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Welcome one, welcome all!
Tahlin and Genko

**Tahlin and Genko are characters in a short story of mine and my sister's. [Click here]**

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Character name: Tahlin Alexander D'tsuna

Age: About 24 or so.

Race: Half elf/ half vampire

Gender: Male

Personality: Cool and distant most times, Tahlin doesn't like new people. However, once he warms up to some one, he's surprisingly warm and protective of that person. The kind of guy who thinks on his feet, he's either very brave or a tiny bit mad... No one's figured it out just yet.
When angry, his temper is terrible and he's not above throwing tantrums at times.

Abilities: Inhuman strength (thanks to his Vampiric heritage), keen eyesight (from his elven heritage) but that's about it. He's very nearly a normal guy.

Likes: Quiet places; The Autumn season; Logical people; sharp, pointy objects; Things that shine like gold

Dislikes: Loud places; Being cold; Overly emotional people; Being broke.

Weapon(s) of choice: Generally anything he can get his hands on but he has a pair of wicked looking daggers that are kept in sheaths on his thighs.

Occupation: Traveler.

Tahlin is tall, nearly six foot even with a decent muscle build. Not wimpy but not a body builder either. He's pleasantly tanned, his skin has a warm golden hue to it.

His chestnut brown hair is long and straight and when unbound, falls to his lower back; he likes to wear it in a braid.

Surprisingly, there are no tattoos on his body but both his ears are pierced (Simply gold hoops in the lobes). There aren't an notable scars on his person either, but that may change.

His dressing style is that of a medieval traveler (Knee high soft leather boots, leather trousers, a white linen shirt, a dark brown belt with a large buckle draped about his hips, a warm fur lined cloak.)

Background: [coming soon]


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Character name: Genko Elizabeth Mennen

Age: About 19 or so

Race: Wood elf

Gender: Female

Personality: Bubbly and cheerful nearly to the point of annoying, Genko is mischievous and optimistic on a regular basis. As a fact, there's little in the world that actually angers her. And no one has ever seen her temper.

Trouble might as well be her middle name seeing as she's always causing some sort of disturbance wherever she goes...

Abilities: Keen eyesight and the agility of all elves. Also she has wonderful hearing.

Likes: Sweet foods; The Summer Season; Shiny objects; Forests; Bustling places.

Dislikes: The Winter Season; Dead trees; Serious people; Restricting clothing.

Weapon(s) of choice: N/A (Bow and arrows later in the story)

Occupation: Traveler.

Tall and lithe, Genko stands at about five foot ten inches. And though she's not too skinny, she's pretty thin. She has a delicate muscle tone as fitting with her body structure. Her skin is a nice warm golden brown from spending most of her time in the sunny forest of her birth.

Her hair reaches her middle back and is warm russet/red color with faint honey toned highlights. She generally wears her hair down or in a loose ponytail. She has a green tribal like tattoo running up her right leg to her upper thigh.

Genko dresses for comfort rather than fashion, usually sticking to short dresses in shades of green to brown. Though she does end up in white traveler's clothing, opting for pants, fur trimmed thigh high boots, and a matching fur lined cloak, and a tunic, rather than a gown.

Background: [Coming Soon]

-Couple art-

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