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Blue-badger21's Journal of Utter Randomness
It's a journal... need i say more?
Of Drunk Prosecutors and Random Episodes Part 1
By Blue-Badger21 and Listeriaxx
Disclaimer: We do not own any Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice Characters, they belong to Capcom. Ana Gavin belongs to Mercy-at-9pm. Kristen Javier and Lee Mailey belongs to Listeriaxx. Lastly, Logan and Charles Xavier and maybe Prosecutor Wilson belong to me, Blue-Badger21.

“Ha! Take that, Apollo! I won!” exclaimed Ana, raising both of her arms in the air, celebrating her victory.
“What!?” he looked at the other side of the chessboard; there on the other side was his king. “Aww, how was that possible!?”
“Simple, I took this knight and-“she started saying, but was interrupted by a very, cranky, brown-haired loser.
“I want a rematch!” he yelled.
Ana shook her head, saying, “You’ll just end up losing again, Apollo,” she sighed. “But if you insist. I will be honored to beat you again.” She said, assembling her chess pieces on the board. Apollo rolled his eyes as he assembled his chess pieces, as well.
Suddenly, the door opened, both attorneys looked up to see who entered the room. It was Logan Xavier, wearing a black suit with a black colored bowtie. He looked at the two, and brought his hands on his hips, raising an eyebrow.
“What’re you two doing in here?” he asked.
“Playing chess,” Ana retorted. “What’re you doing here?”
“Well, first off, I live here,” he smirked. “Second, I came to see if you guys were here; turns out I was right,” he crossed his arms across his chest. “Lastly, you guys are missing out on all the fun! Klavier is about to sing a song…. And I’m sure you’d like to hear him sing.”
“Ooohhh, Daddy’s going to sing!?” Ana stood up, and looked at Apollo. “Let’s go, Apollo!” she said, grabbing his arm, and dragging the younger attorney out of the room.
Logan shook his head, smiling, as he witnessed the actions of the two. He closed the lights in the room, and closed the door to follow the two to the ballroom.

Phoenix looked at the mirror, staring at his reflection. He saw that his hair was a little messy, so he brought his hand to his hair, and smoothed it down. He looked down at his tuxedo, and noticed that his blue colored bowtie was a little crooked. He tried straightening it out, but it ended up even worse. Then, the door to the bathroom opened, and in came Miles Edgeworth, who was also wearing a tuxedo, but with a burgundy colored bowtie. Edgeworth raised an eyebrow, and approached the other man.
“There you are,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. “Why’d you leave me alone with Prosecutor Wilson? You and I both know that he talks non-stop.”
Phoenix turned around, and said, “I’m sorry. I had to use the bathroom.”
“Are you okay?” Miles gave the defense attorney a concerned look.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He replied, smiling.
“Hmm… ok, if you say so,” he said. Then, he noticed Phoenix’s crooked bowtie. He sighed and properly straightened it out. “You don’t really know how to tie a bowtie, do you?”
“Sorry, only know neckties. Cravats and bowties….. Not that much.” He chuckled.
Edgeworth just glared at him, as he finished straightening Phoenix’s bowtie.
“What’s going on since I left?” Phoenix asked.
“There,” the prosecutor said, finally finished with fixing the defense attorney’s bowtie, and patting Phoenix on the chest. “Hmm… Well, the Gavineers are planning on singing.”
“Oh really?” he raised an eyebrow.
“Yes really,” the prosecutor smiled. “Come on, the atmosphere in here is starting to creep me out.” He grabbed Phoenix’s arm and started dragging him out. Phoenix laughed and walked out with the prosecutor.

Surely enough, the Gavineers did perform a song for the people. Logan thought he’d go deaf over the loud screaming of the fangirls. Lee Mailey, who was Edgeworth’s understudy, Kristen Javier, Phoenix’s newest understudy, and Ana Gavin were one of those fangirls. Apollo knew that his Chords of Steel TM was no match to the screaming the female defense attorneys and prosecutors were letting at. Finally, the Gavineers number ended, claiming that they would not do another encore, making the fangirls disappointed.

Moments later, Ana, Kristen, and Lee all sat down at the table where Logan, Phoenix, Miles, Apollo, and Charles, Logan’s father, were sitting at. “Oh man! That was awesome!” Ana exclaimed raising her arms in the air.
“I know! I squealed so much that I forgot to breath!” Kristen said, making Lee laugh. Kristen turned to glare at her. “What’s so funny!? You squealed so loudly, that I couldn’t hear myself think!”
“Hmph,” Lee replied to that, crossing her arms across her chest.
Phoenix, Miles, Logan and Charles laughed at the childish acts the two girls were doing.
Minutes later, Klavier joined the group and sat down next to his adoptive daughter, Ana, who was also sitting next to Apollo. “What do you think of the mini concert we performed, frauliens?” Klavier asked.
“It was awesome!” Kristen replied.
Klavier laughed, and said, “Thank you, fraulien.” Then he turned to Logan. “Herr Xavier, you are going to sing a song for us, ja?”
“Um,” Logan began, rubbing the back of his hair, smiling, embarrassedly. “I don’t know about that.”
“Come now, son. Give them a show.” Charles encouraged his son. “You are an incredible singer, after all. I mean, after hearing you sing in the office.”
“Y-you heard me!?” Logan exclaimed, eyes wide.
“Yes,” Charles replied, smirking the way his son usually smirks. “You should be a ware of your surroundings Loganiel.”
“L-Loganiel,” Phoenix started. “Is that your nickname for Logan, Mr. Xavier?”
“Yes, Mr. Wright. Ororo’s Mother started it.”
Logan started blushing, hard, and everybody, except him, was laughing when they saw color rising in his cheek. Logan coughed, and mumbled, “I’m going to sing now.” He turned around and walked away.
“Poor guy,” Phoenix said when Logan was far away. “We never should’ve laughed at the guy.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Apollo said, moving to sit comfortably.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we now will start the singing competition!” the announcer said, making everybody applaud. “We now have our first contenders! For the prosecution, we have Prosecutor Evin Crescent!”
Evin Crescent came out to the stage, and bowed. The female prosecutors were screaming, ever so loudly, to support their fellow prosecutor, who was the third most handsome prosecutor…, after Miles Edgeworth and Klavier Gavin, of course.
“For the defense, we have Defense Attorney Logan Xavier!” the announcer said.
When Logan came out to the stage, the female defense attorneys were screaming louder than the female prosecutors a while ago. Instead of bowing, like Evin, he simply smiled, and nodded his head as a thanks. This made the fangirls scream even more.
“Whoa, looks like Attorney Xavier has more fangirls that Prosecutor Crescent,” The announcer remarked, making everybody laugh once again. “Now, contenders shake hands and say your opening statements.”
Evin and Logan shook hands, and the announcer gave each of them a microphone. “Mr. Crescent your opening statement, if you please.”
“You’re going down, Xavier.” Evin said.
“Now, Mr. Xavier your opening statement, if you please.”
“In vestri somnium, Subcribo Crescent,” Logan started. “That is, ‘in your dreams, Prosecutor Crescent.’” He smirked.
Everyone, but Evin laughed. “Now, shall we get started?”
Both men nodded, the announcer turned to the crowd. “Now, we will figure out which of these two sings better.” He turned to the attorneys on the stage. “Please do rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first.”
The two did what they were told, and Evin won; he did paper and Logan did rock. “Very well, Mr. Crescent will go first.”
Evin smirked at Logan, making the other man raise an eyebrow. Logan and the announcer exited the stage, to let Evin have the stage for himself. His song started and he started singing. His voice was a little raspy, but was okay, nonetheless. Soon, he finished, and everyone applauded. He bowed to receive the applause. “Next up, Logan Xavier!” the announcer exclaimed.

Meanwhile, at the table, Kristen made a comment about Evin’s cracky singing. “His voice is a bit cracky, and he’s sort of out of tune.” She whispered to Lee.
“Well, sometimes he just thinks that he’s a wonderful singer, even though he isn’t.” Lee whispered back.
Then, it was Logan’s turn to sing. During the interlude, he stood there, microphone in hand, wide eyed. ‘This is not going to turn out well,’ he thought to himself.
Even though from a far, Charles could see the look on Logan’s face. ‘He needs a little help.’ He then took out his notepad from his pocket, aiming it for Logan’s head, and threw it at him. The notepad eventually knocked Logan’s head, pulling him out of his stage fright, just in time too, his cue came soon enough. When he started singing, the female attorneys listened to his voice, and started screaming. His voice, unlike Evin’s, was not raspy, and was not out of tune, it sounded like HE was the original artist! As soon as he finished, the fangirls screamed even more.
“Thank you very much.” Logan said into the microphone, making a little bow.
The announcer came onto the stage and grabbed Logan’s arm, raising it in the air. “We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen; Logan Xavier of the Defense team!” Everybody stood up and applauded.
“Thank you everyone, really,” he said again.

Moments later, he was back at his seat next to his father. He gave him back the notepad he threw at him, saying, “Thanks dad, you really saved me there.”
“It’s no trouble son, you looked completely lost before I did that.” He replied, smiling. He brought out a bottle of wine, saying, “Here, a little celebration.” He raised an eyebrow. “I assume everybody is overage?”
Everybody laughed at the table laughed at his statement. Then, the DJ put on some music. Ana turned to Apollo with a mischievous smile. Apollo’s eyes widened, and said, “No way, nuh uh! I’m not dancing!”
She giggled, and just dragged the Attorney to the dance floor. Kristen turned to Lee, saying, “Hey, I think we need to capture that moment on film.” Both girls grinned widely, bringing out their cameras, and followed the two to the dance floor.
“Typical youngsters,” Charles said. He poured the wine into four glasses instead of eight. Logan helped him pass it to Miles and Phoenix. “Always want to dance.”
Logan took a sip of his, and noticed a man sitting next to their table. He nudged his father, “Dad, isn’t that Uncle Eric?” pointing to the table next to them.
Charles looked to where his son was pointing. “Why, yes it is Logan.” He stood up, with his wine glass. “Come Logan; let’s catch up with your uncle.” Logan stood up and followed the older man to the next table.
Phoenix and Miles sat there, drinking wine. Later on, Phoenix stood up on his second glass, saying, “I have to go to the bathroom.”
Miles just nodded his head, and continued drinking his second glass. Before Phoenix left, he noticed that the prosecutor seemed… different. He shook his head, and proceeded to go to the bathroom. When he came back, however, he found Miles with his head on the table. ‘Yep, he’s drunk.’ Phoenix thought.
He walked towards the drunken prosecutor, and woke him up. Miles looked up, with a tired face. “Miles… I think you’re drunk.”
Miles shook his head. Phoenix just sighed, and said, “Can you walk?”
Miles nodded his head, and proceeded to stand up with Phoenix helping him. As they started to walk, Miles felt the need to throw up, and he ran into the bathroom to do so. Phoenix watched his movements, and sighed, leaning against the wall near the bathroom door.
Meanwhile, Logan saw the two stood up, and he excused himself from his father and uncle, to see if everything was OK. He approached Phoenix, and said, “Is everything alright?”
Phoenix shook his head, no. “He’s drunk. I’m taking him home as soon as he’s done in there.” He pointed to the bathroom.
“Oh, ok. I’ll tell the others then, and we’ll meet you outside to say goodbye.” Logan replied. Phoenix nodded his head, and looked down at the floor.
Logan then walked to the dance floor, tapping Ana, Apollo, Lee, and Kristen on the shoulder, and gave them a look that said, ‘follow me.’

Soon, Lee, Kristen, Apollo, Ana, Logan, Phoenix, and a drunken Miles, were outside of the Xavier Mansion. Phoenix explained the situation to the others as to why they had to go home.
“So, Mr. Edgeworth, you’re drunk?” Ana asked, innocently.
“Drunk? Why, I’ve never been more…” he trailed off, as he felt dizzy. He looked down, and rubbed his temples with his index finger and thumb. Then suddenly, he collapsed on to the ground.
“W-what the heck!?” everyone exclaimed.
Phoenix then bent down and picked up the prosecutor, bridal style. In his arms, Miles let out an inaudible sound, making Phoenix raise an eyebrow. ‘What is he saying?’ Then, Miles called out his name, “Phoenix…”
Phoenix looked at him, and saw Edgeworth’s gray eyes half open, looking straight at him. “Phoenix…” he then smiled. “Did you know you look sort of cute right now?” Everyone’s eyes widened at his statement. Miles giggled and said, “Makes me want to…” he leaned his head towards Phoenix, and kissed him in front of the group.
“Hello did NOT see that coming!” Logan said.
“Whoa, gotta get this on tape!” she said, taking out her camera.
“W-what the!?” both Kristen and Ana exclaimed.
Apollo, on the other hand, just had his eyes widened. Logan recovered from his shock, and looked at Lee who was taking pictures of the event. “L-Lee, what are you doing!?”
“What Logan?” Lee said, looking at the older man. “I’m capturing this moment. What else does it look like I’m doing?”
“Stop that!” he exclaimed, snatching her camera away.
“No! Give that back! I must capture this moment!” she said, trying to get her camera back.
Then Klavier came out, and saw the scene. He smirked, and said,"So that's how Herr Wright swings eh?"
Phoenix eventually pulled away, and looked at Miles. “Miles… let’s get you home. You’re drunk.”
“Mmmh?” he mumbled, falling asleep. “Oh, whatever.” He snuggled up to the defense attorney.
Phoenix sighed, and said, “Sorry guys, for the uh incident. We have to go now, before he starts vomiting again.”
“Uh… sure thing, Nick,” Logan responded. “No problem.”
Lee, Kristen, and Ana started giggling. “Have fun, you guys,” Lee said in a mischievous voice. Logan just glared at the younger attorneys to be quiet. Then, he thumped Apollo on the head to get out of the shock.
“Ow! What was that for!?” Apollo exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head.
“Show’s over.”Logan retorted, as he crossed his arms across his chest.
Phoenix rolled his eyes, and walked away to where Miles’ car was parked, next to a tree. He fished out the car keys in his pocket and pressed the button to open it. ‘Good thing I finally learned how to drive.’ He thought as he opened the passenger seat’s door, and gently placed Miles on the seat. “I’m tired…” Miles mumbled, his eyes slightly open.
Phoenix sighed, and said in a soft voice, “I know, I know.” He then, kissed the prosecutor on the forehead.
“I don’t want to let go,” Miles whispered, as he wrapped his arms around the defense attorney.
“Uh, Miles… I have to drive.” Phoenix said, softly.
“Hmph, you just don’t like me.” The prosecutor then pouted.
“No, baby, I like you very much.” He replied.
“Hmm…” the prosecutor mumbled, and released the hug he had. Phoenix took action and buckled the seatbelt for Miles. He closed the door, walked to the driver’s side, and got in. As soon he started the car and started driving for his apartment, Miles leaned his head against the window and fell asleep.
‘He’s asleep,’ Phoenix thought, smiling.
After a few minutes, Miles started sleep talking. “Phoenix… I really love you.”
Phoenix glanced at the other man, and smiled. Even though he knew that he was asleep, he replied, “I love you too.”
Then, the prosecutor jumped into a different topic. “Can I have another cookie Mr. Cuddlebuns?”
‘What the heck?’ he thought.

After like what seemed forever, they finally arrived at Phoenix’s apartment. He carried the prosecutor bridal style once more, to his bedroom. As he gently placed Miles onto the bed, Miles woke up; he threw up on Phoenix’s tuxedo and fell back asleep. ‘Damn it!’ Phoenix mentally cursed.
He brought out a set of clothes for the other man, woke Miles up, and helped Miles get out of his suit. After that, he changed into his pajamas, and placed his tuxedo in a black trash bag, and mentally reminded himself to bring the suit to the Laundromat. Then he slid into bed with Miles. He faced the wall, and felt that Miles was snuggling next to him. He faced Miles’ direction, and hugged him closer to him.

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commentCommented on: Mon May 03, 2010 @ 06:43am
Well, this is VERY old! Ha ha! This was the first result of my RP with Listeriaxx XD

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