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Kaine L. Vincent
Age: Early 20's - about 23-ish.
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Really sweet girl but tends to have her emo moments. She tries to do the right thing by following her heart - even though it may not be the right way.
Weapon: Usually a sword or a gun...maybe both, depending on the roleplay.

But usually a big fat sword like FF7 Cloud's sword from KH.

When she is in her infected side - claws, dark needles, vines of "darkness", dark creatures that she's able to summon... And those red/yellow tipped ends that come from her body.

Those can extend and move at her will - great to strangle and stab since the ends can be form into a sharp point.
History: She had the normal life as a childhood - happy parents, friends...the typical life.

Until one day during her early college years, she was captured/surrounded by a mysterious man who was wearing a dark jacket with the hood over his head.

Apparently, the man wasn't human - he was a demon who was able to infect people with a virus/parasite-like thing that turned the host into the same kind of demon that he was.

And he fed Kaine his demon blood...which Kaine got infected with.

She can't control it though - it comes out by instinct like if it was another animal that knew when to come out.

But in this form, Kaine is no longer Kaine but more a hungry soul-eating monster who has incredible powers.

Kaine has no memory from that night - but she tries hard to fight this "sickness", hoping that she doesn't hurt a lot of people or infect them with this disease that she has.

Yet she goes on with her life and with her job as a freelance artist - performing creative tasks for people.
Appearance:[ x ][ x ]. But she sort of looks like a guy in a way - with a innocent baby face.
Tektek version: User Image

[ Virus Form ]

She has sharp teeth and a long red tongue.
Powers: Being able to fly. Infect people. Summon dark needles and shoot them anywhere. Great Sense of Smell. Great Sense of Sight. Great Hearing. Her weapon-like tail. Speed and super strength.
Others: Stole the idea from Supernatural in a way.

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I'm a girl if my avatar confuses you. I just have outfits that make my avatar seem like it's male.
Questing: Royal Wizard, Twister the Fire Phoenix, Serpentine Priestess [Total: 420k]

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