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~Mellow's Mellowlicious Journal!~
Roleplay info (RPC's, Starters, etc); Stories; and other stuff!
Post-Moonlight Story [Prologue - Chapter 3]
There is still more to come. When I do a new chapter, it will be in a seperate post for a short time, then I will move it into this one. If ya have any suggestions, or notice mistakes, lemme know!


(indent)"Congratulations graduating class! We do hope you enjoyed your stay here at Moonlight Academy. We also would like to remind you that you are welcome to stay here and help teachers or students if you don't wish to leave."

(indent)Cheering filled the large courtyard as caps flew up into the air. Groups of students clapped for their friends while the graduating class gathered for a large group hug. All except for a choice few who weren't as enthusiastic.

(indent)"Dan, come on! Join the fun!" called a teenage girl to one of the students who was standing away from the cluster of boys and girls. She rushed towards him and grabbed his harm, trying to pull him towards everyone else. "Don't be such a spoil sport!"
(indent)"Hmph," Daniel grunted and jerked his arm away.
(indent)"Well, fine," Clarissa said as she brought her hand back to her side. "Then I'm staying here since you won't go." She sounded disappointed and watched as people shot silly string and threw water balloons at each other. "I can't believe we finally graduated..."
(indent)"Me neither."
(indent)"And you thought we weren't going to make it his far."
(indent)"Nope. But we did," Daniel jumped suddenly after feeling someone tap his shoulder.
(indent)"Whoa, sorry about that!" A girl said apologetically.
(indent)"Lulu! Why aren't you over there celebrating?" Clarissa asked her friend curiously.
(indent)"I saw you guys over here, so I figured I'd just come and chat," Lulu answered with a simple shrug.
(indent)"Oh, alright."
(indent)"So..." Daniel mumbled, now that he had calmed down from earlier. "What do you plan on doing now, Lulu?"
(indent)"I figured I'd stick around here and help Mr. Hinamoto. With all the trouble this school has been causing, including our class, it's the least I can do," Lulu answered while watching the other students.
(indent)"Ah, well I don't know what I'm going to do. Cass and I are sticking around here until we decide."
(indent)"Yeah. I figure we'll at least be here another month," Clarissa added.
(indent)Lulu nodded her head and as she did, a small blue bird with large forest green eyes landed on Lulu's shoulder. She looked at the bird carefully a moment, then smiled when she looked into it's eyes. "Having fun, Kiria?"
(indent)"Yup!" replied the bird in a cheery female voice. "Shh! I'm hidin' from Dravon!" she whispered with a giggle.
(indent)No sooner after Kiria said that did a boy come running up to Clarissa and the others with a water balloon in hand. "Hey. You guys seen Kiria?"
(indent)"Nope!" answered Clarissa.
(indent)"I haven't either." Daniel added.
(indent)Lulu smiled and shook her head. "You two are such liars. Kiria's right here, Dravon." She jerked her head toward the bird perched on her shoulder.
(indent)"Hmph. That's no fun, Lu!" Kiria pouted and flew off Lulu's shoulder, then landed on Dravon's head. "Hiya handsome!" she said with a giggle.
(indent)Dravon chuckled. "Hiya." He turned his attention to the others. "I'm surprused you guys aren't joining in with the water balloons or anything."
(indent)Daniel and Clarissa both shrugged.
(indent)"I didn't feel like getting wet," Lulu said. She looked over Dravon, who was completely dry. "It doesn't look like you joined in either."
(indent)Dravon grinned. "I did. I just dry easily." He snapped his finger and a flame appeared on the tip of it.
(indent)Kiria rolled her eyes and floew to the ground. And instant later and she changed from a bird to a regular teenage girl. She placed her hand in Dravon's free one. "He's a cheater," she teased, nudging his side.
(indent)Clarissa smiled at them both. They had been together since she met them a couple years back, and it seemed nothing would break those two apart.
(indent)"So, you have any plans now that you've graduated?" Lulu asked Kiria and Dravon.
(indent)"Well, since it's summer break for the other sutdents, I was planning on staying with Kindra and my dad." Kiria replied cheerily.
(indent)"I'm not sure yet. Kiria offered for me to join her, but I'll probably join Arisa with whatever she decides to do," Dravon said, shrugging. "I'm guessing you're going to help Mr. Hinamoto?"
(indent)Lulu smiled and nodded. "You guessed right."

* * *

(indent)Slowly the party had begun to die down until only a few different groups of students were left. There was one large group, which was also the loudest. They were all gathered by a beautifuyl garden. All the flowers were in bloom even though some weren't even in the right season.
(indent)Lulu laughed, although her eyes clearly showed sadness. "It's going to be so depressing when everyone leaves. So many of you guys are going home to families, while others of us can't because we were sent here to be kept away from them. Promise to meet back here in...say five years?"
(indent)"You can bet on it, Lu!" Kiria responded grinning.
(indent)Other agreements spread through the group.
(indent)Lulu moved over to a small area next to the garden which had a mound of soil and a small sprout. "I planted this tree in honor of our friendship, and our graduating class. I'll make sure I tend to it every day while I'm here, and let's hope that in five years to come, it will have grown into a large tree." Lulu said as she felt her eyes fill up with tears. The group all gathered around her and gave her a hug, all of them crying as well. It was their last night before departing. Some would stay at Moonlight, but others would leave and not return until five years later, as promised. . .

Chapter One

Five Years Later

(indent)Clarissa smiled as she looked at Moonlight Academy. Her blonde hair had grown past her shoulders since she left the school five years ago. Her brother, Daniel, stood beside her. He didn't look exactly thrilled to be returning to the school, noted Clarissa. She nudged his side. "Oh cheer up, Dan. it's not really a bad thing to be returning here. Besides, we made a promise!"
(indent)Daniel shrugged nonchalantly. "Whatever."
(indent)Clarissa rolled her eyes and walked inside the school, noticing how it hadn't changed much since they left. She grinned at Dan. "I bet you still remember where the infirmary is!"
(indent)Daniel groaned. Him and Clarissa had been there often the years they attended school.
(indent)"Well, then. Let's go surprise Lulu!" She headed towards the direction of the infirmary.
(indent)Once they arrived just outside the infirmary, Clarissa could hear Lulu speaking to somebody. "Nothing ever changes. I'm always busy. It never fails that there's at least one student that needs healing..."
(indent)"Now you know how I felt when you were in school. I truly appreciate your assistance, though," Spoke an older male. Clarissa recognized the voice as Mr. Hinamoto's (the nurse).
(indent)"Don't mention it. This is one way I can actually feel useful around here," Lulu said.
(indent)Just then, Clarissa decided to peek her head in the doorway. Lulu's back was to her. It looked like she was tending to an injured student. Mr. Hinamoto had glanced towards the door just as she peeked in. She guessed he wouldn't recognize her, considering her hair had grown much longer, and she looked more mature. He frowned. "Is something wrong?"
(indent)Clarissa smiled and shook her head. "No. I, er, we-" She pulled Daniel into the doorway, "-just came to see an old friend."
(indent)Lulu glanced up from the resting student and spun around. She smiled warmly at them. "I knew I recognized that voice. You guys came early."
(indent)Clarissa grinned and walked towards her friend. "We came to see if anything has changed. And to spend some extra time around here before everyone else came. So far everything looks like it did five years ago."
(indent)"Pretty much..." Lulu paused. "Well, there is one thing.." She glanced to Hinamoto.
(indent)The nurse waved his hand towards the door. "Go ahead. I've got things handled here."
(indent)Lulu nodded and directed Clarissa and Daniel out of the infirmary. As they walked out, she sighed. "I needed a break today anyways."
(indent)Daniel glanced back towards the infirmary, then towards Lulu. "So you've been helping out in the infirmary the last five years?"
(indent)Lulu nodded, although she wasn't smiling. "Yeah. There's been the same old fights. Nothing more different than when we were still in school."
(indent)"I'm not surprised."
(indent)Lulu led them down a couple hallways until they arrived at the door leading outside to the courtyard. At the moment they were standing in the girls' dorm area.
(indent)Clarissa remembered when they were in school how there was a huge wall which seperated the girls and boys. Even though that was was there, people went over (and around) that wall anyways. It wasn't like the teachers cared or anything.
(indent)"You two ready?" Lulu asked them. Daniel and Clarissa both nodded in response.
(indent)"Alright. Be prepared to be surprised." Lulu pushed the door wide open to reveal the courtyard.
(indent)Clarissa's eyes widened immediately at what she saw. "The wall! It's gone!" She exclaimed. Where the wall used to be now was a strip of cement. The courtyard stretched far. As she looked it over, one more thing caught her attention. Standing tall beside Lulu's gardin, which still looked well-tended to, was the tree. There were leaves everywhere, along with pretty little pink flowers blooming on the many branches. "The tree has grown so large,"
(indent)Lulu smiled and nodded as she led them to the tree and garden. "I've taken great care of this tree."
(indent)Even Daniel looked surprised at how large the tree had grown.
(indent)"Wow, Lulu! You've done a great job on this!" Clarissa said. Just after she said that, Daniel jumped up and bumped into Clarissa. When she looked at him, he had an alarmed expression on his face. (indent)"Dan?" She asked him, sounding concerned.
(indent)"Sorry..." Daniel mumbled, glancing down at his feet. "Ah, here's what scared me. A cat." He bent down and lifted the little white cat into his arms.
(indent)"It's adorable! Dan, you should name it!" Clarissa said, petting the cat.
(indent)"Erm...I dunno. It may belong to someone," Daniel said a little uncertainly.
(indent)"Yup. That would be me," Came a voice from behind them. Clarissa turned around to see Dravon, grinning and waving at them. "Hey guys."
(indent)Daniel glanced to the cat in his arms, which was staring at him with twinkling green eyes. "Oh! Kiria!"
(indent)The cat giggled and nodded her head. "Yup, you got it Daniel!"
(indent)"What a surprise! I thought you guys would be coming later," Clarissa said to Dravon and Kiria.
(indent)Dravon shrugged as he took Kiria from Daniel. "We've been here for a couple months - well, I have. Kiria arrived about a week ago."
(indent)"Yup! Dravon an' I have just been kindra wanderin' the halls, and talkin' with Lu," Kiria said.
(indent)"Until they got shoo'd out by Mr. Hinamoto, that is," Lulu added.
(indent)Dravon nodded, then turned to Clarissa and Daniel. "You two are early too."
(indent)"Cass insisted that we came early to get a chance to look around," Daniel said, shrugging.
(indent)Lulu glanced up at the sky briefly and smiled. "Everyone should be arriving soon."
(indent)Kiria's green eyes twinkled and she angled her head towards Dravon. "Would ya let me down?"
(indent)Dravon nodded and set her down. After doing so, there was a tiny flash of light and when the light was gon, Kiria stook there in her human form. It always amazed Clarissa when Kiria shifted. (indent)"Okey-Doke! Whatcha need us ta do before people start arrivin' Lu?"
(indent)Lulu was silent for a moment. Probably giving the question some thought, guessed Clarissa. "Mm, I think everything's all set up in the gym. I'll go check," With that being said she walked off towards the gym building.
(indent)"Kay!" Kiria said.
(indent)When Clarissa glanced at Kiria, she noticed her uncomfortable expression. "What's the matter, Kiria? You look troubled."
(indent)"Huh?" Kiria blinked, then sighed. "It's nothin'."
(indent)Judging by the way Dravon was frowning at her, Clarissa figured Kiria was lying.
(indent)"Kiria...That dance was years ago. And I'm sure nothing wil go wrong," He assured her.
(indent)Kiria nodded, though she looked uncertain.

* * *

(indent)Ten minutes later, Clarissa cast a worried glance towards the gym building. "Lulu's still not back..."
(indent)Daniel started walking towards the gym. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to find out what's wrong," He called over his shoulder.
(indent)Kiria and Dravon nodded and started walking. Clarissa followed after them, frowning.
(indent)Clarissa hung back from the others as she walked. Kiria and Dravon entered the gym while she still had a few steps to go. At the sound of Kiria's sudden shriek, she ended up sprinting into the building.
(indent)When she got inside, she noticed Kiria hiding her face in Dravon's chest. Daniel was a little bit ahead, his expression grim.
(indent)Once Clarissa walked up beside him, she knew why. Lulu was lying on the ground unconscious. There was no blood stains, thankfully, which meant Lulu hadn't been harmed.
(indent)Daniel approuched Lulu and knelt down to check her pulse. At least that's what Clarissa guessed he was doing. "She's still alive," Daniel said, sounding relieved.
(indent)"What do you think happened?" Asked Dravon, who was still holding Kiria.
(indent)Daniel shrugged. "Who knows. Maybe Lulu can tell us when she wakes up. Until then, let's get her back to the infirmary. Maybe Hinamoto knows something."
(indent)With a nod, Clarissa watched Daniel reach his arms under Lulu's legs and neck, then lift her up as he stood. "Cass, get the door for me."
(indent)Clarissa nodded and did as he said.
(indent)Everyone was silent on the walk back to the infirmary. . .

Chapter Two

(indent)Clarissa could hear the nurse's irritated mumbling before they even were inside the infirmary. The second the group walked through the door, he looked at them and groaned. "You're not even students here anymore, and already someone's hurt!"
(indent)Clarissa glanced to Daniel, who started to look irritated as well. She looked back at Hinamoto. "We're actually not sure if she's hurt. We found her unconscious on the gym floor," She explained.
(indent)Hinamoto's expressions quickly changed from irritation to concern. "Again?"
(indent)Clarissa noticed Dravon's puzzled expression. "'Again'? you mean this has happened to her before?" He asked.
(indent)The nurse nodded grimly as he directed the group to an open bed for Daniel to set Lulu on. "It's happened a few times actually. It started occuring a couple years ago."
(indent)"Why?" Clarissa asked. Lulu never seemed like she was in bad shape or anything. At least, she never showed it.
(indent)Hinamoto looked to be giving the question some deep thought. While he was thinking, Clarissa noticed, out of the corner of her eye that kiria had approached Lulu. Kiria reached for Lulu's hand, but shortly after she did, she shrieked and pulled her hand back. Everyone stopped and looked at Kiria, whose eyes were wide and full of fear.
(indent)Dravon stepped forward and took one of her shaking hands. "Kiria, what's wrong?"
(indent)Kiria pointed a finger at Lulu's hand, and didn't say a word. Then she buried her face in Dravon's chest.
(indent)Clarissa was the first to walk up to Lulu. She grabbed Lulu's hand and looked at it curiously. What she saw made her eyes widen. She gasped and backed away. "C-claws..." She mumbled.
(indent)When everyone else looked, their reactions were similar to Clarissa's. Lulu's nails had grown into long, sharp claws. Clarissa shivered at the sight of them.
(indent)"She didn't have them a second ago," Daniel said. He was the only one that didn't look frightened. In fact, he was actually scowling at Lulu. Did he know something that everyone else didn't?
(indent)Glancing back to Hinamoto, she saw he was contemplating something. He opened his mouth, about to speak, Clarissa guess, when Lulu groaned and began to stir. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked at Lulu, who was now sitting up and rubbing her eyes. (indent)"Lulu," Hinamoto began. "How do you feel?"
(indent)Lulu chuckled, although to Clarissa it sounded forced and weak. "I'm fine. Really, I am," She said. After saying that, Lulu opened her eyes and everyone gasped. Lulu looked at all of them with a puzzled expression. "What? What's wrong?" One of her eyes was the normal purple, but the other was a dark, blood red. It looked 'bloody' to the point where it actually looked like her eye was bleeding.
(indent)"L-Lu..Your eyes," Kiria stuttered, looking very frightened. "They're...different colors."
(indent)"What?!" Lulu looked at Hinamoto. "Mirror...Where's a mirror?" She almost sounded to be in a daze.
(indent)After he pointed her towards a wall where a small mirror hung, Lulu leapt off the bed and rushed to the mirror. She stared at it for, what seemed like, a minute. "N-no...this...No, it can't be..." She mumbled, shaking her head.
(indent)Daniel looked at her cautiously. His expression showed a slight hint of fright. "What can't be, Lulu?"
(indent)"Nothing!" She blurted out the second after Daniel asked. "It's...nothing."
(indent)"Doesn't sound like 'nothing'," Dravon said, frowning.
(indent)"Really! It's nothing...Forget I sai-" As Lulu was finishing her sentence, someone ran into the infirmary, and crashed into Lulu. Lulu fell backwards, and the person who ran into her fell on top of her. Clarissa swore she was Lulu's purple eye flash red briefly. "Get...Off!" Lulu growled in a voice that didn't sound like hers. She pushed the person off of her and stood. For a second, while she brushed herself off (which Lulu never did), Clarissa saw her expression of hatred, change to one of deep concern.
(indent)The person on the ground, who looked like she was Clarissa's age or so, backed away from Lulu, her eyes very wide. There were scratch marks along the girls' arms from Lulu's claws.
(indent)Lulu backed up against the wall behind her. She looked at her hands, then the girl. Clarissa guessed her knees must have gave in, because a second later, she was on the ground.
(indent)Hinamoto healed the girls' scratches and frowned at her. "Safiya...Why are you here?"
(indent)The girl, Safiya, jerked her head away from Lulu, and looked to Hinamoto. "It's Kaelyn...she...she collapsed again!" She stuttered, obviously still scared from the earlier event.
(indent)Lulu looked at Safiya with worried eyes. The way Lulu looked at the girl, Clarissa guessed that they knew each other. Actually, the closer she looked at Safiya, the more familiar she looked. She didn't believe she actually met the girl, but it was almost as if she was in a dream of hers...many dreams actually.
(indent)"Lulu..." Safiya said cautiously. She was now standing and staring straight at Lulu. "You're getting more dangersou." The girl's expression and tone was suddenly serious, which was completely different compared to her frightened demeanor earlier. It was almost like her whole personality changed. "And your eyes..."
(indent)Lulu looked away and sighed. "Yes, Safiya. I know."
(indent)"...Demon," Daniel almost growled. His eyes were narrowed at Lulu. Clarissa glared at him and punched his arm. He returned the glare. "What was that for?"
(indent)"Don't call her a demon!" She growled at him.
(indent)"Actually," Lulu cut in, attracting both of their attention. "He's right."
(indent)"What?!" Clarissa, Dravon and Kiria all exclaimed. Daniel just scowled.
(indent)Lulu sighed and looked down. "I have...demon blood in me, along with a demon half. Much like what Dracalyra had," Lulu began explaining. Clarissa frowned at the mention of Dracalyra. The memory of Demon Lyra and the fight wasn't pleasant. "Many times in the past couple years it has tried to take over, and that's why I've been fainting. That's what happened the gym." She turned around and looked back in the mirror.
Safiya stepped forward and faced the others. "Her appearance is proof of how weak her mind and body has gotten. The demon half was able to take over half of her body. Which also explains her sudden anger when I ran into her." She turned to Hinamoto, who looked like he had just now heard about the whole 'Lulu has demon blood' explanation as well. "Now. About Kaelyn?"
(indent)"W-wait..." Clarissa turned to Safiya. The way the girl looked familiar to her really bothered her. "Do...do I know you?"
(indent)The girl turned to face Clarissa and smiled. "Yes, Clarissa. But only in your dreams have you seen me."
(indent)"Dreams? What is your power?" Daniel asked.
(indent)"I am what people like to call a 'dream-walker'. I have the ability to appear in anyone's dream, wheter it be a simple daydream, or a very frightening nightmare."
(indent)Clarissa's eyes widened in realization. "That's right! You appeared in my nightmares many times when I was a student here! You always turned them into good dreams."
(indent)Clarissa saw Lulu nod out of the corner of her eyes. "Yes. She is a very kind dream-walker. She only appears in nightmares, to change them into pleasant dreams. Many people respect her for that here."
(indent)Daniel looked confused about something. "What about your personality? You went from being frightened of Lulu, to being very serious."
(indent)Safiya smiled. "Ah, that is my other power, although this one I don't have much control over. I can change my personality within the blink of an eye, so to speak. One second I may be cheerful, and the next I could be cold, and uncaring." Shortly after explaining the power, her personality changed. Her serious expression was now a worried one. "Now...we have to do something about Kaelyn! She could be hurt, you know!" With saying that, she walked gracefully out of the room. Clarissa admired how beautiful the girl looked. Her hair was a silver color, that practically glowed in the light. It was long and curly and looked like she took great care of it. She had blue eyes the color of the ocean, and when they twinkled, they looked like waves rippling. Her head popped into the doorkway, looking at them all worriedly. "Well? We've got to help her!"
(indent)"Come on guys," Lulu said, moving towards the doorway. Clarissa could tell she looked troubled, but she guessed Lulu didn't want everyone worry about her.
(indent)"Comin Lu," Kiria said. Her voice had a cheerful tone, but her smile was sad. Dravon followed after Kiria.
(indent)Hinamoto sighed. "I have to stay here. You guys go. Lulu can take care of things. But if things do get out of hand, come to me. Don't try handling things on your own." He walked into his office without another word, slamming his door.
(indent)Daniel sighed and also walked out, giving Clarissa no choice but to simply follow. . .

Chapter Three

(indent)"Here we are," Safiya said after leading the group out into the courtyard. There was a cluster of students gathered near a tree. "Oh no!" Safiya ran to the cluster and shoved people out of the way.
(indent)Clarissa was puzzled at how Safiya was acting. She followed behind, not noticing she was the only one until she was halfway between Safiya and the group. She turned towards the others. "What's wrong?"
(indent)Daniel just shook his head. "Crowded," He said simply. He wasn't big on hanging around huge crowds of people, Clarissa remembered. She looked over the others. Kiria still looked a little shaken up, so Dravon was comforting her. And Lulu looked like she was afraid to be near so many people. Probably afraid she might harm someone.
(indent)Safiya's shouts carried over to the others. Her voice hinted anger. Another personality change it seemed. "Back off! She doesn't need so many people crowding her!" Clarissa saw Safiya turn to one girl who was still fairly close to the girl lying on the ground, who Clarissa guessed was Kaelyn. Safiya jabbed her finger into the girl's chest. "How would you like it if someone got really close to you like that? Well?" The girl scurried away, along with all the other students. That's when the others took the opportunity to step up to the unconscious girl. Clarissa's eyes widened at the sight. Kaelyn was sprawled on the ground. She had faded white wings and gray-ish silver hair that looked like it once was a brilliant white. Her face was sickly pale. She was breathing, Clarissa also noticed, but it was very shallow.
Clarissa turned to Safiya, whose features had once again changed. She also noticed another strange thing about Safiya. Her eye color seemed to change depending on her personality. Now they were back to the ocean blue, and she looked very worried. "What happened to her?" Clarissa asked.
(indent)Safiya shook her head. "Don't know. Once second she's talking to me, looking completely normal. The next she's unconscious and looks terribly sick."
(indent)Lulu sighed and approached Kaelyn. "All the color has drained from her face. And she has lost her glow..."
(indent)"Glow? What exactly is she?" Daniel asked as he slowly joined the others.
(indent)Safiya spoke up, "She's a half-Celestial being."
(indent)"'Celestial being'? Isn't that basically an Angel?"
(indent)"Basically. Only she's also part human. Human mother; Celestial father. According to Kaelyn, her mother raised her because her father refused to take any part in her life."
(indent)"So she was raised by a human. How come she was sent here?" Clarissa asked.
(indent)"Kaelyn's mother became terribly ill and didn't want her daughter to be worried about her. She sent Kaelyn here to Moonlight so she would be able to better understand her powers and not bother taking care her mother. But just a few weeks ago...her mother passed away."
(indent)"Oh..." Clarissa became silent; unsure of what to say.
(indent)"Her mother was everything to her," Lulu said. "Once she found out; many things changed. She rarely smiled, and missed many classes. An has had many fainting spells. This is the worse I have ever seen her..."
(indent)Safiya nodded. "We have to do something! Can't you help her, Lulu?"
(indent)"I don't know. I may be more experienced since I started working with Hinamoto, but I have never dealt with a situation like this before."
(indent)Kiria glanced at Kaelyn, frowning. "She...she's not going to...die...is she?"
(indent)Dravon stroked Kiria's hair. "We don't know. I sure hope not, though."
(indent)Safiya bent down and picked Kaelyn up. "Let's take her to the infirmary. Maybe Mr. Hinamoto can do something." The others nodded their agreement and followed her back to the infirmary.

* * *

(indent)Hinamoto was frowning as Safiya set Kaelyn on an open infirmary bed. "So she just fell unconscious?"
(indent)Safiya nodded. Her expression changed to a serious one. Her eyes turned gray. But just as quickly as they became gray, they turned to a beautiful silver. Her serious expression was replaced with a kind one. Lulu must've noticed as well, because Clarissa could see her smiling at Safiya.
(indent)"How often do you actually change to your 'normal' personality?" Lulu asked.
(indent)"Not very often. But when I do, it usually stays for hours at a time." Safiya turned back to the nurse. "Can you help her?"
(indent)He sighed. "I'm not sure. I have never seen anything like this before," He said as he examined Kaelyn. "Her condition is...terrible. She seems to be..." His voice trailed off and he turned to Lulu. "You can cure diseases, right?"
(indent)His question seemed to have taken Lulu by surprise. Her eyes had slightly widened. "I...can, yes. Why?"
(indent)"I think she has an illness of some sort. Can you try curing her?"
(indent)Lulu nodded, though she looked uncertain. "I can try." Her eyes closed and she moved her hand over the unconscious girl's forehead. Clarissa noticed her hesitate before placing her hand on Kaelyn's pale forehead. Judging by the expression on Lulu's face, Clarissa guessed she was in deep concentration.
(indent)Safiya sighed heavily. "I really hope this works. . ."

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