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My scary story I wrote for school.

“Cough, cough.” Toshi gasped for breath as she spat out more and more of the salty sea water. Where am I? Her head spun as she tried to recall what had happened. Suddenly, the night’s events rushed into her like an icy wind. The
lightning, the crash, the explosion. Had it all been a dream?She got to her feet. Miles of water stretched out into nothingness. It’s no wonder they thought the world was flat… Behind her was a dense jungle. The hum of insects and the occasional call of an unknown bird or animal came from behind the large tropical trees. Their leaves, larger than doors, hovered over her, concealing the horrors that lurked behind every vine and under every stone. A twig snapped, startling Toshi; she tripped and fell backwards on the warm sand.

The blue waves of the ocean crawled up onto the beach, leaving the sand a glistening red as they quickly receded. She scrambled to her feet and searched for the source of the blood. Out in the distance was what looked like a piece of the cruise ship Toshi had boarded only a few days earlier. There also seemed to be something, or someone, on it.

She shaded her eyes to get a better view of whatever it was that was coming ever closer. Her heart became filled with a false hope of finding more survivors, and she began waving her arms, trying to attract attention. But as the shining white piece of metal washed up onto the shore, Toshi let out a blood curling scream. Three heads, their glazed eyes staring up at her, lay motionless on the bit of wreckage. The faces were puffy and covered in blood, and there was no sign of a body, or neck, on any of them. The stench that wafted up from the rotting flesh and decaying brains was unbearable.

Terrified and disgusted, she turned to escape from the horrid scene, only to run into something and fall back again. It was a woman. Caught between her and the decapitated heads, Toshi began screaming uncontrollably, and tears flooded her eyes.

“Relax child, or she will hear you.” The dark skinned woman said in an eerie Jamaican accent.

“Who is sh-“ The strange lady put her hand firmly over Toshi’s mouth.

“No questions now. We must hurry.” She turned to the jungle behind them, and Toshi followed her gaze. Although she could not see anything, she could sense something lurking just behind the trees.

Without warning, the woman grabbed her arm and jerked her up with amazing strength. She let go, leaving a red mark on Toshi’s arm, and motioned for her to follow. She lead her straight into the thick vegetation. After a while of tripping over roots and cutting her bare feet on sharp rocks, the poor girl began to question whether or not this mysterious woman even knew where she was leading her. Finally, they reached a clearing. In the center was a small hut, and next to it, a small pile of fire wood.

The makeshift shack was made of wood, leaves, and many other things. Inside was a pile of leaves and grass, all of it bunched up on the hard dirt. Next to that was a large clay pot. Toshi turned to the strange person who had brought her there, and noticed the odd look she had about her. She had red tattoos along her legs and arms that stood out from her chocolate colored skin. Tattoos on her face could also be seen where her black braided hair didn’t cover it up. She wore an animal skin top that didn’t quite cover her whole abdomen, animal skin boots, and a dried yellow grass skirt. She wore a purple pendant around her neck; it appeared to have a mysterious aura about it. Toshi also noticed that the woman was observing her with deep blue eyes that shimmered like the sea.

“You are wounded.” She said suddenly.

Not knowing what to say, she simply told her “Oh, it’s okay, I’m fine, miss uh…”

“My name is Hogasha, but you can call me Sasha if you like.”

“My name is Toshi.” She replied.

“Come with me, I will lead you to the pond so you can see your wounds for yourself.” Confused, she followed, and Sasha lead her to a crystal clear pond with cat tails and lilies surrounding it. She looked down at her reflection. What a mess I’ve become! Her brown hair went down to her hips, and had bits of seaweed, sand, and twigs in it. Her jeans had faded to a very light blue and her tank top was only a white, shredded piece of cloth. Now she saw what Sasha ad mentioned before; she had a large bruise between her pale green eyes, a deep cut along her chest and stomach, and her hands and feet were blistered and bleeding. How did I not notice all of this??

“Let us return to the camp, and I will treat your injuries.” Toshi followed her back to the little house, where Sasha rubbed various herbs and plants on the cuts and bruises, then wrapped her hands feet and torso up with bandages she had made from animal skins. I look like a mummy…

As she began to heal, the only sign of injury was a scar between her eyes. Toshi wore clothes similar to Hogasha, who taught her how to cut her hair and braid it so that it wouldn’t interfere with work. She also showed her how to paint the tattoos on, and as Toshi’s skin became tanner and tanner, they looked almost like sisters.
Sasha also taught her how to hunt and gather food and how to get around the island without having to go through the jungle. Toshi was slowly getting used to life on the island and nearly forgot about her old life back in Minnesota.

Hogasha always warned her of one area of the island where she lived. She never told her about her, only that she was to be avoided at all costs. Whenever she tried to ask Sasha why she was so bad and why she needed to be feared, Toshi always got the same answer; “I will tell you when the time is right.”

One morning, Toshi woke up to find her gone. She had left early to hunt multiple times before, but usually she told her she’d be gone. A sense of foreboding engulfed her. All the same, she got up and began her usually morning duties. Picking up the clay pot, she headed off to the pond to fill it up with water. As she knelt down to dip it in the water, she saw herself. Wow. Who are you? She joked. As she made her way back to the hut, she saw a dark foot poking out of the entrance of the hut. Oh good she’s back, I was getting worried for a second there. But as she came nearer, she had to cover her mouth to stifle a scream. There was something leaning over her, dripping with blood.

She dropped the pot on the ground and ran. She had no idea where she was going, she just kept running, until she found herself in the last place she wanted to be. The “forbidden” part of the jungle. All around her was silence and darkness. She could sense beings all around her, unseen, but they were there. Panicking, she dashed off in one direction as fast as she could. Her heart was racing, and her feet were tiring. She thought she might collapse at any moment.

At last, Toshi reached a waterfall. The water shimmered, and small rainbow seemed to be bouncing off of it. All around were cherry trees, there pink and white flowers dancing around in the breeze. She suddenly felt very calm, and she decided to rest. The water was cool, and seemed to have a healing touch. She waded into it, and put herself right under the falling water. It rushed over her, and she felt very relaxed. There was nothing but the sound of rushing water, soothing and tranquil. Until she heard the voice.

“Come back my darling. I mean you no harm.” It sounded like the voice of a girl, and yet was eerie inhuman. Toshi began to back up, right into a hidden cavern just behind the cascading water. She followed the wall to the very back of the cave, trying to gain as much distance as she could between her and the voice. She hid behind a large stalagmite, her back to it so that she didn’t have to see whatever it was if it were to come in.

“It’s okay child. I will not let her get you.” It sounded like Hogasha, and yet still had the merciless ring to it, and Toshi turned to find out once and for all what it was.

It was her. Her hair was a midnight black and nearly covered her whole face. Red streaks ran down from where eyes were hidden, and her mouth was twisted into a malicious smile.

“Come on out so I can show you something.” Her laughs echoed off the cave walls. She appeared to float closer and closer until she had Toshi cornered against the cold hard stone. She opened her mouth and revealed several white pointed teeth glistening with fresh blood. Toshi could feel her breath hot against her face. This is it…

“Cough, cough.” Tony gasped for breath as he spat out more and more of the salty seawater.

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