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A last Chance and A last Dance... (chapter 5-2)
A while later:
*Cat and Dero run past Mizu and Devi*

Debi-nii T-T
0-0 Mizu...*gives back the lucky charm* You had to keep it... you baka...
Akuma:get them!!
Lv 4!?
Crown Clown! *slashes the akuma as they explode*
Jasdero, Cat run for your lives! i'll keep them off for a while!
You can run but you can't hide!
Jasdero, my son. Don't be a fool.
*draws his gun as it suddenly turns into ash* Huh!?
Without Debitto, the Noah of Bonds its powers are no more. *He draws his huge blade and wants to slash Jasdero*
No! *blocks the sword with her arm to protect Jasdero*
i'll break your Innocence! *slashes a couple of times*
&-& *keeps on protecting*
*her innocence breaks with the last slash*
Die! *slashes*
Cross Grave!! *and stops the Earl*
*pulls her with him and runs into a hall*
Jasdero...I'm aff--
Cat doesn't need to be affraid.
Akuma:GO TO HELL!!! *follows them*
*picks her up and continues running*
It's a dead-end!!
I guess this is it...
Jasdero...don't speak that way... there's still hope...
Your hope ends here!
And your meaningless existence with it! Akuma!
*they look at each other loving*
*goes with a finger through her hair* Jasdero never told Cat how beautiful she is...
Jasdero, never leave my side.... *sniffles*
*hugs tightly* Dero never will
*they release each other, hitting the ground*
*tries to look at him and whispers* Jasdero...
*the villians leave*
Master Allen!!
*comes in running, gasps and falls on his knees* I failed...
*looks up suprised* Yes, Kiara-chan?
Y-You raised me well...b-but it's time for me to go...to where Jasdero may be...
I couldn't protect you...
*a teardrop runs down her face* I....I feel free...
Don't go!!
Jasdero...i'm right behind...you <3 *dies*
Master Allen...
Kiyuki...search for a cemetary...

3 Weeks later:
*is standing before their graves* Hi again... i'll come back every week for the four of you... I've stopped the Earl and Leverier by killing them... So you don't need to worry about them... And sorry that I never told you that I was your General...
*continues to stand there as the wind softly waves his hair*

Twins!! gonk *cries*
*takes his top hat and places it on devi's grave* I can't find the words for it... TT~~TT

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And so does our story end... Allen, Road and Tyki being sad... While the rest of the world has forgotten them... Words cannot tell our feelings... And it can't make a nice epilogue... so I will no longer speak... while they all remain in our hearts.

((So that was it of this storyline... I hope you enjoyed it or atleast felt sad about the ending. It's difficult to kill character which you worked with...))

This is written by me (D_cat-exorcist) and with some help of my friends

People who I thank for helping me out when I was stuck or just cheered me up x3:
tachike (help source ^-^)
allen walker -d gray man (looking for a name)
XxHouranxX (helping with picking a general)
xXDebittoXx (he Let me feel the Magic!! xDDD)
Rachuto (Rp really helped alot!)
_just me _kiki (a name for the new golem and being one staring:kiyuki! also was Kyuro)
Merriara (cheered me up ^-^)
oORoadOo (kill the exorcists!!! xD thanx Road)
pepsi_x_max (being Maxie and Komurin MAX!! And came up with the Komurin idea)

User Comments: [3]
Community Member

Mon Mar 16, 2009 @ 12:33am

*sniffles truely moved by this story*
so s-sad *sniffles* b-but beautiful w-wonderful *sniffles* bravo! bravo *applaudes*

Community Member

Mon Mar 16, 2009 @ 07:45am

I agree with dero *cries*

Community Member

Mon Mar 16, 2009 @ 07:18pm

I think I'm gonna cry crying It's so sad!!

User Comments: [3]
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