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Striving towards the dawn...
Class of the decade :D!!!! We rox n salute to all!!!
Kingdom Hearts: Transcendent Time of Love
Kingdom Hearts: Transcendent Time of Love

Chapter 1: Suspicions in the Dark…

“Wow… I’m still surprised on how Genesis acted yesterday…”

“Yea…Not like him to be so open like that with his feelings…”

“Think he’ll do it again?”

“Not likely…” I heard soft footsteps come downstairs and walk out the door. Turning my head a little I saw a black wing disappear threw a portal before it closed.

“Yep… He’s still a secluded…”

I glared at Rayna warning her not to say what I think she’s about to say. Taking my warning she nodded and hastily exited to the kitchen. Looking longingly at the door I could only wonder what was on his mind. “Oh Gen…”

(Genesis P.O.V)

Stepping out of the portal I blankly stared at the darkened skied world. For days now this has been my new training grounds in the fact that this place has stronger opponents to face. Here comes one right now… “… Come…” I stare at the looming black puddle un-fazed as it forms into a massive heartless. Many times I wonder if it’s bigger then that Dark Shadow that Sora first fought on Destiny’s Isles. But right now, thinking wasn’t an option. Taking a leap back I easily dodged the punch that could’ve shattered my skull on instant contact. “… Is that the best you can do?” I heard a rumble before hundreds of so shadows popped up. All their unearthly, glowing soulless eyes looking for something that the normal eye cannot see. But I know what they search for… It’s what all humans’ one point or another wonder if it is truly the center of all life… A heart… One that I just happened to have. “Pitiful heartless… Mindless and soulless wandering the world in order to sate a lust that cannot be filled for the empty void is un-measurable in size… If you truly want a heart then be bold and step forth to challenge me…” On queue they all focused on me, each and every pair of lost soul’s eyes on me. Relaxing a hand on Kuikimonji it only took one quick draw to massacre the pathetic heartless that leaped at me. That started the chain reaction of heartless jumping. I could only smirk… “Good… I need some play toys…”

(Genesis P.O.V end)

(Rayna P.O.V)

Watching as Xiara disappeared into the kitchen I sighed and sat back in my chair. Genesis always caused her so much grief that I’m surprised she doesn’t give him a concussion like she tries to do to Axel and Zack. Then again, those two skulls are so thick you need jack hammers just to make a crack in them. Smiling at the inwards joke I almost let loose hell when I felt someone cover my eyes. “WHAT THE…?!”


“*groan* Zachary Alexander Fair…”

“HEY! No full name calling… Besides, I hate that name.”

Removing his hands away from my eyes I turned to face the infamous puppy stare and groaned again. No one could resist that damn face… Well… Maybe one or two people can. “Ok, ok puppy… Relax…”


“You should be used to the name already Zachary!”

“No one asked for any comments in the peanut gallery back there Bianca!”

“Don’t see you doing anything to stop me!”

“Oh I’m going to stop you alright!”

Rolling my eyes I heard clattering as the first class soldier chased after the girl. Knowing all too well that an accident was soon to happen I counted down from three… “Three… Two… One…”


“Yep… Too predictable… Let’s see what kind of trouble he got himself into THIS time.” Getting up I stretched and headed for the stairs. Serious and all, I’m REALLY getting to old for this crap. Heading up the steps I could only smirk at the situation that Zack was in. “Oh my… Naughty naughty Zachary…”

“Oh shut up…”

Stifling a laugh I could only feel sympathy for poor Saleh who looked worse then a beat up Zidane who was still recovering in his room from the pounding that he took from Genesis. Her face was bright red like a ripe tomato from the position she was in with Zack. “How bout letting her get up Zack?! Not like you would try THAT out here!” Zack was popping himself up with both hands over Saleh who had her hands pressed against his chest. Not a good sight for one who would walk in on a scene like that and not know the story behind it.


“I don’t know about that last statement Ray, I could see Zack attempting something like that…”

“That’s it… YOU’RE being turned into a song bird once I get a hold of you!”

Once again the chase perused leaving me alone. Thank god… Helping Saleh up I made sure she was steady on her feet before letting her go.

“What the heck?”

“Bianca did something to Zack again…”

“Go figure… I don’t know why she can’t leave him alone…”

“Don’t worry; she won’t steal him from ya…” I laughed at her returning blush and dodged a punch to the arm. “Besides, she likes someone else… Relived?” I dodged another punch again as I ran into the room I saw the bickering pair run into. “Their not in… Hey… Why’s the window open?” Walking over I peered outside and just shook my head… “I’m starting to agree with Saleh but what the heck…” Bianca was currently tied up and being held by a beaming Zack. I can see were this is going and I would like to stay out of it.


Looking back I heard Xiara call me from downstairs. Going over to the railing I looked down at her. “Yes?”

“What happened? I heard a scream and then a beet red face Saleh came downstairs muttering something about troublesome.”

“Zack and Bianca again… Get ready for a WHOLE lotta hell when they get back.” I saw her groan and stomp back into the kitchen. Yea… Were getting a LITTLE too old for this…

(Rayna’s P.O.V end)

It was still early in Radiant Gardens and already people could tell random events were happening at the restaurant. Some felt sorry for the poor business owner while others literally waited around for a show to happen. Usually they got their treat by a fight or some sort happening. Nothing was ever quiet and wouldn’t be for a while ESPECIALLY since the key blade master was there…

(Xiara’s P.O.V)

I swear if it was legal people would drop left and right. Walking back in the kitchen after hearing the not so shocking news of another argument between those two I walked into a hell hole. “What in Merlin’s magic?!”

“Morning Xiara!”

Sora was about to be killed in the next second if he didn’t have a good excuse in which my kitchen looked like the fight between him and Xenmas took place here… “Oh Sora!” I saw him flinch visibly… “Why does my KITCHEN look like the fight for the whole world took place HERE?!”


As soon as I saw Roxas and Axel pop up with pancake batter splayed across them I knew why. Summoning Silver of Hope I saw them all jumped and used the key blade to point the way out. They all nodded, each stealing their plate of breakfast and fleeing to the dining room. Making my key blade disappeared I sat on one of the stools that wasn’t completely destroyed by flour or batter. I was still trying to wheel the gears in my head about why Genesis was acting so strange for the past few days. “He’s never been so… Openly romantic! I mean it’s nice for a new change but…”


“That’s not my name!” I’m seriously thinking about changing my name right now. Hearing my name being called repeatedly I gave into fate and walked in to be the masters were sitting. What I didn’t expect was to see a cloaked stranger in my establishment. Walking in hesitantly I saw Sora, Axel, and Roxas tense just incase a fight was to break. “Yes? How may we help you? We don’t open till eight am so…”

“I’m here to test you…”

“What?” If it wasn’t for quick reflexes I would’ve been sliced in half by the mysterious dark blade that was summoned. Flipping over the table I saw Sora rush in with Ultima in hand but be effortlessly flung back by an invisible force into a near by wall knocking the poor boy out. The same fate happened to both Axel and Roxas with chakrams and Rebirth Ultima in hand. Looking over at them quickly I summoned Golden Promise to block the incoming attack and summoned Silver of Hope to send him back a little. Why in the heck are all these strange events happening?! And why of all times when the world seems to be out of place!

“Your quick young one… Good… You may release your key blades…”

Not dropping my guard until he released his blade I stood up. “Explain why you come to my restaurant now.”

“Only to give fair warnings of future events.”

“Go on…”

“The sun rises and sets like a baby cries and sleeps… The same goes for the love between you and your mate… Watch though for in a second of a pin drop that love can be shattered and never replaced…”

My eyes widened at this… ‘Is he saying that the relationship won’t…?’


At once the room began to spin as I fell face first to the floor………………………………………………


“Someone help her!”

“Where’s Genesis when ya need him?”

“Is she going to be ok?”

‘Who…?’ Sitting up I raised a hand to the side of my head to keep it balanced. Blinking twice to clear my vision I saw everyone around me. Rayne and Anriko were by my side and Ricerca in back of me just incase I fainted again.

“Xiara? What happened?”

“I… I don’t know… One minute I’m fighting some weird cloaked dude and the next I wake with everyone around me.”

“You sure? Sora said that you started to fight and after swing you key blade to knock him back you fell out…”

“But I…”

“Sora, do you remember anything else?”

“Well… For a moment… Time seemed to freeze and neither I, Roxas, nor Axel could even move… It’s like, I don’t know but for one thing it was creepy.”

“Hmm… You remember anything Xiara?”

I looked at Luzuma with a blank expression. Not much was clear except… “He said something about the relationship…” At this I saw her shoo everyone away except Aya and Sora who helped me to my feet.

“Bring her to the room; I’ll be there in a second.”

Following orders the helped me to and up the steps since I was still partially out of my mind while all of this was happening. That image… That warning… All of it kept playing in my mind that something was going to go terribly wrong in mine and Genesis relationship and I have to prevent it somehow. But how can you stop something when it hasn’t even shown its head?

“Were here... You can sit now Xiara.”

“Hun? Oh, thanks guys…” Taking a seat on the bed I smiled softly at the twins Taji and Rhea sleeping soundly in their bassinets. Hard to believe their almost five months old already when it seems like they were born yesterday.


Looking at the doorway I saw Zuma enter and close the door behind her locking it. Now it was just us two. “Yes?”

“I would like to know what the mysterious stranger said to you… Make it short and sweet, go…”

“Basically he rambled on about the rise and falls of the sun and compared that to a baby’s basic need. Then he went into this whole thing about how the love between me and Genesis was the same thing. It wasn’t that that got to me… It was the last part.”

“Which is?”

“… Word by word he said that watch though for in a second of a pin drop that love can be shattered and never replaced…”

“So basically he’s saying that even though the bond is strong the slightest of doubt can shatter that glass like structure that you and Genesis worked hard to build…”


“I don’t agree with him completely but I get what he means.”

“What the…?”

“Xiara… Hasn’t Genesis attitude been how we shall say…Un-characteristic for him of late?”

“Well… Yes but what does that have to do with any…”

“And I’ve noticed along with most of the others that even though you enjoy the new outlook it puzzles you does it not?”

Hook, line, and sinker…

“I thought so… I wouldn’t read into it too much but at the same time watch your step girl. Treading to lightly along thin ice can be the end of you…”


Both I and she looked at the door before looking at each other. While she tended to the babes I rushed out only to see something a light auburn color rush pass me and into the room. Turning on my heel I saw Luzuma come out holding something in closed hands. “Who is…?”

“Looks like Zack finally got revenge on Bianca for that puppy incident…”

I saw her laugh as I stared at her funny. Following her eyes to her hands I could only laugh with her. “Oh my lord that is too cute.” I saw Bianca chirp angrily at me. She was turned into an auburn song bird courtesy of Merlin’s WONDERFUL magic, sarcasm included. Holding out my hand she flew into it as she looked down sadly. “Oh relax; you had it coming after that puppy incident…” She got huffy flying around in the air chirping. “Oh relax and get down here…” Holding out my hand she came back down and landed on it softly. “Now now, relax and let’s go down stairs kay?” I saw her hop around a bit before residing to her fate and both of us walked down stairs to the others while Luzuma walked back into her and Aya’s room.

“Paybacks a “B” eh?”

“Zack, leave her alone…”

“No way! She tortured me when I was stuck as a dog!”

“But you look like a puppy anyway when you make a certain face so…”

Again I come down to more drama, and it’s only what? Seven thirty, it’s too early for this. Zack stood between Rayne and Riku arguing on the whole Bianca becoming a bird thing. Walking over to Rayna who was talking to Saleh about what happened earlier I tapped her on the shoulder catching her attention. Spinning around to face me she too started to laugh at poor Bianca, she only giving a look of disgust at her.

“So that’s what…?”

“Yep… Mind watching her when the shop opens? I don’t think she’ll take kindly to the little kids who might want to pet her.” I heard a chirp of agreement as she flew to Rayna’s shoulder.

“Eh, it’s no big… What harm can she do anyw…?”

“So how does it feel to be the small one now hun?”

Both of us looked over to Zack who approached us. “Zack… Watch it… Big things come in small packages.”

“HA! As if she can do ANYTHING right now the way she is.”

Pointing for emphasis I saw the evil glint in her eye before she pecked the accusing finger.

“Hey! Why you little…”

Barely missing the hand aimed for her Bianca flew next to Zack’s ear. Taking a deep breath she screeched in his ear harshly making everyone cover their ears in protest. “See what I mean?” I had to hold back the laugh of seeing Zack stumble around trying to get back a sense of direction. Just watching all of this took the heaviness off my heart. Forget what that mage said, the relationship will work out just fine. ‘But you still can’t get it off your mind…’ Shaking my head I went into the kitchen to get everything ready for the day…


Freezing up at Aya’s words I had to chant a mantra not to lose my cool. “You know your fixing that later Zack right?”

“Awww man!”

Smirking I hummed happily at his expense…

“Enjoy your stay sir?”

“Yes, very much so! For such a young one you run this establishment quite well I must say.”

“Why thank you, very kind of you to say.” Appraise was always a welcoming feeling. Taking the man’s order along with the rest of his family I went to the next table to get more. “Order up Zuma!”

“My lord these people are hungry. Some of them ordered twice! I only have two other people helping me here!”

“Well then…”


“Ok ok! It was a joke! Sheesh!” Handing the orders over to her she snatched them smirking.

“Better be…”

“Or else what?”

“Care to take this outside with Solar Flames?”

“After work, hold you to that promise too.” Seeing her nod I went back to work collecting orders.

“Do you have any extra rooms?”

“I’m sorry miss but I don’t, every room is filled up.”

I heard the annoyance in Bethany’s voice seeming like she was at the end of her ropes with all the customers asking for the filled up rooms.

“But it is important! I must speak to someone…”

“Well I’m sorry but…”

“Is there a problem?” Stepping over to the podium I saw the relieving look on Bethany’s face. Excusing herself I took her place and spoke to the distraught woman.

“Who are you if I may ask?”

“Andrea and I must speak to someone here…”

“Well I’m the manager here so may I ask…”

“Do you know a Genesis Rhapsodos?”

‘What the hell?!’

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