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Read this...i write in it Alot...O_o
The True Misa
Hello My Name Is Heather...that is my true birth name...i would prefer if u called me Misa though. Anyway i am 15, i am Bi, I have A.D.D , A.D.H.D , Bi-polar, and Schizophrenic. I am Goth/Punk/Emo/ and a Anime Freak. I love Goth/Emo/screamo/Rock/J-Pop/J-Rock/ Anything really other than country and Rap Bleh(i have nothing agaist those ppl that sing it but really i don't like it). I live in arizona, i have 3 Blood sisters (Mary,Holly,Lilly) and a 1 Half step-sister(maddison) i have 2 Blood brothers(Matthew[David as my dad calls him], Brian). My siblings live w/ my Father...I don't really Like my father at the moment. I live w/ my step-dad (Mike) and My Mother (lauren), my Dog(abbey) My 2 Goats(Billy and Bob), 3 Cats(Twitchy,Van, and the stray cat call'd Shady). I love animals, yet 3 Make my skin crawl....The 3 S's (Snakes,Spiders,Sharks) I love animals, these just really don't sit well in my tummy. I can't speel worth a crap... i use txt Talk sometimes. Music is My Life. I Love my Mother....More than anyone really...(and she Really Should get my Love really)...I love One Other Person as much as i Love my mother,and One other person..his Name is Tobi....He is MY LIFE AND SOUL!!!! I Would Like to either be a Zoologist or a Actress....when i grow up. I attempt to draw...(i am working on drawing Realistic art now). XD anyway....i am a realy happy person...(most of the time)U can call me a freak,Geek,Werid-o...any name in the book it doesn't Phase me. I Love to live by quotesmy top 3 fav. Quotes are:....
1. "the Enemy of my Enemy is my friend"
2. "When Life throws you lemons,u throw them bak and say "I WANT LIMES"
3. "What is done is done, u can't change that"

I feel Life as we kno it, is just a sham.... to much HATE and Not Enough LOVE! If ur walking...past an alley and someone is getting raped..PPL JUST KEEP WALKING!!!! CAN U BELIEVE THAT?? i feel the world is rotting and someone has to change it.
1. Death Note
2. Bleach
3. Code Geass
4. FMA
5. Every thing i didn't mention B4 XD

Oh! i am a Sophmore in High Skool....I HATE SKOOL....i am taking Geometery,French,Chemistry,Drama,World Histroy,English 10. I Like 3 classes.... Chemistry,Drama,World History XD I am an Average Student...i get like B's in classes i like..and D's or F's In Classes i HATE
anyway...I love the World...even though sometimes i will shout out " I HATE U WORLD" it is as bad as Hell Now so...that isy i like it...
sorry told u strongly....i am a very random person....and if u see me in rally...u should stop and say "Hi i am ______ Nice to Meet you"
I LOVE CHOCLATE,COOKIES,AND OTHER SWEET THINGS..i have braces...so hurry up...get the laugh out now... XDDDDDDDDDD i do it all the time watch...*looks in mirror* *LMFAO* See? anyway...i DO!!!!!! DOOOOO!!!!!!!! drink BLOOD!!!!!! *licks lips* yummy blood.(for those who, get grosses out by it, i'm sorry, i won't do it around you ^-^)

Oh! Favorite Holidays:
1. Halloween (w00t)
2. Labor day(hello no school duh)
3. My Birthday(i get older which means closer to death) [ biggrin ]
4. Mother's Day( i love my mom what can i say?)

ya that's about it...of my favorites

Least Favorite:
1. Christmas(Freeloaders Holiday)
2. Well...Father's Day(remeber mad at my Father)
3. Easter (WTF a BUNNY W/ EGGS)
4. ThanksGiving (AHHHH) *bashes head on wall*

Favorite foods:
1. Sushi/Candy (they are tied) XD
2. Chicken and Dumplings( i love my grandma on my MOM's Side)
3. Breakfast for dinner (licks lips)
4. Pizza( it is okay i guess..can't really taste it)
5. Steak(*drools Medium-Rare)

Favorite colors:
1. Orange
2. Black
3. Red
4. Purple and Neon Colors

Fav. Bands:
1. The Birthday Massacre
5. BassHunter
6.Any Rave/Techno/ Bands

I am a really Easy Going person...Unless u piss off Jessica (InnerSelf) Oh! and for Those people that say i am full of crap....Jessica Yells at me..and threatens to make me kill myself so...STOP SAYING THAT s**t!!!!!! Anyway....*smiles real Big* i Just Got into RP-ing it is ALOT of fun...SHITLOADS OF FUN! I KNO JAPANESE so i will randomly say japanese words...like SWATTE KUDAISAI!!!!!(sit plz) XD
Okay..another tid bit!! I have been to an Insane Asylum..at least 5 times..i have seen s**t..that others would DREAM of seeing...every night i am bombarded with nightmares..I have watched 3 friends die...because of me. Shan jumped off a building, thinking i would be better off. Ashley, Slit her throat in my arms, without me knowing it. And Steve blew his brains out with me in the room. Messed up life? I ******** think so! Some people say i am an attention grabbing whore...well ******** news flash...i wish all of you would leave me the ******** ALONE!!!!!!!!!

BYE! >=(

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