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Thomas Wilhound
Basic Information
Name: Thomas
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Male
Race: Human, White
Age: 26, looks his age
Birthday: August 27
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Skin Tone: White, lightly tan
Powers/Abilities: N/A

General Attitude: rude, off-putting, loner, snarky, suspicious
Attributes: Realistic, Cynic
Skills: Fixing things, good with his hands, good aim, hand-to-eye coordination, sarcasm/wit
Social Endowments: 1 - 7 years: Very loving family, extremely close sibling relationship
7+: frightening environment, lack of relationships
18+: lonely, quiet, depressing environment, lack of motivation or stimulus
Good Traits: Strong sense of morals, loyal, protective, honest, straightforward, mentally/emotionally strong, observant, intelligent
Bad Traits: mentally/emotionally repressed, snarky, rude, a little impulsive, poor communication skills, unmotivated, depressed

Terminal Illness(es): N/A
Physical Problem(s): Disabled, spinal cord injury, cannot move legs below hips
Mental Problem(s): Depression (not diagnosed)
Addiction(s): Slight alcohol problem (not interfering with life... but he doesn't do much with his life)
Abnormal Condition(s): N/A
Glasses or contacts to enhance vision: N/A

Personal Life
Current Job(s): Self-employed engineer
Other money making method(s): N/A
Current Home: Apartment in city
Room-mate(s): or other person(s) living with him/her: N/A
Pet(s): N/A

Personal Interests
Favorite Subject: Likely science
Favorite Pass-Time(s): Watching television, drinking, being on the internet, fixing things, watching/listening to debates, political discussions
Favorite Animal: N/A
Favorite Drink: Whiskey
Favorite Food: Not picky

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Closest Friend(s): N/A
Notable Friend(s): N/A
Acquaintance(s): N/A

Personal History
Relationship with Mother: Non-existent
Relationship with Father: Non-existent
Relationship with Other Family: Very poor
Past Memories: bad past :tbe
Significant or Life Changing event(s): tbe

tbe like a bawss

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