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Read this...i write in it Alot...O_o
Someone...is in my mind as i write this...not telling you the gender...or the name...ur going to shut up..and listen..or else STOP READING THIS.....

Alright..i know this person,they are sweet,funny,kind,very open minded,and very smart. But for some reason this person..can no longer be a major part of my life...but that doesn't bother me one bit...the part that bothers me is..this person..lingers in my mind....they float around..reminding me of all the stuff that made me love hanging with them....but now..i want this person, out of my mind,out of my thoughts..OUT OF EVERYWHERE..... yet something is telling me that is impossible. Telling me, that i need this person in my mind..for my health,safety,and my happiness....

By now..my really good friends probably, know who i am talking about..but SILENCE!!!! i am not done yet!!!!!!!

This person, i can't escape their touch,their smile...and well frankly i can't help but, NEVER EVER stop think of this person...and i just want them out..OUT and away from my mind..and away from my heart....cus..my mind remembers them..na dmy heart, needs them, *sigh*

Now u should all know who i am talking about...If now..U NEED TO RE READ THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

I can't help but, want this person with me....even though i might riun the bond we r getting right now..losing this person..has jumbled my mind, made it stop thinking the way it normally thinks *sigh* even if i cut my head open...pulled out my brain...and erased every trace of this person..it wouldn't matter...cus this person...will always touch my heart and make it Fly...and skip heartbeats....

And if this...someone is reading this...Please don't Hate me for having all of these feelings and thoughts *sigh*

Love your,
~~~Misa Misa-Chan~~~

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Community Member

Sat Nov 29, 2008 @ 01:40am


-Maid Assassin Trick-
Community Member

Sat Nov 29, 2008 @ 01:41am

JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!! JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!!

User Comments: [2]
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