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may 19th
I got hacked and heres list of all iteams taken

Chestplate Of Arachne (Any)
Chyaku Norisu Scarf (Any)
Pandy pack (Any)
Elegant veil (aNY)
Prisoner's Ball and Chain (Any)
ORLY? Hat (Any)
Gift of the goddess (Any)
Bouncy Antennae (Any)
Elemental Hair (Any)
Mythic Hair (Any)
Demonic Pitchfork (Any)
Dark star (Any)
Dark HAlo (Any)
Raptor Wind Horns (Any)
Gray Puffy Hat (Any)
Arrow in my head (Any)
Marshmallow Snowman (Any)
Mokona Hat (Any) two of these were stolen
Ahhrr! Hat midnight (Any)
Flower Crown (Any)
Drop Dead Gorgeous Onxx Skull Hairpin (Any)
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Hairpin (Any)
Prism Butterfly Mantilla (Any)
Black Web Bustier (Any)
Str8 Jacket (Any)
Coon Tail (any)
Midori Cache pants (any)
Black fishnet stockings (female)
Demon bow (any)
Prisoner's shackle (any)
charcoal Ribbed Pants (any)
winter rose (any)
Coco kitty plushie (any)
Angel Bow (Any)
Gwee the Dragon (any)
Angelic Parasol (any)
Momo the monkey (any)
G BLade (Any)
Nitemare Parasol (any)
Sun Staff (any)
Wind Security Blanket (any)
G9 Laptop (any)
Sno Yeti Pillow pluch (chillin') (Any)
Lunar Scythe (Any)
Angelic Microphone (Any)
Ancient Katana (Any)
G-Bot (Any)
Mochi the Puppy (Any)
Pixie (Any)
Alien Probe (Any)
Shadow Spirit (any)
Spirited 2KG scarg (any)
SPirited 2Kg gloves (any)
Jacked Belt (any)
Jack'd Shoes (any) (two stolen)
Reindeer slippers (any)
Jack Uniform shoes (any)
Cat Boots (any)
Charred Tundra Boots (any)
The 4th Amigo Lucki boots (any)
Licken Tundra Boots (any)
Spirited 2KG Boots (any)
Coal Gunner Boots (any)
Flame Sword (any)
Charred Tundra Coat (hooded)(any)
Pirate Patch (any)
Nitemare Collar (any)
Drop Necklace (any)
Droop earings (any)
Cat Tail (any)
Raptor Wind TOp (any)
Pine Peacoat (any)
Black Net Top (any)
Crossed Sports Bra (female)
Castro Bunny Ears (any)
Ahhrr!! Decor vest (any)
Poptop class Coat (any)
Wnter Foxmink (any)
Cat Golves (any)
Easter 2KG Bunny Tie (any)
Easter 2KG Chyicky Tie (any)
G Buckle (any)
Dark Red Phat Seeater (any)
Charcoal Sketch Book (any)
Romani Glasses (any)
Emperor's Brow (any)
1900 gold

sucks to be me hun!?!
the hackign was done by


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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun May 20, 2007 @ 06:44am
i will get the b***h back one day....
and if it was you
dasha fay green

( WILL CAUSE YOU IMENSE PAINE......MENTALLY.....and posibbly....physically............ twisted )

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