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Welcome one, welcome all!
Mika vs Ailios-The beginning of a beautiful friendship...
As scantily clad as always, Mika sat perched on the bar. Opting not to sit on the stools, she was in a slight reclining pose reminiscent of a swimsuit model. As it was, she'd butchered her shirt until it hung loosely off one shoulder and her entire midriff was showing. Lights from the dance floor glimmered and cast faint shadows along her abdomen, showcasing muscles she pretended not to notice. Hanging low on her hips was a light weight skirt made of some sort of nearly sheer fabric. The only thing really conserving her modesty was the string bikini she was wearing under her clothes. In the relatively dark area in which she was sitting, her hazel eyes almost seemed to have a sort of luminescence about them. She was Mika, daughter of Ino. She was tough s**t and she knew it... She shook her unruly red hair out of her face. She would have been having a wonderful time if it hadn't been for Ailiokos... Or Ailios as she liked to be called. The 'goddess' had waltzed in like she owned the place and was picking on a few human men that Mika herself happened to be friends with. They, of course, were infatuated with Ailios... But they couldn't see past the act like she could...

Mika glanced around the room. Mael and her father weren't around. They didn't like it when she fought with people... She slid off the bar and landed lightly on her sandle clad feet, the gold bangle on her right ankle settling into place soundlessly as her skirt settled around her calves. “Leave them alone Ailios. They aren't toys...” she said, her voice sultry as always but just barely loud enough for the immortal to hear her over the din in the room. The cat like woman harassing her friends looked up, her neon green eyes catching and reflecting the lights around her. She searched for a moment until her gaze rested on Mika. Defiance flashed in her eyes as she smiled and leaned over to steal a kiss from one of the men surrounding her. A low growl rose up from Mika as she stalked forward, in seconds, she was snatching her friend by the back of his shirt and tearing him away from the immortal woman and shoving him roughly behind her. With her other hand, she landed a beautiful right hook to the underside of Ailios's jaw. The woman hadn't expected it and neither were any of the onlookers in the club. “M-Mika...! I don't think-” Ailios had recovered and launched herself at Mika. Mika, expecting it, laughed. “You're too damned predictable...” she said, laughing and twisting so that she was on top of Ailios as they landed. “After centuries of living, I'd hardly call myself predictable dear one...” came Ailios's purr just before she vanished. [********] Mika slammed her fist against the glittery tile floor, cracking it, before vanishing herself...

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