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Name: Abigail (Abby) Galler
Age: Appears to be 25. Is almost 100 years old.
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
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Avatar/Tektek Version.

Very innocent face. Fair skin. Wears simple yet stylish clothing (also in that sense of dark colors) . Has a sketchbook nearby always. 5 feet 9 inches. Average built.


Dark brown color with golden brown highlights

Eyes: Green

Vampire Side: http://halessa.deviantart.com/art/Bloodlust-93859624

Like this, pale moonlight eyes, pale gray-beige skin with red around the eyes. Vampire form is from the TV Show, Moonlight if you need more ref.

Acces: White gold bracelet on right hand, a steel cross necklace, a steel/white gold ring on right hand.
Nationality: German
Job: Artist/Photographer but likes to help/tag along with Mick sometimes with PI/'Saving People' business.
Bio: Born in the early 1900's, Abby lived through her life and grew up to a fine adult with good morals - no matter what the situation. As WWII came by, she didn't like the way Hitler was doing things but didn't want to get in trouble. One night, apparently, a man appeared at her doorstep who was a Jew but a vampire, asking for a place to hide until the war was over.

Abby could never say no so she took him in and gave him certain things he needed even though some of those things were odd.

Sadly, the Nazis found out and was close in taking her in. The vampire was grateful in her act but didn't want her to be captured and harmed. So before the day that the Nazis would come, the vampire turned Abby. Abby was alarmed by what happened to her but knew that it was his thank you present - to get away safe even though it wasn't the way she wanted.

So the day came and Nazis were at her door. The vampire and Abby, who was now a vampire, looked at each other and took off for the roof. The vampire told Abby to follow what he did which Abby followed. Apparently, they got away from the house but soon found themselves in alleyway with the Nazis at the opening.

The vampire started attacking the Nazis who were aimed to get both Abby and him. Abby knew that it was necessary to attack them so she joined in too. The fight was intense but eventually all of the Nazis were motionless on the ground.

Together, the vampire and Abby ran off until the end of the war where eventually they'll move to Los Angeles, California, in USA. Over the time, the vampire showed Abby the ways of the vampire and...

Still good friends, they both are living in the same city - going through their lives (meeting new humans like Beth, vampires esp. Mick and Josef, etc).
Sire: Daniel K. Abel
Way of feeding: Only humans she feeds on are one who hurt others or do something that is a very serious crime.

Most of the time she gets it from blood bank like Mick.
Likes: Blood (of course, any type is fine with her), humans, doing what's right, art, photography, love
Dislikes: Rude people, People who commit crimes, basically, anything that somebody of her personality wouldn't like

Personality: She does whatever it's right in her mind - suppose it's like her heart is like gold. Loyal, understanding, honorable...

She's afraid to love because what she is... so she's cautious with human relationships, making she isn't a threat.

Yet she does get hot-headed at times and will get revenge every single time when she's pissed off if you do something really bad.

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