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Earthbound LoveGoddess
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Name: Midnight

Gender: Female
Age: 2500 human yrs, looks 25
Species: Werewolf
Looks: Blackfur/ medium to Dark brownskin, 5'3", blue eyes and pale blue hair, more of a human appearance.
Hair: Kept in pinned up in two pony tails towards the back of her head but closer to the side. Occasionally left all down but only when resting
Personality: Shy romantically, compassionate, serious, and observant
Likes: ribbons and lace, shoutas, and rivers
Clothes: Since she is a noble/aristocrat she will only wear long dresses that do down past her knees, many ribbons and lots of intricate lace. Think elizabeth's clothes from Kuroshitsuji or see refs
Important features: as child her hair is black, after dying it's pale blue. There's a large bang that covers her right eye, and she always wears a ribbon, hat or something in her hair, her claws/nails are long and dark blue.
Bio: The eldest sister of the oldest living werewolf family. Midnight died when she was younger by falling into a lake close to her manor and drowning, she was revived by the God Hirato who was living there, as a result her hair turned from black to blue as a symbol of new life. When she was older she was engaged to Sven until she found out about his affair. Now she is married to Dorian and lives with him.

Important Relationships

Chantela & the twins- younger siblings
Sayo & Vilkas- parents
Hirato- Crush/best friend
Sven- Deceased- Ex fiance
Dorian- Current Husband
Reno & Faye-lin- Enemies
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