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has anyone else here ever gone back to read thier earliest journal entries, well i just did and god I was a whiney littlle brat who couldnt spell worth s**t...its actually kind of amusing how much ive changed in the time between when i quit from being hacked to recently when my dear friend 'skuld dragged me back on, sadly im not quite as enraptured with gaia as I once was. its usefull for whittling away what little spare time I have.

heres a slight update on life so far

made varsity in dive team went to state but got disqualified in the last round for doing a 1 1/2 reverse dive straight, ive kicked it into gear and am an all A student now (excluding economics...there is no hope for me in that subject i scapped by with a very low C)< I have plans of going to OC for an associates degree in the fine arts, then hopefully heading to the Art institutes sister school in Mulan (ill take asian countries over paris anyday...the french for the most part anger me, Ive yet to have a good experience with a purely french man or woman...had one with with a french canadian baby...but thats another story)

my art has evolded some more, Im completely inlove with sewing and hope to become a fashion designer, and if that dosent work out then ihope to fall back on graphic design or the commmercialization of fashion clothing/interior/or otherwise. i work as a part time model, as well as a part time apprentice to a fashion photographer, and i babysit more then im willing to admit...wiping babies buts isnt glamerous but it dose roll in some much need monetary support!

thats about all i can think of but if your curios just ask and I may dignify you with an answer.


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