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dear journal.
my birthday wishes ,are lots of small kisses.
so hi again.
today is my birthday.
i am 16 years old.
old enough to get a job,and earn some money.
its so weird .
it being my birthday...
cause last year..
i swore that it was the best day of my life on my birthday.
i was back in florida then..
and now im here.
and my birthday...
was kinda crappy.
i mean.
things didn't go as planned.
things didnt go the way i wish they did,
when i played it...
over ,and over in my head...
but gawsh.
i just dont know.
my friend spent the night..
we had alot of fun..
the few other kids i invited couldnt make it..
soo..it was..almost a bummer..
and the next morning..
my best friend..in the world called me from florida..
at exactly 12:01am.to wish me a happy birthday.
i was so happy.
then later on in the day..
no one remembered my birthday..
except my brothers wife...
then everyone was like...
"Oh yea.happy birthday megan!"
it shouldn't count.
and yea...
the rest of my friends called from florida..
its always nice to hear from them..
and know they didnt forget about me.
im suppose to stay up late tonight to watch Death Note..
god im so tired though.
i only had..maybe...5 hours of sleep last night.
and my tummy hurts.
but...my parents are trying to surprise me with something.
i dont know what though...
they dont have any money..
so i know their not getting me a present..
i dont know.
its strange how i was looking forward to this day for like..
and it already passed...and it kinda sucked.
maybe ill have more fun tomorrow.
im suppose to go out of town .to celebrate my birthday,
with my nieces birthday..cause hers is tomorrow.
well ...
i still like that damn guy that i was talking about in the other entry..
i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!! scream
my parents are home.
im ready to find out what they did.
MEGAN (>.&lt wink

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