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Blue-badger21's Journal of Utter Randomness
It's a journal... need i say more?
Of Drunk Prosecutors and Random Episodes Part 2
By Blue-Badger21 and Listeriaxx

Disclaimer: We do not own and of the Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice characters. Mercy-at-9pm owns Ana Gavin. Listeriaxx owns Kristen Javier and Lee Mailey. Lastly, I own Logan and Charles Xavier, and Prosecutor Evin Crescent.
Warning: This contains SO MUCH fluff that one would probably couldn’t breath over giggling. Also, we apologize if the story is very long. Thank you.

The next morning, Miles woke up feeling utterly terrible. His head felt like he’s been hit with a trunk load of idiots. “Ugh… what the heck?” he mumbled, sitting up on the bed.
“Good morning, sleepy head.” He heard a voice say. Miles turn to his left, and saw Phoenix leaning against the doorframe, dressed in a dress shirt and slacks, his arms across his chest.
“Phoenix?” Miles mumbled. “Where am I? And why do I feel so terrible?”
Phoenix walked towards the bed. “You’re in my apartment. Well, as for the headache… let’s just say that you went overboard last night.”
“…Dare I ask what stunts I performed?” Miles raised an eyebrow.
“Before that,” he began. Then he gave him a pill and a glass of water. “Better drink this Tylenol, first.”
“Thank you,” Miles said, as he accepts it. He placed the pill in his mouth and drank the water.
“Now, are you ready to handle the truth?” Phoenix said, sitting down on the bed.
Miles smirked. “You’re talking to a man who has Larry and Gumshoe in his life.” He said. “Hit me with your best shot.”
“Ok,” Phoenix began. “It all started when we were sitting with Logan’s father Charles at the table. Then he offered us wine, because Logan won the singing competition.” He paused to look at Miles.
“Go on,” Miles nodded his head.
“Anyway, we accepted it, and while the others were gone, you and I had about two glasses. Then, I had to go to the bathroom.” He paused. “And when I came back, you seemed drunk.”
Miles didn’t say anything, which meant that he should continue. “So I decided that we should go home, and on the way outside, you threw up… in the bathroom.”
“Oh,” Miles said.
“After that we were outside and Logan, Lee, Kristen, Apollo, and Ana came out to say goodbye.” He paused. “Then you collapsed and I had to carry you uh… bridal style.”
“Oh my…” Miles looked away, blushing.
“Then you told me something…” he trailed away.
“Something foolish I presume?” still not looking at him.
“Um… you told me that I ‘sort of look cute right now’,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “And you kissed me in front of everybody. Then Lee started taking pictures, but Logan yelled at her.”
Miles’s eyes widened at that. “She did what!?” he blushed, even more.
“Yes, you did that, and then Klavier came out,” he said. “And he said, ‘So that’s how Herr Wright swings, eh?’. I swear I wanted to punch him.”
Miles groaned. “How could have this happened?” he rubbed his eyes. “I feel so mortified.” He sighed. “I thought I was capable of controlling myself.”
“Well, apparently, you weren’t.” he retorted.
“I’ll never drink again!” he hid his face in his hands.
Phoenix rolled his eyes, and continued. “Anyway, I brought you to the car. And when I placed you on the seat, you told me that, ‘I don’t want to let go’, and you hugged me tight.”
Edgeworth made his shock face, and mumbled, “I’m so childish.”
“Then when I told you I had to drive, you started pouting… telling me that, ‘You just don’t like me.’”
“Did I do anything even more embarrassing?”
“Um, you told me that you loved me, and you started dreaming about tea parties.”
“…!!!” Then, Edgeworth sighed.
“And that’s all… oh yeah, you threw up on me.” Phoenix added.
Edgeworth groaned again, and lied back down in bed. “I feel like a fool.” He said, burying his face in Phoenix’s pillow.
“Hey, you were drunk,” he reassured him. “Everybody understands.” He fell silent afterwards. “I just feel bad that you threw up on my suit that’s all.”
Miles turned to him. “I’ll buy you a new suit to make up for it. It’s the least I can do.”
“No, no. It’s Ok, I already took it to the cleaners….” He smiled. “They gave me a weird look when they saw the vomit.”
“I’m sorry,” he apologized.
“It’s alright, it happens.”
They were silent for a moment. They sat there hearing the birds chirping outside and the sound of the cars driving by. “Did Lee really take pictures?”
“Um, I heard Logan confiscated the camera,” he replied. “But I’m sure Lee will find a way to get it back…”
“That girl,” he sighed. “I swear I don’t know what to do with that girl.”
“God, Kristen and Lee are such fangirls.”
Miles stated blushing again. “My goodness…”
Phoenix raised an eyebrow.
“Everybody must have been watching.” He strangled the pillow.
“Hey, don’t strangle my pillow!”
He stopped strangling the poor thing, and muttered an apology.
“Anyway, about seven people saw it,” he sighed. “Kristen and Ana would just be a bad influence to Trucy.”
Miles smirked. “Showing her the beauty of yaoi? Oh that’s what I think they’ll do.”
Phoenix gave him a deadpanned look. “Hey, don’t assume that my daughter will automatically turn into a yaoi fangirl.” He then grabbed a pillow and whacked the prosecutor with it.
Miles laughed, and said, “Don’t sound like an old man Phoenix!” he smirked. “An old perverted man, that is.” Also grabbing a pillow and whacked the defense attorney with it.
“Oh great, I’m old now, eh?”
“You are.” Earning a glare from the defense attorney, he smirked. The defense attorney hit him with a pillow. “Is that how you treat a man with a hangover?”
“Maybe,” this time Phoenix was the one who smirked.
“Hah, you haven’t won the battle yet!” he bopped the man on the head with the pillow.
“Gah, my hair!” he turned to a laughing Miles. “Hey, you’re supposed to have a hangover!”
He wagged a finger at him. “I have a strong immune system.” Phoenix rolled his eyes at that. Seeing his eye roll, he bopped the man on the head again.
“Gyak, Miles!”
“Yes?” he asked innocently.
“What was that for!?”
“Oh nothing,” he smirked.
He gave a deadpanned look. “This is what I get for taking care of you?”
“Oh come now, Phoenix, you began this whole thing.”
“Yeah, at least I stopped!” he retorted.
“Unlike some prosecutors…” he mumbled.
Miles fell silent for a moment. Then, he said, “Are you trying to make me feel guilty?” he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “Because it isn’t working, my dear defense attorney.”
Phoenix glared at the prosecutor, then a mischievous smile came on to his lips. “Oh really, I have another trick up my sleeve then.” He leaned towards Miles.
“What?” he asked. Suddenly, Phoenix started tickling Miles on the neck, which made him burst into a fit of giggles. “What are you-,” Miles started saying, but he proceeded to giggle.
“Revenge,” Phoenix smiled as he continued to tickle the prosecutor. “What now, Prosecutor Edgeworth?”
Miles continued to giggle, trying his best NOT to laugh. He brought up his hands to his neck, desperately trying to remove the defense attorney’s hands away. He managed to remove the other man’s hands, got up from bed, and ran out of the room. Phoenix stood up and followed the prosecutor. “Come back here!” he said. He caught up to the prosecutor, and tackled him onto the carpeted floor.
“Are you insane Phoenix!?” he exclaimed, smiling.
“Maybe,” he started tickling him on the sides this time. Miles started giggling again, making Phoenix smile. He stopped tickling the prosecutor, once Miles told him to stop. He brought Miles on top of him, and leaned against the couch. Miles wrapped his arms around Phoenix and snuggled on to Phoenix’s chest. “Gotcha,” Phoenix whispered into Miles’ ear.
Miles laughed, and said, “I’ve been captured by a phoenix.” Catching his breath from Phoenix’s tickling.
They stayed like that for a few moments, until Miles heard Phoenix sighed. “Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘Every time you sigh, happiness goes away’?” he asked, looking up at Phoenix.
“Um, sorry but, no.” he replied.
“Where’d you hear that?” Phoenix whispered.
“From Lee,” Miles replied. “It’s something she told me.”
“Is Lee some sort of secret poet?” he asked. “I mean she always know these kind of sayings.”
Miles giggled. “She likes drama every now and then,” he began. “I always catch her watching it in the lounge.” He pressed the side of his against Phoenix’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. “How’s Kristen? Are you having troubles with her?”
“No, she’s really nice,” he replied. “A bit hyper at times, but I always manage to handle the situation.” He started stroking Miles’ silvery hair.
“Hmm?” he mumbled.
“I love you.”
He smiled. “I love you too.”
Phoenix kissed him on the forehead, and said, “I still can’t believe you would get drunk after just two glasses of wine.”
Miles started blushing again, “…Be quiet.”
He laughs, and asked, “Does your head still hurt?”
“A bit,” he turned his head to look at Phoenix, the blush still on his cheeks.
“Hmm…” he decided to change the subject. “So, Evin Crescent is your new prosecutor?”
“Yes… And to be honest…” he started saying. “He’s a pain in the a**.” He sighed.
He raised an eyebrow. “Why do you say that?”
“He keeps talking about himself non-stop,” he sighed again. “He also complains to me every time he gets a ‘not guilty’ verdict. Insisting that I should give him a retrial immediately.” He pressed the side of his head against the other man’s chest again. “I swear he’s the most annoying person since Larry.” He mumbled.
“Oh really,” he asked. “Who’s he usually against?”
“That bunny eared, he’s one of yours…” he trailed off trying to remember the name. “Justice, I recall?”
“Oh, you mean, Apollo!” he smiled. “Seriously, Miles, you gotta learn his name.”
“Hmph,” he commented. “I’ll do my best to remember.” Phoenix just rolled his eyes again. “My best is its perfect, remember?” he smirked.
“Oh, yeah, sure, why not?” he grinned.
Miles laughed, and they fell in silence once again, for what the third time already. Until, Miles noticed that they’ve been in that position for a nearly an hour already, he decided to ask Phoenix if he was getting uncomfortable. Phoenix said that he didn’t mind, and Miles just snuggled again.
“So, where are the young ones?” Miles asked, breaking the silence.
“You mean Trucy, Apollo, Ana, Lee, and Kristen?” Miles nodded his head. “They’re at the mall, buying you a present.”
“A present,” he raised an eyebrow. “Dare I ask why?”
“Because they felt bad that you were sick, so they brought you a present to cheer you up.” He chuckled.
“Really, how nice of them. I wonder when they’ll be back.” His expression to a worried look, he looked at him. “I hope they don’t find us like this!”
Phoenix laughed, and said, “They won’t, trust me.”
“Nghh….,” he blushed. “Why do say that?”
“Because I know teenage girls remember?” he winked. “They take HOURS at the mall.”
Miles laughed, and said, “True… oh so true.” He smiled. “You may be ‘Wright’… Hmmm.... haven’t used that pun in a long time.”
“Hey, stop using my name as a pun!” he complained.
“It’s not my fault that you were born with that last name.” he sighed, “It suits you though.”
“Yes,” he smirked. “Because then everyone in court can use it as a pun.”
Phoenix just glared at the man on top of him. Miles’ smirk grew wider, “You know you can’t stay mad at me that long.”
Phoenix sighed, “Yeah, you’re right. I can’t stay mad at you.”
“I knew you wouldn’t,” he smiled. “Phoenix…”
He raised an eyebrow. “Guess what I’m thinking.” Miles said.
Phoenix pondered for a moment, and finally said, “Um… I have no idea.”
“No clue at all?”
“None, I’m sorry.”
Miles sighed, tilted his head towards Phoenix, and said, “I love you.”
“Oh, that’s what you meant!” he smirked. “I love you.” And met his lips with the prosecutor, Miles was shocked at first, but responded later on.

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