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Read this...i write in it Alot...O_o
Dark Path (story)
"God damn why am i sitting here waiting for his lazy a**?" She checks her watch. "damn 12 pm this is just great, drunken idiot!" She gets up and kicks a rock. "why don't i just walk home,he's not coming to get me" She starts walking,when she hears a car swerve,into a halt. "h-hey! Lucy! There you-you are!" The man walks over to her. "i-i was looking for you" he wobbles slightly. "i-im drunk,you need to drive the car home." he climbs into the passenger seat.
"Dad no way! i can't drive, i'm only 15!!!" Lucy sighs and climbs in starting the engine. "next time you get drunk, i'm walking home!"
"alright Lucy, i promise, no more beer...." he smiles dumbly.
"and no more Vodka either!" she growls at him. "i am sick of that damn tasty smell it leaves" She makes a face and then starts to drive.

"alright dad were home, go to bed! i have to finish some homework." She walks to the stairs,and goes to the third room on the second floor. she opens her door and is already surrounded by the light scent of Lilac flowers. "so good to be home!" she lays on her bed, covered with stuffed animals of cows. "hello everyone, how were you while i was gone?" She smiles and looks around her dark room, the only light that gets in, is the candles she lit two an a half hours ago.

"Lucy!!!!" her father yells up to her. "Lucy!!!! i need you!!!"
She sighs and gets off her bed. "goodie,what does he want now?" she opens her door just a crack, "ya dad?"
"Lucy, your sister is up..put her back to sleep!" he shuts his door and goes back to bed. The whole house is now filled with a lil baby girls whine.

"damn it dad! you woke Susan,with your damn singing!" she walks down the stairs to Susan's room. It's filled with little baby toys,a rocking chair and soft music playing. Lucy sets down a lilac flower scented candle and smiles. then walks over to her baby sisters crib. Susan is a light brown,curly haired baby girl,with fair skin. Lucy smiles as susan,looks up at her,with her bright brown eyes. Lucy speaks to her sister,with a hushed tone.

"Hello Susan, did daddy wake you up?" She picks up her 3 month yr old sister. "can't believe mom left,you here....not very good parents we have huh?" she coos to her baby sister softly. "hush little baby, nothing's going to harm you, not daddy or mommy. Not even the boogyman, sister Lucy is here, to keep them away from you. My sweet little angel, dream sweet dreams,that can always come true." Susan starts to fall back asleep,when they hear muffled talking. "what is dad up to?" she shrugs and continues to rock her baby sister back to sleep. "goodnight Susan, my sweet Baby Angel!"

Lucy falls to the floor,with Susan in her arms. "what the hell was that?"she looks around,dazed and confused "what in the WORLD was that?" Susan starts to scream,bouncing her up and down, Lucy goes to see her father. "dad? you in here?" she stops dead in her tracks when she sees a large beast, feasting on her father "DAD!!!!!!!!"

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