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Read this...i write in it Alot...O_o
My hopes..(for once)
Alright...Well..This Yr is going to suck..Hands down.
For today i might BLOW MY BRAINS OUT!!!! Or..Hang myself..or MY PERSONAL favorite Slit my throat...because i am NOT dealing with another..crappy yr...I would rather BURN in HELL Rather than..Sitting In Life's cooking pot..waiting for atleast SOMETHING "good" to happen. *sigh* Honestly..My life has been nothing but a SHAME!!! I mean..My LOVE life is down the drain...My SKOOl life is In the trash can..and my Life Life..SUCKS more than anything..*sigh* i just want to RP..and get it over with..and by "get IT " over with . I mean Life...I just wonder why everyone tels me NOT to give up,and NEVER forget people love me..YET No one SHOWS it to me...All i get is Broken Promises..Which are LIES!!! Hint,hint,wink wink..Nudge,Nudge..
ANYWAY!!!!!!! As i was saying this yr is going to suck..and I AM NOT living through ANOTHER CRAPPY a** YR!!!!!!!!!! SO SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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