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Read this...i write in it Alot...O_o
I am Pathetic,whiney and stupid...and people who are tired of hearing this from me...please stop reading this...it's going to get worse...

I hurt everyone...with my negativity...or just with my way of putting things.
*sigh* sometimes i want to go jump off a cliff and watch my guys go flying. something i have always wondered....what if i was never born? would the world be better? Probably.... Oh well...can't help what's done. I mean there would be a few people i helped...right? No! Oh....really i didn't help anyone? Nope no one at all. Gee thanks. Only Here To Help. >.< my damn inner self pisses me off....

I hurt people..no matter what i say or do...and some people i piss off cus they think this is all for attention..ya totally >.> NOT! I hate attention...like i said..i wish i was ******** dead! i don't want people mourning over me! honestly..i would be happier than hell if people forgot who i was when i died...

but of course that is never going to happy....i have left an implant of my self on people weither i like it or not....
what's why people now-a-days? thinking i am emo..and wanting attention...do you people even know the s**t i went through? NO!!!

i'm ending this now...cus everyone will be yelling at me...this far anyway >.<

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Community Member

Thu Oct 01, 2009 @ 01:03am

Holy s**t. That's just like meh =P

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