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as if I owe you any explination. I believe it's quite obvious.
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xxxxxxxⓞⓝⓛⓘⓝⓔ :: ⓞⓕⓕⓛⓘⓝⓔ :: ⓐⓦⓐⓨ

xxxxxx Maybe, tonight, I'll focus on the letters I should write
xxxxxxxx I was driving a l l n i g h t, just so I could feel you by my side.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Who L o v e s you, Like I do?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx There'll come a time,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Everyone you know will say goodbye.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Your colors show
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Brighter than the men I used to know.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Who L o v e s you, Like I do?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Who L o v e s you, Like I do?

                    Boota mentally reminded himself to check the weather next time he decided to go outside in his humanoid shape. It became apparent why humans wore so much clothing. They had no fur or feathers to keep their skin warm. While Boota till had some of his protective covering, the slightest breeze still chilled him. Cold like that made him long for the warm underground nights back in Jeeha, snuggled among the thickly-furred adult pigmoles. But the feeling never lasted. He liked the surface, was proud for what Team Dai-Gurren had done. Still, he sure wished he had more clothes...
                    Almost as if reading his thoughts, a big paw reached around and pulled the pigmole runt against Viral's side. He was so very warm! It was probably because Viral was bigger than Boota, but this wasn't a thought which crossed his mind. His big clawed hand on his shoulder was practically radiating heat, and being held so close seemed to keep the warmth in. Boota made a little noise, a weird cross between a squeak and a purr, but a generally pleased sound. Boota already felt better. He could deal with being a pet, if it meant that he got to do things like this. Maybe, if it got cold later, Boota would go back to his normal shape and curl up in Viral's collar. People's necks were always very warm, it seemed, and there was such a cozy hollow in between their shoulder and their neck, where the collarbone bowled out. The little pigmole boy smiled at the thought.
                    With another little 'bui' noise, Boota snuggled Viral's side affectionately, smiling as he was warmed up. Viral could be so nice, sometimes. That was why Boota liked him. Sure he was always grumpy, but little things like this let his true colors show through. He was actually really sweet~ The thing was, little things like this weren't uncommon. Viral was the kind of man whose actions always spoke louder than his words (which was saying a lot, because his words could get pretty loud sometimes!).

                    Boota would have been perfectly content like that, huddled up against Viral, strolling around through Kamina City, even if he was just a pet. Well, that idea still made him feel a bit lightheaded and woozy, but he could deal with that. But it seemed like the goods things just wouldn't stop, with Viral today~! What he said next just about made Boota lose his fragile control over his calm.

                    "I still don’t know what you are, or why it really happened, but does it really matter. You are who you are, animal, human, or beastman, we’re just ourselves so we don’t need a label to define us. That’s what I think anyway…so…don’t worry about, okay?”

                    Boota blinked for a moment, trying to get his hyperactive little brain to slow down and absorb all that had been said, and exactly what it meant. When he finally did comprehend, his cheeks flushed a bright pink color, and Boota gleefully threw his arms around Viral's waist, burying his face in his chest (much to the distraction of many a passerby). He didn't think that he was anything bad! In fact, Viral didn't even care if he was! He said 'we' as if they were similar creatures, spoke like the two of them were comrades, in the same boat together.

                    "That's great! That's great! You're so smart, Viral! If you think so, then I can definitely think so too! You're right!" He pulled his face out of Viral's chest to grin up at him, his curly tail wiggling through it's hole in the back of his tiny shorts "Thank you, Viral! I was starting to feel sad, but I feel much better now! I won't worry anymore, I'll just be me! Boota! Buu!" He continued to hug him around his waist, though his tiny arms were thin enough to be rather easily pried away. Not that he would want to let go, of course.


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