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Story style: The Noah and the Exorcist (chapter 1)
((remember my story? My friend has rewritten this one and it's in a story like version!! SO if you don't like the colors/rp style version, you can read this one instead!! But if you want the original, read this http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/journal.php?mode=view&post_id=22873714&u=15137741 Let's start!))

Two girls were strolling through town, lazily gazing at the shops. One of them sure did draw attention. After all you don’t see a young girl with white-silver hair every day. Deep gray eyes shone brightly from under her hair.

But the girl beside her was even more peculiar and had made many head turns along their way. Brown-blond hair, fur covered her entire body, or at least the parts that weren’t covered by clothes. Her blond hair was pulled up but couldn’t cover her cat-like ears. Even more noticeable was her tail that moved while they walked on.

Mizu and Cat are together as friends for a long time now. Both are exorcist from the Black Order, but today is their day off.

Suddenly Cat jabbed Mizu in her side and pointed across the street. “Mizu look!!” Cat was pointing at two peculiar boys. They sure did draw just as much attention as the girls. Having a gray skin with some sort a black stars on their forehead, one of them even had stitches all over his mouth. The right one had dark raven black hair and seemed a bit older. Next to him a blond haired one that leaned against him. Both wore a dark jacket with white fur.

“What about them Cat?” Mizu asked only mildly interested.

“Who…who are they?” Cat asked curiously, even stammering a bit.

Mizu smiled amused. “I dunno. Why don’t you just go ask them? Besides don’t they live in your street? And-“ Mizu grinned. “don’t you have a crush on him?” Mizu pointed at the blond haired boy, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Cat flushed. “I don’t have a crush on him!” She shouted, some persons one the street turned their head to see what the commotion was all about. Cat blushed even more when they received some piercing looks.

“Why are you blushing then?” Mizu teased, totally ignoring the fact half of town was watching them.

“Am not!” Cat shouted stubbornly but then gave in when Mizu gave her a look. “Oh…Okay, I might have a tiny crush on him.” She confessed, pressing the tips of her index fingers together.

“Well let’s go over to them!” Mizu hooked her arm through Cat’s and pulled her along to the boys. The boys saw them coming from afar and changed a look.

With a charming smile on her face Mizu called out to them. “Hiya, I’m…” She trailed of as she gazed at the older boy of two. A soft smile spread over her face but beside that she seemed petrified.

“Mizu?” Cat asked a bit worried and waved her hand before Mizu’s eyes.

“What’s wrong with her?” The black haired one asked confused, even worried.

“I dunno.” Cat gave up on waking Mizu and shrugged. “Anyway,” she started turning to the boys. “I’m Cat, and this is Mi-“ Her eyes locked those of the blond haired boy. A soft, almost, dumb smile spread over her face. Giving her an expression very much like Mizu’s. The boy smiled back warmly.

Suddenly he giggled in chibi style *teehee* “They both are a little weird.”

“Guess so,” the other one agreed. “Oi, what’s your name?” He asked bending closer to Mizu so he could look her clearly in the eye. Her eye grew wider and her head moved a bit back.

“Hu?” She breathed trying to shake the trance off.

“What’s your name?” He repeated slowly and clear as if talking to a small child.

“Oh, it’s Mizu.” Mizu quickly answered quiet dazed, the smile still on her face.

“Well glad to meet you Mizu.” The boy stood up straight and flashed her a smile. Mizu sighed softly. “I’m Debitto but you can call me Devi.” His eyes locked with hers again and she noticed he had a faint blush on his gray cheeks.

“And I’m Jasdero.” The other one piped up with another giggle. “But call me Dero.” He said warmly while looking at Cat.

“Ni- Nice to-o me-eet you D-Dero.” Cat stammered turning as red as a cheery, flicking her tail nervously. Dero gazed at his brother confused (who didn’t noticed ‘cause he was too busy with staring at Mizu) before poking Cat in her cheek.

“Why is Cat turning red?”

“I- I” she said quickly and gazed at the ground. “I got a- a sunburn, yes, yes er…from the sun!” ‘Great first impression Cat’ she thought to herself. ‘ as if I’m a blabbering idiot!’

Dero gazed at her strangely while Devi ignored it. “So has your friend, I think.” Devi stated looking at Mizu who was staring at the ground once again. She was doing a very good impression of a lobster.

“Mizu! Snap out of it!” Cat gripped her shoulders and shook her. Mizu’s head snapped up.

“Cat! Don’t shake me like that!”

“Don’t act like a tomato then!”

Mizu opened her mouth ready to reply but the boys cut them off. “So what did you guys bought?” The asked at the exact same time. Mizu and Cat stared at them, suddenly silent.

“It’s odd…you guys said that at exactly the same time.”

“Nah…for us it’s quite common actually.” The said in unison again.

“You…you couldn’t be twins right?” Mizu asked curiously. Strange question…they don’t look like twins at all.

“We’re not twins!” Both fired. “We’re Jasdebi!”

“Jasdebi?” Mizu and Cat questioned, looking confused.

“Yeah! We’re the No-“ Dero started but Devi shut him up, by slapping his hand over Dero’s mouth.

“You can’t tell them that.” Devi whispered so low the girls couldn’t hear.

“Why can’t Dero do that Devi?” Dero whispered back.

“We are too close to the order’s headquarters. They could be exorcists!” Devi hissed.

“Uh guys?” ‘Jasdebi’ blinked and faced the girls.

“What are you two doing?” Mizu asked, eyes resting on Devi.

“Er…Nothing.” Jasdero giggled nervously.

Devi bend closer to Dero once again and whispered. “Although they look cute, they’re probably very dangerous.”

“Mizu! I forgot!” Cat suddenly shouted, staring wide-eyed at Mizu. “We’re too late for …er…our first day of school!”

“What?” Mizu asked confused but then ‘remembered’ when Cat gave her a pointed look. “Oh yeah I forgot! You guys wanne come?” Mizu asked and Cat elbowed her. They couldn’t come to the Black Order!

“What’s your school called?” Devi asked a tad suspicious.

“The…er…Timcanpy High?”

The boys shared a look before Dero giggled. “Devi and Dero can’t come.”

“Yeah, we’re in another school called…Tease!” Devi backed Dero up.

“Never heard of it.” Mizu said quickly but with a sad undertone. “We better get going. Come on Cat.” She grabbed Cat and pulled her along.

“Bye Dero!” Cat called waving at him, smiling brightly. He smiled back warmly.

“Bye Cat!” He waved faintly until Mizu pulled them into the crowds and out of view.

Mizu was grinning again. “ Didn’t I thought so.” Her grin grew.

“What?” Cat asked carefully. Mizu with a grin like that often meant embarrassing moments for her.

“You like him.” Mizu said in a sing-song voice.
“Wha- I don’t.” She flushed, Mizu gave her a look. “Alright, so what if I do! You like Devi!” A faint blush spread over Mizu’s cheeks and her grin fell.

“Er…look there’s headquarters.” She said a bit too quickly and hurried off. Cat rolled her eyes amused and ran after her.


“Those girls are going to be our death Jasdero.” Debitto said seriously, gazing after the girls.

“That’s not true Devi!” Dero argued. “Mizu and Cat are too nice to kill Jasdebi!” He giggled again.

“No one will take you seriously with that giggle Dero.” Devi said in a very Tyki-like manner, but not meaning a word of it. “ Anyhow, I’m sure they’re exorcists…if they find out we’re Noah…” Debitto trailed of sadly, still gazing at the retreating back of a silver haired girl.

At Headquarters:

General Cross is back. That alone is something to write in the history books. General Cross almost never makes contact with Headquarters or any of the branches, yet he’s still the most respected exorcist of all. Today he’s giving a lecture to the new exorcists, including Cat and Mizu.

“Welcome students!” The middle aged man spoke and the class fell silent. “I’m general Cross.” His eyes fell on Mizu and Cat, who were trying to draw as little attention as possible. “ And I see there only two beautiful girls in this class. Girls come here, stand next to me and tell me your names please.” The girls shared a look a gulped. The stood up and walked to the front of the room, every eye following them.

“Er…”Mizu started. “Hello, my name is Ayane Mizuki, but call me Mizu…” She started through the room. “If you don’t you die today.” She said her voice dangerously cold. Cross seemed unaffected and gazed at Cat, indicating for her to continue.

“Um…My real name?”

“Yes beautiful.” Cross replied, lightning a cigarette.

“My name’s…Kiara Foxami.” ‘But I prefer Cat’ she added in her thoughts.

“Hmm…that’s a pretty name for you Kitty.” Cross smiled sweetly at her.

“Kit…ty” Cat questioned almost in horror.

“Yes,” Cross smiled as he blew out some smoke. “ Come and sit on my lap and Mizu, please take your seat.” A look of pure horror flashed over Cat’s face.

“Mizu?” She almost begged Mizu to get her out of this.

“Just do it.” Mizu whispered. After all what could two inexperienced exorcists do against a General.

“Okay.” Hesitating Cat sat down on his lap, trying to place as little weight as she could on him. The less contact they made the better.

He grinned at her. “Now no need to be afraid of me.” He said and pulled her fully against him. “It’s nice to finally have some cute girls in this order.” He breathed in her ear. He cleared his voice and took the remote of the beamer. “Today I’m going to show you some pictures of our greatest enemies. The akumas and Noah family.” He spoke to the class.

He started showing the pictures. Every time another picture clicked on the light would fall away for a moment. A moment Cat started to hate more and more every time Cross hand edged closer to hers in the darkness.

She tried to pay attention to the pictures, which certainly wasn’t easy. She barely noticed picture until Mizu stood up. “But that’s…” Mizu said shocked staring with wide eye at the picture. Cat looked as well and recognized the two boys. ‘ Dero…’ she thought gazing at the picture.

“It can’t be…” She breathed unbelieving. Dero couldn’t be a Noah…he couldn’t be!

“What is it girls,” Cross asked calmly, pulling Cat back down on his lap again. She hadn’t even noticed she stood up.

“Are you sure that’s the Noah family?” Cat asked, afraid of the answer.

“Yes, I am.” Cross replied studying her reaction. Dero…

A bell-like sound shook Cat out her trance. The lecture was over. Quicker than ever she was beside Mizu, far away from Cross. They both gazed at the picture of Jasdebi one last time before they turned away.

“Kitty I want to talk with you, now…” Cross stopped them just before they left the classroom.

“Me?” Cat asked hoping for it not to be true but Cross slowly nodded. “Um…Okay, see you at the dorm Mizu.” She waved cheery, trying to act as if nothing was wrong. Mizu sent her a strange look.

“Okay laterz Cat.” Mizu hesitated a moment before she walked through the door.

“What’s is it General Cross?” Cat asked shortly, wanting to get out as soon as possible.

“When I showed that picture of Jasdebi, you and your friend acted as if you saw them before.” He raised an eyebrow.

“No, we were just surprised they look like us.” Except for the gray skin, yellow eyes, black stars on their foreheads, stitched mouth in case of dero. Yep they really look like us.
“Well I’ll be going to Mizu now!” Cat quickly said to cover up her mistake and turned to walk away. Cross grabbed her arm and held it firmly.
“Stay a little longer Kitty.” He said softly not releasing his grip on her arm. Well… not as if she got much choice.

“Er…Okay.” She answered with a small tug on her arm, but Cross didn’t release it.

“The first second I saw you walk in I thought, I’ve never seen such a pretty girl before.” ‘Jeez thanks, now let go!’ Cat thought trying to free herself again.

She looked up almost daring. “What do you mean sir?” ‘I need to get out here fast!’
Cross smiled and pulled her even closer. Their faces were only inches apart now, even though Cat leaned as far back as she could.

“You’re such a beautiful girl Kitty, and just call me Cross.”

“I don’t think that’s allowed!” Cat quickly said trying to get away again.

“Who cares for rules.” Cross grinned. “ Rules are there to be broken.” He kissed Cat’s cheek lightly. She flushed and stared at him. ‘How dare he!’

“Speechless hu? I like my girls that way.” He bend closer and gave her a soft peck on her lips. Cat pulled herself free, flushed and confused.

“I better meet up with Mizu.” She said running out the classroom and to the dorms.

“Finally you’re here!” Mizu shouted as Cat finally reached the dorms. “Why do you look so shocked and red.” Mizu asked already expecting the worst.

“Mizu, that general..”

“What about him?” Mizu asked, anger rising.

“How did everyone call him again?” That caught Mizu off guard temporary.

“The womanizer, I think. Why?” Really Mizu could be really dense sometimes.

“H- He kissed me!”

“What! Are you kidding?!”

“Nu-huh! Not about this…” Cat trailed of, she just thought of something else and Cross didn’t seem important anymore. “Devi and…Dero are …Noah.” She said softly.

“Yeah, I figured that out…” Mizu said bitterly, almost angry. “but…why didn’t they us then?” Surely they figured out that they were from the Black Order, you didn’t need to be a genius for that.

“I dunno…”

Meanwhile at the boys dorm:

“Devi?” Dero spoke up, hanging upside down on his bed.

“Yes Dero?” Debitto stopped staring out the window and gazed at him.

“Does Devi like Mizu?” Dero turned on his stomach so he could look better at Devi.

“Wha- Why do you ask something that stupid?!” Devi crossed his arms and gazed out the window again.

“Does Devi like Cat?”


Dero smiled after Devi’s outburst. “That’s good ‘cause Dero likes Ca-“

“Dero you can’t fall in love with an exorcist.” Devi cut him off, with a sad undertone.

“But Devi likes Mizu!” Dero argued.

“…Maybe…” Devi sighed. “Any way, have you seen our next assignment? We have to kill these two.” He tossed Dero a paper with two names written upon it.

“But Devi, these names look really familiar to Dero.” Dero giggled.

“Hmm…Let’s see.” Devi took the paper back and read it. “ Kiara Foxami and Ayane Mizuki.” He looked up from the paper. “Mizuki…” He repeated.”Mizu…”

“Whaa!” Dero shouted shocked. “ Cat and Mizu! Dero doesn’t like that…” Dero said tears building up in his eyes.

“Well that’s something I wasn’t hoping on…” Devi commented.

“Dero can’t kill Cat!” Dero shouted jumping on the ground, fists balled. “Dero likes Cat!”

Back at the girls dorms:

Mizu sighed. “ We have to kill a Level 1 akuma and avoid any Noah.” Boring!!

“Can’t we visit Jasdebi while we’re hunting for the akuma?” Cat asked hopefully. She just couldn’t get Dero out her mind.

“It says any Noah…and they are Noah…”

“Ah come on!” She pulled Mizu of the bed. After an hour Mizu finally gave in and they travelled to where the Noah’s headquarters were said to be.

“Looks kinda creepy…” Mizu stated as they gazed up at the large floating thingy. Then right on cue Devi and Dero came out the building. Cat smiled delighted.

“Look! There are Devi and Dero!” She jumped up and down waving her hand. “Hi guys!”
“Dero…” ‘Jasdebi’ paused for a moment. “We can’t talk with them…We have to kill them.” Cat and Mizu started running towards them.

“Act normal, kay Dero?”

“Right.” Dero giggled again. Just before Cat and Mizu reached them a deep voice sounded.

“Kitty, Mizu! Get away from this place!” Cat and Mizu turned just in time to jump away when Cross shot at Devi and Dero.

“Oh we’re busted.” Mizu coughed while the smoke of the impact cleared up. They gazed around but couldn’t spot Devi nor Dero anywhere.

“Dero!” Cat called out worried and ran over the ruined place. The bullet had made an enormous hole in the ground. “Dero!”
A soft hand was placed on her shoulder and Cat turned. “Dero!” Cat said relieved when she saw him. She pulled him in a hug. “You’re safe.” She whispered.

“Cat came to see Dero?” Cat looked up and nodded. Dero smiled at her warmly. Another gunshot and they were blown apart.

Cat looked around and spotted General Cross, pointing his judgment gun at ‘Jasdevi’. “General Cross?” Please don’t. She wanted to say but Cross was faster.

“Leave these girls alone…Mizu go and warn the others!” He ordered while picking Cat up.

“Okay Sir!” Mizu turned and ran off to the school. Three feet further however she paused and looked back. Her eyes locked with Devi’s. He nodded barely noticeable which she returned, before turning and running of again.

“Let Cat go!” Dero demanded furiously, fire blazing in his eyes.

“Cross would you put me down?! I wanna go to my friends…” ‘Damn, shouldn’t have let that slip’ Cat scolded herself.

“Noah aren’t your friends…”Cross replied calm and coldly. “ They are your enemies.” Fury build up in Cat and gave her enough strength to break away.

“Devi and Dero are not my enemies!” She shouted her lungs out. She gazed at Dero and locked eyes with him, how could he ever be her enemy?

A loud gunshot sounded but then everything fell silent as smoke covered them. “Cat he’s right…we can’t be friends…” Devi and Dero seemed to say it together again. ‘Dero?’ A wicked lullaby chilled her to the bone. She smoke faded and before them stood a…noah? ‘What happened to Devi and Dero?!’

“We are Jasdebi the Noah of Bonds.” Cat eye’s grew. Did Devi and Dero just fuse!!

“Does one of them like you Kitty?” Cross asked her. Cat blushed faintly and sighed, not even realizing it was Cross she was talking to.
“I dunno…maybe Dero…” She gazed at the new formed Noah, and saw a sparkle in his golden eyes.

“Then I’ll break his heart!” Cat’s eyes grew wide.

“What?! But Cr-“ Cross cut her off by pressing his lips on hers. Her eyes grew even wider.

Jasdevi started at them furiously, his eyes sparkling more dangerously than ever before.
“BAKA BAKA BAKA!!” He attacked Cross with his hair, doing his very best not to hurt Cat. Cat smiled softly when she heard him. That Baka certainly came from Dero.

Cross pulled her roughly before him and the hair stopped an inch from her face. She paled as she saw the deadly points. “You won’t hurt her, will you?” Jasdevi narrowed his eyes. “Or do you want that something happens to her?” Cross dared and pointed his gun at Cat’s head.

“Insane old man!” Cat screamed and tried to wiggle free, but he held her before him with the gun resting against her head.

“Now beautiful don’t speak to me like that…Be a good girl.”Cross said amused.

She hissed angrily. “I’m not a dog.”

With another puff of some Dero and Devi became normal again. For a moment a smile spread over Cat’s face when she saw Dero, but that quickly left when Cross gripped her shoulder tight. She winced softly as he gripped it a bit too tight.

“Cat!?” Dero had already made a step in her direction when Devi stopped him.

“Dero stay here…she can take care of herself.” Devi told him, his eyes never leaving Cross.

Cross huffed. “Bakas.” And pointed his gun at them.

‘Dero!’ Cat panicked and became angry. “Lemme go! Innocence activate!” A tingle went through her body as her paws and tail grew.

“Demons tail!” She cried her attack. She hit Cross who was thrown aside, knocked out.
“Wha-a?” ‘I knocked him out?’ She shook it off and ran to Dero. She gazed up to him for a moment, holding his hands but then seemed to realize the situation.

“Devi…” She gazed at him before looking back at Dero. “Dero…run away from this place.” She said even though it pained her. He had to go, he had to be safe…

“But…”Devi wanted to argue.

“Neither of you guys have to hurt.” Cat said stubbornly, she was sure Mizu would agree.

“Will Dero ever see Cat again?” Dero asked accepting the fact he had to go. He squeezed her hand softly.

Cat nodded “I’ll go looking for you… and no matter how long it takes I’ll never give up.” She said sincerely.

“Promise Dero?” He asked still unsure. Cat smiled softly and leaned in to kiss him softly.

“Promise!” Her eyes shining. Dero flushed becoming as red as a cherry.

“What happened to Cross! Is he dead!?” Mizu, who had finally returned, shrieked.

“No he isn’t Mizu, I just knocked him out.” Mizu fell silent as she pointed at Cat and then at Cross unbelieving. Devi ran to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She flushed and touched the place where he kissed her.

“Come on Dero, we have to go!”

“Right!” Dero giggled again, he shared one last look with Cat before he ran to his brother. They both threw a last smile before they ran off.

Behind them Cross returned to consciousness. “Ugh…” The girls turned and Cat glared down on him. Mizu slowly dropped her hand from her cheek. “Kiara…for knocking me out and letting two Noah escape, I expel you from the Black Order.”

“Fine! I would leave anyway.” As if she cared. Right now the only thing she wanted to do was go and find Dero. “Mizu I don’t know what you’re going to do but I’m gonna travel around the world.” Obviously searching for a certain Noah.

“I…” Mizu hesitated sadly. “I wish I could come but I have to finish it first.”

“Good, if you want to hang around in this weird Order and with that weird General…” Cat snapped hurt. Why wouldn’t Mizu come with her! “Maybe I’ll come back to visit in a year or two.”

“Okay…” Mizu’s voice broke and tears started sparkling in her gray eyes. “This is goodbye then…” Mizu could barely voice it.

“Don’t be sad Mizu.” Cat said trying to stay strong.

“Just go!” Mizu shouted wiping a tear away. “I’m bad in walking away.” Mizu gazed at the ground away from Cat.

In the background Cross stared at Cat, angrily grumbling: “ How could I be knocked out be a Cat girl?”

Cat blinked a tear away and turned to leave. “Bye Mizu!” She said waving while walking away.

“Cat wait!” Mizu called her back. She ran to Cat and placed something in her hand. “Here’s a lucky charm…it’s one I made myself.” She gazed up at Cat, her face now clear from tears. “And if you ever see Devi again, tell him I love him.”

Cat smiled placing the lucky charm in her pocket. “ Will do.” She turned and started to walk away again. “Bye Ayane Mizuki!” She called back over her shoulder and giggled when Mizu called back.

“Cat don’t call me that!”

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