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Read this...i write in it Alot...O_o
Dark Path Chp. 2.
Chp. 2.

"DAD!! mom dropped off a baby?!" lucy screams.
"ya, and the baby has a name, Susan" her father calmly states.
lucy takes the baby,from her father's arms. "why did she drop off Susan? and why here?" her father just looks at her dumbly. "OMG!!! no way, Susan's yours??? when, how old is she?"
her father, again gives her the dumb look.
"DAMN IT DAD! you go drunk and then a baby is made? you IDIOT!!!"
Her father,sulks away to give Lucy, the dipper bag. "all you need is in here...tomorrow i will go get Susan, a crib and some toys." he walks off,to his room and slams the door.
"looks like this lil bundle is sleeping with me,tonight." Lucy sighs and walks slowly upstairs,bouncing the baby slowly. "lil Susan, you are a cutie pie,"

3 hours after Susan went to bed....

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Susan wails at the top of her lungs.
"omg noooo!!" Lucy rolls out of her bed,and goes over to Susan. "hello baby, you hungry?" Lucy grabs a bottle from her mini fridge and hands it to the baby.
"Night susan!" she crawls back into her bed.


Lucy falls out of the bed. "what? damn neighbors, and their parties!!!!" Lucy goes to check on Susan,she was fine sleeping like normal. "huh?! babies can sleep through anything..." Susan, opens her eyes and wails again! "ahhh Susan!"

the Next morning,
"morning Lucy. nice sleep?" he walks straight to the fridge and grabs a beer.
"dad,this damn early? and with a baby in the house?"
Lucy goes over and grabs another baby bottle. "Susan is only 2 months...so stop with the beer!"
she walks over to the baby,playing on the floor.
"here you are Susan!" Lucy hands her the bottle.
A loud blaring comes from her father's room. "dad? your alarm is going off, but you don't have work, what's that about?" he looks at her,then walks into his room. "er...nothing, take Susan for a walk please?"
"Susan, you have to take a nap anyway...so time for a nap! Damn pick me up before 4pm, i have to go study!!!"

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