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Tara's Thoughts & Stuff. :O Read if you'd like. You'll probably get bored though. :]

-Illegitimate Retard-
Community Member
Day 1: Arrival!

It was Sunday. I was not looking forward to RYLA.
I thought I wasn't going to have any fun at all.
And I was expecting to not like others, and not be liked.
But, I was so completely wrong.

Anyways. The conferees all got there between 2:30-3:30pm.
And then we had a group/team orientation.
We all went to different classrooms, according to which group you were in.
There was Broadway♥, Media, Hollywood, Athletics, Art, T-Shirt,
Engineering, Graduation, Chorus, Creative Games, and Band. :]
Broadway and Media had to share a room, but that just meant we got to meet twice as many new people.
I was the third one there. Shannon of Media, and Johnathan of Broadway were already there.
And of course our lovely counselors, Megan[Media] and Branden[Broadway].
As soon as I got there and said I was Tara, he's like, "You're the one with the monkey email!"
And he kept making fun of it ahaha. :]
Then we waited for everyone to come.
Slowly they all came~
Media: Paul, Adam, Alex, Kira♥, Shannon, Kyle, Elizabeth♥, Emily♥, Nick, Jackie, and Jaimie.
Broadway♥: Deirdre♥, Aja♥, Johnathan♥, Dana♥, Christine♥, Churro[Chiara]♥, Neil♥, Carla♥, Craig♥, Jean Marie♥.

After everybody in every group had gotten to their rooms, we played some icebreakers haha.
And Broadway came up with a saying.
When Branden said Broadway, we said IZ WHERE IZ ATTT!
And then Megan's chat for Media was "Branden's not cool!" Haha. :]

So after the icebreakers and meeting people in our groups,
we headed up to Hudson Hall to get our baggage and crap.
Then we walked all the way over to Sakac and up to our dorms.
I was in 207B, on the second floor with Rachel, Brittany, and Jackie.
Girls were on floor 2 and 3, boys on floor 1.
NO PURPLE! 4laugh

After we made our beds and such, we headed down to dinner at Aquinas.
Branden wanted us to eat as a group, our first day.
So we all met in the Sakac lobby around 5:40.
Now, I wasn't sure what to expect food-wise.
But, there was such a wide variety, and it was all so not ... healthy, except for the salad bar.
The sad thing is, it was still better than school lunches.
So after dinner, talking, etc etc, we went back to our dorms to chill a little.
And then headed back to Hudson Hall for a keynote speaking/opening from DJ Broccoli and Ed Hengel.
They told us all of the rules, taught us the cheer, and a bunch of other stuff.
The square dance was like a fricking work out haha.
They had us running everywhere, but it was all so fun.
Even if we were all tired, sweaty, and gross~ we were tired, sweaty, and gross together.
Haha, we went through so many water bottles, and then at the end we all picked up all of the trash.
I danced with Paul, Carla, and a bunch of new people.
I met Ryan, and he couldn't remember my name even if his life was on the line.
He kept apologizing, he's like, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! i'm so so sorry!" ahaha.
So the dance was over at about 10:45.
We were all dead tired, and like zombies haha.
We went back to our dorms and there was a bed check at around midnight.
Oh yeah, my room. I was in room 207B.
My roommate was Rachel. She was really nice. And her eyes were aaaamazing. <3
My other two roommates, in 207A, were Jackie and Brittany.
All of these girls were super chatty, and I'm kind of like ... ehhh I don't talk a lot haha.

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