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Mika whats in it? :o
it has a whole bunch of jibber jabber so you wouldnt wanna read it so shoo shoo~ P:
Even in now the darkest times of our family has yet to come, my cousin was the first victim of that meaning, I had seen this with my own eyes and yet I hadn't done anything for it. Guilt had spilt into me I'm not quite sure yet, I can't seem to find myself with any tears as my family spills them through for them. If this hasn't made me cry right now I'm not sure what will, seeing my cousin get beaten almost every day I came there by my aunt I had always felt sorrow for them, I had my fair share of beatings and knew how he felt exactly, depressed, raged, fear, and even the possibility of suicidle, though I don't think I felt as abused as my cousin Zach; he was always getting the worst. and now as I stand here with my family in tears my two cousins fall to it in despair, my mother cries for them yet I do not, does that make me abnormal? I can't say if I know. Though I do know that there was so much I could have done for them, so much that I could have sat down and disussed, but what did I do?...I just watched. My aunt has gone far, at last the beating has stopped from the door that was locked. It took awhile until I could finally get my cousin out to talk with me, and then others of our family came to help out, my grandmother had cried so much for him, she loved us and hated it when my aunt would do this to him. She called them here. They come to support Zach, yet I knew how he was feeling right now; to feel that you wanted someone along, but at the same time you wanted to be seperated from the world and didn't want to be touched, to want people to care about you and talk with your feelings, but at the same time you wanted them not to, and to just be left alone. To want to tell someone the feelings you felt now, yet they wouldn't come out. I've felt this too dear cousin, you were never alone, yet I wasn't always there for you was I? Most of the time it was because we were in different families and I'd only get to see you when you were beaten,, and never get many words from you until you felt better. Have I been ignoring your calls all this time? Or was it that I it took me this long to hear them?...in the least now, I won't let her do it again. This time, I'll be there.

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