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Read this...i write in it Alot...O_o
Sequoia Family Learning....Worst three words in the history of words!
Why you ask?
i will tell you, that is the name of my school, the school i go to. do i care if you stalk my school? F UCK NO! cuz you will regret it.
That is THE worst school i have ever been to.
You think your high school is bad? TRY going to mine. First off, everyone hates me.
second off, i mean everyone!
the only thing that could make that school even worse, was if...devin came to the school and started hating me too T^T.(which most would say here "he would never hate you" wink I KNOW THAT DUMBASS! i was just stating a fact. >.>
So anyway...how did this hate on me start?
WELL i will tell you......

It was the first day of school for me...i met a girl named olivia. she was sweet and nice to me for the first few days. THEN disaster, she started hating on me for no reason. i asked and asked "what did i do olivia?" all innocent, cuz really i did not have a clue what i did! She just ignored me and made my whole group of friends hate me. ;~; So i moved on and found a new group of friends, when olivia told them, i was crazy and a b!tch. They of course believed her,and ignored me too.
soon enough, the whole school started hating me. I went to the teachers, crying to them..for they were my only hope of feeling better. When the one teacher i admired the most, told me to "be a man, stop throwing a pity party for yourself" that just made me cry harder and i became angry. so i threw a pencil at her and ran out of the classroom. A few select people still liked me at the time, when oliva told them i was a slut and i had sex all the time. They believed her and started asking me for BJ's. I am not a whore, or a slut...i don't give out BJ's i know these things were not true...but Olivia was turning the whole school against me, and i had no idea why. Then one day, Heidi a friend of olivia's came to me and said "we all hate you, and you wanna know why?" i said "yes of course so i can fix this whole mess!" she told me "because olivia heard that you were prego and you were going to kill the baby, and laugh at it" i was speechless, "WHERE IN THE WORLD DID OLIVIA HEAR THAT?! " i screamed at Heidi "well she heard from Ms. Grahm (our principal) I ran to Ms. Grahm and stared at her. "WHERE DID U HEAR I WAS PREGO?!" i screamed at her. "Olivia was telling the whole school...said you told her about it" by this time my eye was twitching from being so pissed off!
I stomped over to Olivia and glared at her. "when did i EVER tell you i was prego?" i yelled into her face. Her bf, pulled her away from me and said "you told her when you first got here,dumbass!" i said "I AM NOT PREGO! AND IF I WAS WHY WOULD IT BOTHER HER IF I KILLED THE BABY?!" i yelled so loud the whole school practically heard me. "olivia's neice,who was just a baby died around the time you came around, she loves babies and didn't want to see another one die." so from then on...no one listen to me..cuz i was a BABY killer....

and that is the story of why i HATE my school! the only person who could make that school ANY better would probably be Devin...cuz he would be the ONLY person who wouldn't hate me!

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Eternal Kite
Community Member

Sat Aug 07, 2010 @ 07:10am

i feel your pain. School does kinda suck, and that girl u met, that hates u for no reason, reminded me of a girl who hated me for no reason when i only met her for the whole school year and never saw me again. I dont hate u, me and bree both like u and we would never hate u, ur a good friend, even though u dont talk to me, but still ur a good friend 3nodding smile .

User Comments: [1]
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