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My thoughts and ramblings
So, as of just recently I have come back on gaia to "check" things out.

My thoughts so far about this website are very disappointing. It's really sad, as I used to come to Gaia to have fun and talk/hangout/roleplay with friends. I'm mostly disappointed at how in the shits this website has become.

ZOMG is gone and never coming back. That game was my main reason to even linger around here. It was a mmorpg that I could waste hours upon playing and never really grow bored of it. I had lost a few friends to play with over the years, but it never really stopped me playing. I understand that there were issues to be fixed about that game and that its the main reason it was taken down, but to say its never coming back is a major let down. There are no other games on this site that interest me at all. I play around with my avatar and i shortly log out afterwards. That is literally all I do on this bloody website.

Many of my friends have outgrown this childish website, but not without reasons, and a lot of them I agree with. The currency fluctuation is the biggest issue on Gaia. I understand that there many moderators and people working behind the site that are trying to fix the issue. I think personally that if Gaia hadn't created all these exclusivities among the members and the whole gaia cash system, the currency wouldn't have f***ed up so badly. We can't buy or play anything on this site anymore without having to spend from our own pockets. It's not just a little bit of money either! We have to spend a minimum of 20$ to get at least one or two "good" items. 20$ is a lot to me! It's worth a cellphone bill! But like I mentionned, its not even enough to stand in the economy. You're still at the bottom of the chain and you can't get anything in the marketplace. I know Gaia needs sponsors in so to help keep the site alive, but I'm positive there are much better sponsors than these money grabbing twats. :/

Anyway... I don't think I'll be sticking around much longer either, unless they come out with a new mmorpg or something cool.

gaia_star And remember bad times... are just times that are bad. gaia_star

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