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Tennis lesson #4
Well today when I arrived at the highschool where the tennis lessons are (and where I'll also be going to school this year), I found that our teacher was gone. And in her place was some else who seemed a bit less friendly and a lot quieter. I didn't know her name, or even why she was there, but I guess she was subbing.

Because we had a different teacher, we didn't get to do any lessons. We just kind of played games. The first one was Jail, which we had played before with our real teacher, where she throws the ball to you, and if you don't get across the net into the green, you go to the other side, or "jail". In jail, you have to catch the ball to get free. If you catch it after it bounces once, you go free. If you catch it before it bounces, though, EVERYONE IN JAIL goes free. THe last person left wins. (that is, if they hit it right. If they don't the teacher wins.

Another game we played was a new one, called Crocodile. Or Alligator, I'm not sure which. Anyway, in this game the ball is thrown to you, and if you miss, you lose a body part. First it's your left arm, then your left leg. Then you lose the other leg, and finally your other arm. To get body parts back, you have to hit it over the net and in the green. But, if you have lost all your limbs and you miss the ball, (believe me hitting a tennis ball with no arms or legs is very difficult) you lose. You have to go to the other side and pick up the balls the others throw over. The last one left wins, which in this case, was Danielle.

Oh ya and By the way, Carly was here today. She seemed to have lightened up a bit, and actually talked to me. Yay! I have the approval of a... 11 year old? hmm... Not sure how old she is...

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