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~Mellow's Mellowlicious Journal!~
Roleplay info (RPC's, Starters, etc); Stories; and other stuff!
Clarissa's Frightening Experience.
Alrighty, so this is the story I wrote about one of my characters in Moonlight (an RP I'm in). It also involved her brother who is played by Anjeka. This story is my own version of how Daniel was turned into a Vampire. Enjoy! [:

(indent)If there was one thing that Clarissa hated, it was having to walk home from school. Especially when she stayed late for her softball practice. The sun had set and the moon shined brightly through the dark streets and alleys of the town.
(indent)Clarissa stood just outside of the front enterance to her High School. She shivered in the cool night air. All of her teammates had already went home, but she was waiting for her brother Daniel. Both of her parents still were at work, so Daniel had to walk from their house (which was nearby) and pick her up.
(indent)She sighed in relief when she saw the familiar figure of her older brother just up ahead. She walked the rest of the way to catch up to him. As soon as she did, he turned and they started heading back.
(indent)"How was practice?" Daniel asked his sister.
(indent)"Alright, I guess. Everyone sort of ignored me as usual," Clarissa replied.
(indent)He sighed. "If you don't like it, then why are you still on the team?"
(indent)She smiled and shrugged her shoulders lightly. "It gives me something to do, I guess."
(indent)They walked in silence for a few minutes. They were approaching the most dangerous street in the whole town. There had often been reports about people going missing. Clarissa wished there was a way to avoid it, but their house was just past the street.
(indent)Clarissa moved closer to her brother and he immediately placed his arm protectively around her shoulders. "We'll be find, Cass. Nothing has happened her in quite a while."
(indent)Just as Dan finished reassuring his sister, Clarissa looked out of the corner of her eye and shrieked. She swore she saw a dark figure move swiftly past her field of vision.
(indent)They both stopped walking and Daniel looked around. His eyes narrowed. "Who's there?"
(indent)There was no answer. Instead, an eerie silence spread as the siblings stood frozen in the middle of the street. Suddenly, that same black figure darted once more out of the corner of Clarissa's vision, causing her to shrink into her brother's side. "D-dan? What's going on?"
(indent)"Not sure, Cass. But I definitely do not like this."
(indent)Silence spread between them one more, but was quickly broken by the dark chuckle that echoed from somewhere in the shadows.
(indent)Clarissa's eyes widened, while Daniel's narrowed once more. "Show yourself," Daniel growled.
(indent)The chuckling grew louder and more laughing joined in. By the sound of it, Clarissa guessed that there were three altogether.
(indent)One by one, the figures stepped into nearby street lights which only lit small portions of the street. When they all were standing in the light, both siblings gasped. They all were male with skin as white as porcelain. Their hair was short and dark, and even from a distance they could see that their eyes were a bloody red. Two of the males, who appeared around Daniel's age, were on either side of the siblings. The third, most likely the leader, was standing in front of them, walking their way. He grinned wide, showing his unusually sharp canine teeth.
(indent)Daniel growled. "Vampires. Huh, I thought they were just a myth."
(indent)"Ah, wonderful guess," spoke the vampire which now stood in front of the siblings. He was still flashing his sharp, white teeth. In response, both vampires on each side laughed, their own teeth showing.
(indent)Clarissa looked around them with wide, frightened eyes. "Wh-what do we do, Dan?" She whispered.
(indent)Dan glared at the vampire in front of them and shook his head. "Just stay close."
(indent)Aw, how cute. I wonder...who do we snack on first, boys?" The leader glanced between Clarissa and Daniel, his red eyes burning with the thirst for blood.
(indent)"How about the boy? Make his sister watch it all happen." This came from the boy on Clarissa side.
(indent)The leader laughed. "Wonderful idea. Grab them." Following orders, both vampires lunged at the siblings and grabbed them. Clarissa was pushed out of the way while Daniel was held firmly in front of the leader.
(indent)"Dan! P-please let him go!" Clarissa pleaded, her voice trembling with fright.
(indent)The vampire holding her gripped her arms tighter and laughed darkly. "Just watch, girl. This'll be good."
(indent)The second the vampire bit into Daniel's neck, Clarissa's vision went blurry. Next thing she knew, she blacked out.

- - -

(indent)When Clarissa finally came to, the vampires had left and Daniel was laying unconscious on the ground near her. She quickly ran for her brother and rushed him to the house, using all her strength. She was not sure why the vampires did not attack her, but did not question it. She was still alive. Her brother on the other hand...
(indent)That night, Daniel turned into a vampire. And after that? Their whole lives changed. . .

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  • User Comments: [3]
    Community Member

    Mon Apr 27, 2009 @ 03:46am

    One thing, in the first paragraph, it's Shone, not Shined... I think...

    Community Member

    Mon Apr 27, 2009 @ 04:40am

    Oh! I like it ^_^

    Community Member

    Tue Apr 28, 2009 @ 04:01am

    Glad you like it An. And, Ry, I'm not sure honestly. I thought of that, but for some reason 'shined' sounds right to me...

    User Comments: [3]
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