionate heart, charming looks, I suppose, many looked up to me as a 'Prince', soon people respected me for not just my looks, but also because I never seemed to stop helping others out. Call me a crazy help-maniac if you want but that's just who I am, I can be clueless I know! And...a bit, clumsy but hey c'mon, cut me some slack.Though, many of people say I am brave, which in a way I can find it true, I never want to be the person who gives up and cringes from behind, no....I want be the one who there for someone, always.

    ●Get those things the hell away from me!●
    My fear is blood, I can't stand to see it, I know I want to be a scientist and all that, but...I can't control myself with the sight of blood, I soon start to go a bit...crazy...and sometimes I see blood stains on my body, though they may or may not be on me, I start to get frantic and if I must I will rub it off my skin by doing whatever it takes.

    ●These things make me want to hurl●
    First of all please don't give me any chocolates or anything dairy I'm lactose intolerance, I really hate slobs even thoug I don't say it but I perfer being organized, another things is I truly hate violence, it just really does no good for me, and lastly please DO NOT TOUCH MY STUFF!...Thank you

    ●I just can't get enough●
    I love fruit, fruit smoothy but my favorite fruit is MELON! Even the color melon, the look of melon, yes I am addicted to melon! I love people who are themselves, none of this acting and all, someone who can be themselves, is truly someone beautiful in my eyes, also I hate to admit it but, I do like to read manga books, Yaoi is counted, I don't know but to me Yaoi is just too funny!

    ●My Species is My Own●
    Of course I am human what did you think I was some alien from star trek? Haha, funny!

xxxxxxxxxxCareful, my past is strictly a biohazard.
    ●I guess I could tell you a little bit...●
    Once upon a time, that's how I thought my beggining would sound like. As if it came from a book of fairy tale and fantasy, I come to find out that I was horribly wrong, and now I understand why I had fancy Fairytales and Fantasy's over Reality, because reality is a nightmare.

    My family are

    ●I got to this place about●
    How long have you been here?

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