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Striving towards the dawn...
Class of the decade :D!!!! We rox n salute to all!!!
Kingdom Hearts: Transcendent Time of Love
Kingdom Hearts: Transcendent Time of Love


(Other FF/KH people I forgot and people)

Prologue: Just another ordinary day…

Soft singing could be heard from the Radiant Gardens Restaurant that was still closed in the early morning of Hollow Bastion… “There we go! All clean and ready to open…”

(Xiara’s P.O.V)

“Phew… Was a lot of work to do by myself…” I pushed my falling red bangs out of my face as I re-tied my loose pony tail. Everyone was still asleep so I thought I try and clean the place up a bit. Didn’t think it would drain my energy so. Falling back into a chair I looked over my restaurant in pride. “Home sweet home…” Smiling lightly I got up and stretched out. Hearing the pops in my back only made me come to the conclusion of a well deserving hot bath. Singing a soft song I made my way up stairs to my room.


“Xiara? *yawn* Is that you?”

“Hun?” Looking to my left I saw Rayna appear from her room rubbing her eye gently. Smiling I walked up the stairs and gave her a light hug. She stumbled a little but returned it. Letting her go I stood at arms length not saying anything since she spoke first.

“Mmm… What’s up with the tank and sweats…”

“Look down stairs…” I saw her walk over but I gently held her arm so she wouldn’t fall over the railing.

“You cleaned? *yawn* All by yourself?”


“*yawn* Shoulda woke us up…”

“Pfft… Waking Zack up is like trying to move a ton of bricks…” She cracked a grin as so did I.

“Well since I’m up I’ll go see who I can get up to help me in the kitchen…”

“Try not to wake the babes Ray…”

“Mmm k…” Waving her bye she walked to the rooms while I went into mine closing the door behind me. Peering into the darkness I made my way effortlessly to my closet and opened it. “Hmm… Lets see…” Choosing a pair of dark blue jeans, to complement it I chose a dark blue tank top and a black shoulder sleeve top. Picking out some undergarments I picked up my stuff and went into the bathroom locking it behind me. Sitting the stuff on the hamper I then turned around to sit down on the side of the tub and run a relaxing amount of soaking water. “Phew… I needed this…” Turning off the water a few minutes after I slid under the relieving remedy tossing my sweat drenched clothes next to the hamper. Leaning my head back I closed my eyes as the aches started to disappear. “Ahhh… Peace and relax…”


Snapping open my eyes I heard stuff being tossed and sighed. “There goes my morning…” Washing up in less than 20 minutes I got out letting the water too and dried off with one of my white towels. Tossing on my stuff I made sure it was all straight before bringing a brush with me out of the bathroom. I’d clean it up later after I dealt with the situation down stairs. Coming out of my room I saw Aya rush into his and Luzuma’s room to prevent the babies sleep from being disturbed. Walking down stairs into the kitchen I saw Rayne and Rayana holding Axel back and Riceara and Bianca holding Zack back. Both looked like they were about to kill each other. Looking over to the stove I saw spilled scrambled eggs and bacon on the floor. Sighing I walked over to both of them and knocked them over the head with my brush before taking it and running threw my slightly dried hair. “What the heck is going on now?”

“This baka spilled my breakfast!”

“I apologized!”

“You coulda killed me got it memorized?!”

“How the hell can I do that if you control fire?!”

“*sigh* Men…” Clocking them upside the head with the same brush I saw lumps about to form on their foreheads. “Calm it down boys… Zack, could you cook the food WITHOUT burning it?”

“Sure! I can do that no problem!”

“If he doesn’t kill him first from food poisoning…”

I head Bianca squeal and run away after Zack tried to take a swing at her leaving Bethany to take her place as she hid in the main room. Shaking my head at her I signaled for them to let the two of them go. Upon release everyone tensed up for a second before releasing a held breath as Axel stalked out of the room and Zack went to the stove.

“Well that was eventful… Mind telling me what happened here Xiara?”

“Gen!” Turning on my heel I saw him in the doorway smirking. Holding his arms open I ran into them gladly.


“I wish…”

“Axel and Zack at it again?”


“I take that as a yes…”

Nodding I hugged him lightly in the doorway.

“Um… Not to break up the happy scene BUT we got customers in a few, about to start the rush hour…”

I stared at Rayna annoyed but sighed in agreement. Letting go of Genesis I saw everyone go upstairs to get ready for work……………………

“Here’s your key and have a nice day!”

“Thank you miss!”

“No problem, always room at the Radiant Restaurant…” Watching the elder go by I stared out into the crowd of people that littered my tables. Luzuma was now working in the kitchen to avoid struggle when she needed to feed the twins leaving Aya to help out Bianca and Ricerca with the customers. It was just like any other ordinary day in Hollow Bastion. It seems after the whole fight with Xenmas that everything seemed to calm down. Well… Everything dealing with the heartless at least. Things never seem to stop occurring around here. Daily there’s a new issue with someone or something…

“We need a room for three parties Xiara! Got any to spare?!”

Snapping out of my daze I saw Rayne waving to me. Nodding I tossed her three keys and looked at the reservation book. We were almost at our max capacity since the people who worked here also lived here. Looking around I gazed over at my grandfather’s legacy and wished he was here. “It seems so long ago…”

“So long ago for what?”

Twisting my head around I a little I saw Genesis come down stairs with Kuikimonji at his side. Smiling I turned so I can received the hug for me. “So long ago since… I don’t know…”

“Nice answer…”

I pulled away so I could smack his arm playfully. “You going out to train?”


“What time…?”

“Dinner or midnight…”

I paused on the word midnight but sighed, once Genesis made his mind there was no going back. “Ok… Be careful now kay?”


Giving him a quick kiss he waved before leaving the front doors and entering into the black portal. Even now I still hate the feeling of teleportation… I get queasy just by thinking about it…

“Xiara… Someone’s on the telephone for you…”

“Coming Aya!” Stepping away from the doors I gave Anriko the go for taking over. Walking to the back I nodded a thanks at him before taking the phone. “Hello?”


“Sora you idiot!”

I sighed again as I pinched the bridge of my nose. ‘I feel a migraine coming on…’ “Hi Sora…”

“Um, is it ok if we spend some time over at the inn?”

“You and who?”


I did not like the sound of that…

“Me and a couple of other friends…”

“How many?”


“Say what?!”

“What happened Xiara?”

“Nothing Zuma…” ‘I’ma murder him…’ “Sora…”

“Please?! We’ll share rooms!”


Again I had to pinch the bridge of my nose so I don’t catch a headache from Sora and Roxas bickering. Placing a hand over the speaking part of the receiver I yelled out to Anriko. “HOW MANY ROOMS WE HAVE LEFT?!”




‘Damn, now I have to yell just to get my message across…’ “You guys have five rooms…”

“Thanks Xiara! What would we do without you?”

“Have NO clue…” ‘Probably be helpless…’ I smirked silently to myself.

“See you soon! Bye!”

“Bye Sora…” Hanging up the phone I went into one of the cabinets looking for aspirin.

“Need this?”

Turning around I saw Rayna hold out a bottle of aspirin. “Life saver.

“Thank Bianca and Ricerca later… They just found it for Bethany since she’s about to lose it with Axel and Zack’s feud.”

“Not again…”


Storming past Rayna I saw a crowd beginning to form a circle. I barely could hear all the voices as I pushed my way to the center of the circle.



“My lord what happened now?”

“You mean before or after a broken mp4?”

Shaking my head at Bethany’s statement I heard a round of cheers followed by thumps. I only had blinked for a second and now I see Axel trying to give Zack third degree burns. I moved when Axel was sent flung back into a table that one of the customers graciously left there. Crashing into it my mouth dropped when it broke… That was the last straw. Swing my hand out to the side I summoned Golden Promise in a flash. Swing it down it just barely missed Axels head and Zack hands. Both of them moved FAR away from each other as I picked my key blade up. “YOU TWO!! I THOUGHT WE SETTLED THIS IN THE MORNING!!”


“DON’T CARE! AFTER HOURS YOU BOTH ARE ON CLEAN-UP DUTY!!!” Releasing my key blade it faded from sight as I went back into the kitchen and sat down. I had a whole load of stuff to do before Sora barged in here later on.

“You ok Xiara?”

“Besides the pounding headache soon to follow from today’s events I’m fine Rayne…” I didn’t mean to sound so harsh but when you have a shrieking sixteen year old and his friends coming over and throw two adult men that act like kids into the mix… Chaos all breaks lose.

“What time are we closing today?”

“Same time as usual.”

“9 pm with the exception of the bar?”


“Gotcha, try to survive till then…”

‘Try is the key word here…’ Again I had to think on how I wound up in all the crazy mess I get here. Coming up with no answer I resounded to my fate and went back to work……………………


Closing time never felt so sweet. Seeing the last customers out the door we waved them off before collapsing in chairs.

“Oy… How do you guys do it?”

“Practice and patience Bianca…”

“Oh, I understand patience alright… Ya have to have it with THOSE two around…”

Looking back I couldn’t help but hold a laugh when both Zack and Axel came out with hair nets on and aprons tied around their waist, courtesy of Bethany. Both of them were SEVERLY pissed off and by the looks of it ready to maul anyone who made fun of them.

“Were DONE in the KITCHEN…”

“Anything ELSE?”

“Um, broken tables boys?” Pointing over to the 4 smashed tables they both groaned and sighed off to get the tools needed for the job.

“They shouldn’t have gotten into that fight it they didn’t want to suffer this.”

“Well boys will be boys no matter what you say.”


While Ricerca and Saleh were talking their hearts out I leaned against the doorway looking for any sign of Genesis. I fear that one day he wouldn’t keep his promise and return at all. I know that he can take care of himself but still…

“HI XIARA!!!!”

“HEY!” I fell back on my butt as Sora and the others ran threw the doorway. Kneeling down he gave me a hug before speeding around to the others.

“Sorry about that, Sora has O.A.D…”

“What’s that?”

“Obsessively Annoying Disorder…”


I could only just turn on my heel and leave to go outside. I saw Leon and the others come by and help the gang in with their stuff to their rooms. Watching them for a bit I turned my gaze to the stars. Even though they’re so close they still seem so…


“Hun?!” I just saw Rayne jump out of her window with her key blade Solar Flames in hand. A heartless that was about to sneak up on me was cut down instantly. I saw everyone rush outside then after Rayne’s cry.

“What’s going on?!”


Aerith pointed to the incoming flow of heartless that was appearing. Just when I thought today couldn’t get anymore stressful.

“Need us to take care of it?”

“Mmmm… Nah, I need a beat-up toy right now.” Summoning both Golden Promise and Silver of Hope I took my stance. This was the wrong day for the heartless to try and attack. Watching everyone summon their key blade ready for battle it didn’t take long for Sora to rush into the mix. Soon we were all in the throw slaying heartless left and right. Rayna ran by swinging Crystal Tears before gripping the chain and tossing it threw two wyverns and about three wizards. Jumping up I cast Thundaga to rain hell over flying enemies. Unbeknown to me that my own life was in danger till…


Turning my head to were Sora was pointing I saw a wyvern diving straight at me. There was no room to move and it was coming in too quick. Holding out my key blades as a barrier I hoped that it would at least block some of the damage. Closing my eyes I waited for the impact…

“Oh no…”

“She cant block it all…”

“Someone cast Thundaga!”

I heard all their voices ring in panic but everyone was so wrapped up in battle they couldn’t help me. ‘Is this it?’

“Xiara… Cant leave you alone without finding you in some type of trouble.”

I heard a shriek and a loud thump. Opening one eye I shot both of them open when I saw who it was. “GEN!!!”

“In the flesh…”

I ran into his arms embracing his battle torn form. “ You know that your coat…”

“I know, I’ll give it to you later to stitch up but first…”

We tuned to the wyvern that dare threaten us… Bad mistake on their part. Within a few minutes all of the heartless were slain and we were all relaxing some were in the restaurant. Me and Genesis were up in my room were I was fixing his jacket and him bandaging up wounds.

“Must’ve been some rough training for your coat to be this torn…”

“Happens when you rush back to save the love of your life.”

I blushed and whished my head down so my hair could hide the faint blush.


“What is…?” I was stopped mid-sentence by a simple kiss. Smiling into it we were interrupted by a certain monkey tail boy.

“Awww! So sweet!”


I laughed as I saw Genesis leap out the window and chase the kid. That started a riot of people filing out from the restaurant to watch the show put on. Yup, things never change around here. It’s just another ordinary day in the life of Radiant Gardens. Couldn’t ask for anything better…

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    Aww, I love it! It's adorable!

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